India Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Maruti Suzuki, as part of its corporate responsibility, undertakes social projects to improve quality of lives of communities around its facilities and the society at large. The company’s CSR projects focus on three broad areas, namely Community Development, Skill Development and Road Safety.
The company conducts regular impact assessment of its social projects and leads to improve design and execution of CSR projects.
In FY2017, the company spent over 2% of its average net profit for the previous three years on CSR projects, which reached a total 1,250.8 million rupees (approximately 2,033 million yen).

Community development

The company’s CSR efforts are transforming the lives of people residing in 26 villages across Gurgaon, Manesar, Rohtak, Hansalpur and Vithlapur. The company is working closely with communities, involving them in all aspects of project implementation, such as needs assessment, project design, monitoring and mid-course correction. Through the consultation with the local community, the company developed a comprehensive Village Development Plan (VDP). The company is undertaking the following initiatives in community development.

Water and sanitation

Depending on local needs and in consultation with the community, the company works on providing safe drinking and solid and liquid waste management to adopted villages around its facilities. The key water and sanitation initiatives undertaken in FY2017 include:

  • 10 water ATMs were set up as self-sustaining projects
  • Over 1,000m of water pipelines were laid
  • 1,200 household toilets were constructed
  • Over 16km of sewerage was laid


In partnership with the local community and the government education department, the company supports on improving infrastructure in 46 government schools by constructing toilets, water tanks, classrooms etc. The key education related initiatives undertaken in FY2017 include:

  • Provided 40 teachers in these schools for improving the learning level of students

Common community assets

Committed to improving overall quality of life of community members, the company facilitates repair work and revamping of existing infrastructure and creation of new facilities such as community halls, roads, village streets, solar lights etc. The key common community assets undertaken in FY2017 include:

  • 10km of paved street
  • 250 solar street lights in villages

Skill development

The company has developed a benchmark skill development institute, Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM), as part of a joint initiative by the governments of Japan and India to train Indian youths.
The company has aligned itself with the Government of India’s vision of Skill India. As a school for nurturing human resources for the industry, the company upgrades workshops at Industrial Training Institutes (ITI), enhances industry exposure for trainers and students, and imparts soft skills to make students industry-ready. As of 31 March 2018, the company is supporting 110 ITIs across 27 states. The company is undertaking the following initiatives in skill trainings.

Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM)

The Governments of Japan and India signed an agreement to create a pool of skilled manpower for manufacturing in India. To translate the vision of this partnership, the company set up the first Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing, Maruti Suzuki JIM, in Ganpat University, Mehsana, Gujarat in FY2017.

In addition to the technical curriculum, Maruti Suzuki JIM imparts training in some of the best Japanese shop floor practices, soft skills, safety and offers training on latest tools and equipment. This institute is a model ITI with a total of 331 students in 8 trades related to automobile manufacturing, maintenance and services. The company has set up first of its kind facilities in Maruti Suzuki JIM like vehicle assembly line, safety lab, virtual welding simulators and spot welding guns.

Upgrade of Government ITIs

The company is working towards improving the quality of training by upgrading training infrastructure, facilitating overall development of students and staff, providing industry visits to students and staff and offering industry oriented add-on courses in government ITIs.

Skill enhancement in automobile trade

The company has set up Automobile Skill Enhancement Centers (ASEC) at 73 ITIs. Each of these centers is equipped with a model workshop on which practical training is imparted by full-time trainers provided by the company. The company has also introduced specialised courses on Auto Body Repair (ABR) and Auto Body Painting (ABP). Students are given hands-on experience and access to latest information and technology, building their capacity to undertake quality service and repair of vehicles besides providing exposure on client interaction.

Road safety

The company is focussed on using latest technologies to improve law enforcement and overall road safety. The company continues to support expansion of quality driving training infrastructure in the country, with increased focus on training of driving instructors. Some of projects that the company is undertaking are as below.

Automated Driving Testing Centers

In FY2017, the company signed an agreement with Department of Transport, Government of Delhi for supporting the state government in reforming the process of issuing driving licenses by building and maintaining 12 Automated Driving Testing Centers.
These new automated driving centers will be equipped with multiple high resolution cameras, real-time video captures, instantaneous vector graph generation of the tests and authentication of test applicant through biometric and in-car cameras. These will make the driving license system transparent, stringent and efficient, contributing to road safety.

Traffic Safety Management System (TSMS)

In FY2017, the company also took a step towards curbing the traffic menace in the capital city by joining hands with Delhi Police to implement an advanced Traffic Safety Management System (TSMS).
In this new system, the company will provide advanced technology to help the police identify and penalise traffic violations such as the red light and over speeding violations. These violations will be detected by the use of over 100 high technology cameras, installed on a 14km stretch.

Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR)

IDTR is a state-of the-art driving training facility managed by the company in partnership with state government. IDTRs set standards for driving training, promote use of technologies such as driving simulators and train driving instructors. At present there are 7 IDTRs managed by the company.

Road safety education

The company’s constant endeavour is to promote road safety through campaigns designed to suit different target groups aiming at behaviour change amongst road users. In FY2017, the company rolled out a 360 degree nationwide road safety campaign – #PehniKya? (meaning “buckled-up?” in Hindu) educating passenger vehicle users on the importance of using seat belt. A variety of platforms were used including television, print, radio, digital and on-ground activations to promote the seat belt usage.

City specific road safety programme

Launched in partnership with Gurgaon traffic police, various events are organised to promote safe driving, reading of road signs and using reflectors, and gain appreciation amongst road users and Gurgaon police. Special pedestrian drills are also organised in partnership with Gurgaon Traffic Police at major traffic junctions. The company has provided 140 traffic marshals to promote road safety.

Awards and accolades

The company received following awards and accolades in FY2017 for its CSR contribution.

  1. Best CSR Award given by Honorable Chief Minister of Haryana for the company’s CSR contribution in Gurgaon district
  2. Amar Ujala CSR Award given by Honorable Union Railway Minister
  3. Economic Times, CSR Best Practices Award
  4. Marketing PR Award for Road Safety Awareness Campaign - #PehniKya?

Pakistan Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited

Pak Suzuki, acting as a responsible corporate organisation, is committed to well being of the society through its contribution in the field of education, health, promoting environmental care in particular and to improve quality of life of underprivileged people as a whole.

Education Support Program

Scholarship for engineering students

Education plays a vital role in community development. Therefore Pak Suzuki started Education Support Program in 2013. Pak Suzuki awarded total 26 scholarships to the needy students of NED University of Engineering & Technology on 30 August 2017 to help them to pursue their educational and career goals.

Higher seconday certificate scholarship program

To provide financial support to needy students to continue their education from high school (Grade XI) to graduation level in government colleges, Pak Suzuki started Higher School & Graduation Scholarship Program in 2014 for the student of government schools, as well as children of Pak Suzuki employees. Pak Suzuki awarded 64 scholarships among the needy students in the ceremony held on 23 April 2018. Plant visit, 5S and kaizen training sessions were also arranged for scholarship awardees.

Lower secondary scholarship

Pak Suzuki started Lower Secondary Scholarship Program in 2017 to extend the support to local community. The Idea is  to motivate and encourage the needy and talented students to keep continue their education. First scholarship awarding ceremony was held on 21 December 2017, and Pak Suzuki announced 50 scholarships for Grade 6 students, selected from six government schools (all students who were 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in Grade 5). Scholarship package consisted of stationery, copies, school bag, water bottle, lunch box and school uniform.

Functionalising library in government school Haji Natho

Pak Suzuki has functionalised a library in Government Boys & Girls Higher Secondary School Haji Natho on 16 March 2018 by donating racks, books, chairs and tables. Basic purpose to develop a library in the school is to improve the reading and writing skills of school students of primary, secondary and higher secondary education.

Donation of used machines

Pak Suzuki has donated 14 used machines (lathe, drill, milling, boring, spot welding, and CO2 welding machines) and 100 used wooden tables to Pak Swiss Training Centre (PSTC) on 13 February 2018.
PSTC came into existence in 1965 in collaboration with Governments of Switzerland and Pakistan. Since then, PSTC has been actively playing a vital role in producing skilled manpower by providing education, technical skills and hand on experience to the students.

Donation of pick-up trucks

Pak Suzuki has donated two pick-up trucks on 25 October 2017 to Karachi Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) for the intellectually disabled to enhance their transport facility for teachers as well as disabled children. KVTC is actively playing a vital role in rehabilitation of intellectually disabled persons and persons with learning difficulties due to mental retardation of age 5 and above through functional academics, vocational and technical trainings as well as therapeutic treatment. It is the first rehabilitation centre of its kind for the intellectually disabled persons in Pakistan, by enhancing their skills students can learn trade, hold jobs, earn livelihoods and live independently.

Donation of tools & equipment

In order to develop technical skills, enhancing capabilities and to promote vocational training among juvenile prisoners, Pak Suzuki has donated motorcycle trade tools and equipment to government Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) of Central Jail Bahawalpur located in Punjab at a ceremony held on 27 December 2017.
TEVTA is a leading partner in the development of Punjab by empowering youth through technical education and vocational trainings by running more than 100 institutions to enhance technical knowledge and skills through education and training services, at free of cost.

VTI trainings

Pak Suzuki conducted training program for VTI’s (Vocational Training Institutes) for motorcycle trade students in the month of April, September, October, November and December 2017 in different cities of Pakistan. The purpose was to enhance the confidence level of VTI’s students regarding Suzuki and give the technical knowledge in different fields about engine, cooling system, lubricant system, power transmission, electrical & tuning procedures, etc. Total 846 students were trained during the period.

Donation of safety instructions booklet

Pak Suzuki has donated 3,000 safety instructions booklets to National Highway & Motorway Police (NH & MP), on 26 January 2018. These booklets will be distributed among the drivers using National Highways & Motorways. This 30-page booklet in local language will provide the user an information about traffic signs, tips for safe driving, basic checking of vehicles, instructions for emergency situations, offense penalty charges, etc.

Donation of used tables

Pak Suzuki has donated 237 used wooden tables to different government schools, health & education offices, hospital and Pak Swiss Training Centre, in order to fulfill their need. The donation activity executed in January, February and May 2017.

Donation of vehicle

Pak Suzuki has donated a vehicle to Uqaily Family & Friends Association on 28 February 2018, for transport facility for teachers in remote areas of approximately 20km away from school. Uqaily Family & Friends Association has been established with a vision to provide education especially to girls. The association has been supporting government schools since 2010 to extend opportunities of quality education to the underprivileged segments of community. It has established a middle school in Mori Thatta equipped with computer and  science lab, classrooms and staff room, and operationalised the school in August 2017.



Plantation activity was completed in September 2017 in Government Boys & Girls Higher Secondary School Haji Natho, for enhancing the beautification of school and make the environment cleaner and healthier. The Plantation project consisted of planting 150 tress including fruit trees such as mangos, as well as grass lawns inside and outside of school.

Community health & safety

Donation of emergency vehicle

Pak Suzuki has donated a Suzuki Bolan van to Indus Hospital on 11 August 2017. The donated Bolan van will facilitate Indus Hospital in carrying out more blood donation campaigns and providing transport services in medical emergencies.

Installation of traffic safety sign boards

In March 2018, Pak Suzuki has installed 43 different traffic safety sign boards including speed limit, wearing helmet, seat belt, etc., at different locations of Multan City in coordination with Area Office Multan and City Traffic Police Multan. The purpose of this initiative is to create safety awareness among the drivers, passengers and pedestrians, etc., to be careful and follow the traffic rules and regulations, and to avoid any accident or incident which could lead to death or fatal accident.

Donation of medical equipment

Pak Suzuki has donated an electric boiler, ultrasound machine, tourniquet and surgical instruments sets to Burns Centre, Civil Hospital on 10 May 2018. Burns Centre has been playing a vital role since 2005, in providing health care services, medical treatments, surgical procedures, etc. It is consisted of 66 beds, 2 operation theatres and an emergency operation theatre, etc., facilitating not only patients from all over Pakistan but also from neighbouring countries Iran and Afghanistan. Burns Centre caters burnt patients suffering from more than 50 percent burn injuries and operate them all at free of cost. Burns Centre is also engaged in research and training of the medical professionals in the discipline of burns care and plastic surgery.

Indonesia PT. Suzuki Indomobile Motor

Donation program for vocational schools

In order to support student education, the company conducted donation program for vocational schools. During FY2017, we have donated 18 units of automobiles, 5 units of motorcycles, 50 units of engines, transmissions, and tools, and 4 manual books for 24 schools all over Indonesia. The company also conducted training for teachers of recipient schools to increase their knowledge and skills about technology used in Suzuki’s products.
The company hopes this donation program would contribute to students who will lead Indonesian automotive industry in the future.

Student plant visit

To introduce and enrich student’s knowledge of Suzuki products and production processes, the company conducted plant visit for students. In this program, the company invited students from elementary school to university in Indonesia to see and learn the manufacturing process of vehicles in the plants.
In FY2017, around 12,000 students from 155 schools visited our plant in Cikarang, Tambun, and Cakung.

Suzuki safety movement GESIT

As our contribution to reduce traffic accidents, the company is giving traffic safety education for junior high school students named Gerakan Suzuki Peduli Keselamatan (GESIT). During FY2017 the company visited 11 junior high schools located near from our 4 business locations, and conducted traffic safety seminar and demonstration. The company is planning to continue this program in FY2018 by inviting junior high school students to our plant in Cikarang to learn about safety riding and driving, and giving students experience to see the production process of the all-new Ertiga.

Beach clean

On 25 September 2017, the company conducted an activity to clean up the beach at Purworejo, Central Java together with 200 participants from local schools and communities. This activity focusses on education that inspires and empowers individuals and communities to clean up and conserve their environment.

Thailand Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Environmental protection activity

Suzuki Motor (Thailand) has positively worked on CSR activities in 2018.
On 17 and 24 March 2018, as a part of environmental protection activities, the company has carried out the tree planting at Nong Pla Lhai Resevior in Pluak Daeng, Rayong Province. The activities have been jointly made by the city hall employees in Pluak Dean City, neighbouring residents and 258 employees.

Mexico Suzuki Motor De Mexico

Support to earthquake-struck area

On 19 September 2017, Mexico suffered the consequences of an earthquake. Suzuki Motor de Mexico contributed with the delivery of food and tools to the volunteers, rescuers and the civil protection team who collaborated with the rescue work, through the dealership of Tlalpan, Universidad and Sofam Motos.

New Zealand Suzuki New Zealand ltd.

Support for fundraising activities

The company supports Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand, an organisation that raises a fund towards research and offers support to people who are suffering from Leukaemia and other blood related cancers. Suzuki New Zealand provided them with 4 vehicles for their public communication activities and the patients support.

Support for local events

XRACE is an event for parents and kids. The participants try to complete physical challenges like tug-of-war, mental challenges like the memory challenge, knowledge based challenge like the music challenge, etc. Suzuki New Zealand sees the event as a great way for young New Zealand families to be involved in a healthy outdoor activities and to support this local event, the company provided 2 vehicles.

Austria Suzuki Austria Automobil Handels GmbH

Supports for sports activities

Suzuki Austria is sponsoring several sports activities such as “Sports and More” (football school for children) by providing the Vitara. Also Suzuki Austria is sponsoring several Paralympic athletes such as Carina Edlinger who won bronze medal in the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeong Chang, and Günther Matziner who took part in the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games in London, by providing the Vitara and the SX4 S-CROSS.

Supports for social activities

Suzuki Australia supports “Krebshilfe Österreich” (Cancer Support Austria) for people living in countryside who suffer from cancer and also gives support to children whose parents suffer from cancer, by providing a car.

China Suzuki China

Tree planting activities

As an important part of environment protection activities, a series of tree planting activities have been done by Suzuki China and Suzuki fans in the desert areas of China, such as Alashan and Inner Mongolia, in October of 2017.

Clean-up activities

As an important part of environment protection activities, a series of clean-up activities have also been held by Suzuki China and Suzuki fans in Guangzhou in July of 2017 by picking up the garbage on the lakeside.

Riding lecture of motorcycle

In July and August 2017, Suzuki China held driving lecture of motorcycle called SRA (SUZUKI Riding Academy) for Suzuki’s user in Hangzhou and Shanghai. Suzuki China provided their customers with the lecture and training for safety driving of large displacement motorcycle on the SRA.

Supporting the development of human resources in overseas manufacturing companies

Suzuki participates in the trainee acceptance program led by the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS) and directly accepts trainees from overseas manufacturing companies to provide practical on-the-job training in individual sections of the company. Effective training in practical techniques and skills for overseas companies that support the manufacturing sector contributes to developing industries in developing countries and promotes mutual understanding and friendship between each other's countries.

Companies accepting overseas trainees (FY2017)

Country Company Name
India Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited
Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited
Pakistan Pak Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.
Indonesia PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor
Thailand Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Philippines Suzuki Philippines Inc.
  • ●Number of overseas trainees accepted in FY2017: 146 persons
  • ●Accumulated total number of overseas trainees: 22,850 persons

(from FY1983 to FY2017)