India Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Maruti Suzuki recognises the need and responsibility to maintain harmonious relations with neighbouring communities and provide support for their economic and social development. Additionally, the company acknowledges its responsibility to address broader social issues relevant to the automobile industry in India namely road safety and skill development.
The company’s social development projects in the areas of community development, road safety and skill development are aligned with national and international human development goals.
The company undertakes assessment during project design, and impact assessment during the project life-cycle, in order to ensure timely and efficient execution of its social development strategies.

CSR activities

1. Community development

Maruti Suzuki focusses on social development programs in 26 villages around its areas of operations in Gurugram, Manesar, Rohtak and Gujarat in order to support the local communities. In FY2018, the company continued to implement village development programs, created in consultation with village councils (panchayats), in the areas of water, sanitation, education and community assets.

a) Water and sanitation

Depending on local needs and in consultation with the community, the company works on providing safe drinking and solid and liquid waste management to adopted villages around its facilities. The key water and sanitation initiatives undertaken in FY2018 include:

  • Provision of potable water through financially self-sustainable water ATMs (21 units in 20 villages)
  • Laying of sewer lines
  • Construction of household toilets (4,345 units in 26 villages)
  • Collection and disposal of solid waste
  • Partnership with Zydus Hospitals to establish a hospital in Sitapur

b) Education

In partnership with the local community and the government education department, the company supports on improving infrastructure in 50 schools in Gurugram. The key education related initiatives undertaken in FY2018 include:

  • Provision of support teachers for select subjects
  • Trainings for teachers
  • Provision of teaching aids
  • Renovation of classrooms
  • Provision of drinking water
  • Construction of toilets
  • Partnership with Podar Education Network to establish a school in Sitapur

c) Community assets

Committed to improving overall quality of life of community members, the company facilitates repair work and revamping of existing infrastructure and creation of new facilities. The key common community assets undertaken in FY2018 include:

  • Construction and renovation of paved roads (32km in 11 villages)
  • Construction and renovation of community halls

2. Skill development

The automobile industry in India is growing steadily and is expected to continue creating demand for skilled workers. The company’s skill development programs are aimed at providing the youth with dignified and rewarding employment in manufacturing and service sectors.
The company has aligned itself with the Government of India’s vision of Skill India. As a school for pass-outs per industry requirements, the company upgrades workshops at Industrial Training Institutes (ITI), enhances industry exposure for trainers and students, and imparts soft skills to make students industry-ready. As of 31 March 2019, the company is supporting 110 ITIs across 27 states. The company is undertaking the following initiatives in skill trainings.

a) Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM)

Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM), the model Industrial Training Institute (ITI) set up by the company at Ganpat Vidyanagar in Mehsana, Gujarat, saw the first batch of 254 students pass out in FY2018. Conceived through collaboration between the Governments of Japan and India to create a pool of skilled manpower for the Indian manufacturing industry, JIM supports the Make in India and Skill India initiatives of the Government of India. The curriculum at JIM has been developed by the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships of Japan under guidance of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

b) Upgrade of Government ITIs

The company continued to support over 110 government ITIs across the country as per a five-year ITI development plan. Various intervention areas under this plan include upgrading workshop infrastructure, providing training on manufacturing trades, enhancing industry exposure for trainers and students, and imparting soft skills to make students industry-ready.

c) International Automobile Center of Excellence (i-ACE)

In FY2018, the company contributed to the setting up of International Automobile Center of Excellence (i-ACE), a state-of-the-art institute for automobile training and research in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The model and curriculum for i-ACE has been developed in line with the industry requirements and projected skill gap in the sector. The offerings of this program are based on the automobile industry requirements and the existing level of training provisions in India.

3. Road safety

While enhancing customer and pedestrian safety by providing advanced safety features in vehicles ahead of regulations, the company has also been undertaking social initiatives targeting different aspects of road safety management.

a) Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR)

Maruti Suzuki continued its efforts to improve driving skills through the seven Institutes of Driving Training and Research (IDTRs) that it manages in association with state governments. The IDTRs use scientifically designed test tracks, driving simulators and a well-defined course curriculum to train new and existing drivers. In FY2018, 391,761 persons were trained under learner, refresher and evaluation courses.

b) Traffic Safety Management System (TSMS)

In partnership with Delhi Police, the company has implemented an advanced Traffic Safety Management System (TSMS) on a 19km stretch from Mayapuri to Sarai Kale Khan, an important urban arterial road in Delhi with high density traffic. The TSMS comprises 3D radars and high-resolution cameras that simultaneously capture traffic light and speed violations and transmit the information to the central control room of Delhi Police, from where an e-challan (e-penalty slip) is sent to the offender by SMS. The project has been completed by the company. Maruti Suzuki will provide technological support and functional expertise for a period of two years.

c) Automated Driving Test Centres

Maruti Suzuki has also partnered with the Transport Department of Delhi to set up 12 Automated Driving Test Centres to reform the drivers’ license issuance system by making it more transparent, stringent and efficient. These centres are equipped with test tracks to evaluate driving skills as per the Central Motor Vehicles Act. They are being equipped with high resolution cameras to capture real-time footage of tests, in addition to a suite of analytics-based assessment tools and application of biometrics. As of 31 March 2019, four such centres have been made operational. Maruti Suzuki will provide technical support at these centres for a period of three years.

Pakistan Pak Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.

Pak Suzuki, acting as a responsible corporate organisation, is committed to well-being of the society through its contribution in the field of education, health, promoting environmental care in particular and to improve quality of life of underprivileged people as a whole.

Education Support Program

Higher Secondary Certificate Scholarship

Pak Suzuki initiated Higher Secondary Certificate Scholarship Program in 2014. The aim is to generate a competition among students and encourage brilliant ones and to ensure that, nobody should be left without education due to financial constraints. Scholarship ceremonies were held on 23 April 2018 and 29 March 2019 respectively, in which Masafumi Harano, MD & CEO Pak Suzuki distributed scholarships among 145 selected students of government schools, colleges and universities (including Pak Suzuki employee’s children).
Mushtaq Ali Memon, District Education Officer (Bin Qasim Town) along with principals of government higher secondary schools, colleges and CSR Managing Committee members also attended the ceremonies. Plant visit, Kaizen and 5S training sessions were also arranged for the scholarship awardees.

NED scholarship awarding ceremony

Education plays a vital role in community development. Therefore in 2013 Pak Suzuki started Education Support Program. Pak Suzuki awarded total 14 scholarships to the needy students of NED University of Engineering & Technology on 16 May 2018 to help them to pursue their educational and career goals.

Health, Safety & Environment Awareness Session

Pak Suzuki organised the “Awareness Session on Health, Safety and Environment” on 13 July 2018 for company employee’s children and siblings. The purpose of this awareness session is to equip children with the knowledge of health importance and safety practices to be followed on regular basis and natural environment protection. Plant visit was also arranged for the participants. Total 37 participants attended the session. In closing ceremony, certificates and gift hampers were distributed to encourage children participation.

Donation of Ravi Pickup for mobile library

Pak Suzuki has donated Ravi (Carry) Pickup for use as mobile library on 13 and 14 September 2018 to joint committee of Ghulkin and Passu villages in Hunza, Gilgit Biltistan. Hath Hath Japanese NPO has also contributed by providing more than 3,000 books (ranging from nursery to graduation level).
The donated mobile library will move around government and community schools and other education institutions located in Gilgit Biltistan (Passu, Ghulkin and other villages). The concept behind mobile library is to develop and enhance the book-reading interest and facilitate students as well as others to fulfill their needs by availability of books at their door step.
Head Corporate Planning on behalf of Pak Suzuki management, presented the vehicle documents and key to Ms. Mezenokemo, Head of Hath Hath Japanese NPO and Ms. Hajat Bibi, representative of local community.

Donation of used machines to PSTC and STEVTA

59 used machines (lathe, drill, milling and CNC) were donated to Sindh Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA) and Pak Swiss Training Center (PSTC) on 19 and 20 November 2018. These used machines after overhauling will be used for students’ practical training and skills development.
These institutes are engaged in human resource development by degree programs in different technologies. The passed out students are not only serving the industries and organisations at domestic level but also abroad the country as well.

Lower Secondary Scholarship Program

To extend the support to local community by motivating and encouraging the needy and talented students to keep continue their education, Second Lower Secondary Scholarship awarding ceremony was held on 30 January 2019. Total 86 scholarships were awarded to Grade 6 and 7 students, selected from government schools.

Donation to TEVTA Bahawalpur

In order to facilitate Vocational Training Program for Juvenile Imprisoned Trainees, the company donated water dispenser and safety items such as safety gloves, shoes, helmets, coverall, first aid boxes with medicines and fire extinguisher, etc. to Government Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Central Jail, Bahawalpur, Punjab, on 31 January 2019.
TEVTA is a leading partner in the development of the Punjab by empowering youth through technical education and vocational trainings at free of cost.

VTI training

Pak Suzuki conducted training program for VTI’s (Vocational Training Institutes) for motorcycle trade students in August 2018 in Lahore.
The purpose was to enhance the confidence level of VTI’s students regarding Suzuki and give the technical knowledge in different fields about Suzuki brands engine, basic technical training and tuning procedures, etc. Total 17 students were trained during the period.

Traffic safety

Safe Driving Techniques Awareness Sessions

Driving Awareness Session on “Safe Driving Techniques” was conducted in company for car carriers’ owner, managers, supervisors and drivers in coordination with Marketing & Sales department, on 26 October 2018 and 1 March 2019 respectively.
The purpose of the sessions was to enhance the safety level of car carrier team to ensure their safe journey. Total 53 participants attended the sessions, and gifts and certificate of participation were distributed among participants.

Installation of road safety sign boards

Pak Suzuki has installed 43 different driving safety awareness sign boards (including speed limit, wearing seat belt, avoiding usage of mobile phone during driving, etc.). The purpose is to create safety awareness among the commuters while driving and using this route in order to avoid accidents which could potentially cause life in danger or any financial losses. The project has been completed on 21 July 2018.



Pak Suzuki carried out plantation activity at Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research and Pak Swiss Training Centre on 7 December 2018. The project consisted of planting 300 saplings including Mango, Sapodilla and Neem at several locations for enhancing the beautification of centres to make the environment cleaner and healthier.

Community health

Donation of medical equipment to Burns Centre

Pak Suzuki has donated electric boiler, ultrasound machine, tourniquet and surgical instruments sets to Burns Centre, Civil Hospital on 10 May 2018.
Burns Centre has been playing a vital role since 2005, in providing health care services, medical treatments, surgical procedures, etc. It is consisted of 66 beds facility with intensive care units (for male, female and pediatric), two operation theatres and emergency operation theatre, etc., facilitating not only patients from all over Pakistan but also from neighbouring countries of Iran and Afghanistan. Burns Centre caters burnt patients suffering from more than 50 percent burn injuries (even around 80 percent) and operate them all at free of cost. Burns Centre is also engaged in research and training of the medical professionals in the discipline of Burns Care and Plastic Surgery.

Blood Donation Campaign

Pak Suzuki organised Blood Donation Campaign for two days, in collaboration with Indus Hospital on 3 and 6 August 2018. Total 325 donors donated their blood voluntarily. Out of 325 donors, 81 were from our nearby vendors and dealership. It is noticeable that 500ml of blood will eventually become helpful for saving three lives.
Tetsuya Fujioka, Plant Manager of Pak Suzuki visited the campaign and appreciated the contribution of the donors.

Donation of ambulance car

Pak Suzuki has donated a Suzuki APV Ambulance to GDA Hospital Gwadar, for transporting patients to Karachi for advanced medical treatment.
GDA Hospital Gwadar with 50 bedded facility has been operational in May 2016 providing services through qualified, trained and experienced doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative staff. The hospital is equipped with all necessary facilities free of cost, including medical OPD, pharmacy, nursery intensive care units, laboratory, X-ray and ultrasound, peads ward, and operations theatres. The donation ceremony was held on 30 August 2018. Masafumi Harano, MD & CEO Pak Suzuki presented the symbolic key.

Indonesia PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor

Student plant visit

To contribute to enhancing student’s interest and knowledge for industrial products, technology and manufacturing processes with country-leading technology, we invited students from elementary school to university to the factory tour at Suzuki plants.
In FY2018, more than 16,000 students from 187 schools visited Cikarang, Tambun, and Cakung Plants.
Suzuki believes this activity would be able to lead to future development in Indonesia.

Suzuki Safety Movement “GESIT”

In order to reduce traffic accidents, the company conducted road safety education program for junior high school students named “Gerakan Suzuki Peduli Keselamatan / GESIT”. In this program, the company invited students to Cikarang Plant and conducted road safety seminar and safety riding demo. The company also gave students an opportunity to see the production process of all-new Ertiga in Cikarang Plant. During FY2018 2,000 students were invited from 20 junior high schools located in areas surrounding Cakung and Cikarang Plants.
Suzuki hopes this program would lead to increase of families with a smile in Indonesia, to decrease serious traffic accidents.

Donation for vocational schools

In order to support student education, the company conducted donation program for vocational schools. During FY2018, 9 units of car were donated for 9 schools all over Indonesia. The company also conducted training for teachers of the schools to increase their knowledge and skills about country-leading technology introduced for Suzuki automobiles.
Suzuki believes this donation program would contribute to increase of students who will be leaders of Indonesian automotive industry in the future.

Donation for earthquake victims

As support to the victims of earthquake that struck Lombok in July and Palu in September 2018, the company donated 1 unit of APV ambulance to each city’s Regional Board of Disaster Management. The company also repaired school buildings affected by disasters, and provided free service program for customers whose vehicles were affected. In addition, the company participated in the procurement of water purifier units initiated by Ministry of Industry of Republic of Indonesia by donating cash amounting 250 million Rupiah.
Suzuki hopes that the donation would contribute to earlier recovery at the earthquakes-affected area.

Donation of ambulance car for the winner of Primary Health Care Facilities Competition

The company participated in improving health services for Indonesian people by giving APV ambulance for the winner of Primary Health Care Facilities Competition held by Ministry of Health of Republic of Indonesia.
Suzuki hopes this donation would lead to enhancing health services in Indonesia.

Vietnam Vietnam Suzuki Corp.

Cleanup activities in the industrial zone

Japanese firms in the Loteco Industrial Zone (located in Bien Hoa, Dong), where Vietnam Suzuki’s plant is located, are together conducting cleanup activities in the industrial zone and its surround areas. Every second Wednesday of each month, employees of Vietnam Suzuki including the local employees voluntarily participate early in the morning to conduct cleanup activities of litters. The activity enhances the conscience of the employees while also contributing to reduction of litters within the industrial zone by appealing to the surrounding areas about not littering.

New Zealand Suzuki New Zealand Ltd.

Support for fundraising activities

The company supports Leukemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand, an organisation that raises a fund towards research and offers support to people who are suffering from leukemia and other blood related cancers. Suzuki New Zealand provided them with 4 vehicles for their public communication activities and the patients support.

Support for local events

XRACE is an event for parents and kids. The participants try to complete physical challenges like tug-of-war, mental challenges like the memory challenge, knowledge based challenge like the music challenge, etc. Suzuki New Zealand sees the event as a great way for young New Zealand families to be involved in a healthy outdoor activities and to support this local event, the company provided 2 vehicles.

Hungary Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd.

Supporting sports activities

For over 10 years, Magyar Suzuki has been supporting the growth of the next generation that will make renewal and innovation of football in Hungary. The Puskas-Suzuki Cup, the international club youth football tournament established with Puskas Academia and Magyar Suzuki, was held for the 12th time. The tournament provided the chance to experience international tournaments for the young and talented players.

Traffic safety activities

In March 2019, Magyar Suzuki held a traffic safety event together with Accident Prevention Committee of Szentendre and police office of Esztergom to warn about the importance of safety driving. As one of the major car manufacturers in Hungary, the company has long been conducting activities together with the police in order to meet its responsibility in making people interested in the importance of traffic safety by making campaign posters, holding events, making movies and education programs of schools about traffic safety.

France Suzuki France S.A.S.

Supports for environment

To support and encourage environmental protection of seas and oceans, Suzuki is supporting the Tara Foundation which is conducting marine exploration with a team of scientists. Their latest two years worldwide tour expedition from 2017 to 2018 was to observe the biodiversity of coral reef and their evolution in front of climatic changes. Suzuki is providing two outboard motors during their mission and two S-Cross for their staff during the boat maintenance.

Supports for sports activities

Suzuki France is in partnership with the disabled motorcycle racing champion, Stephane Paulus and is supporting his activities. Stephane was injured 14 years ago and founded in 2014 the Handi Free Rider association, helping disabled people to become motorcycle riders. With Stephane, Suzuki is sharing a lot of events, such as autograph session in MotoGP, stunt show, events for children, etc. Stephane Paulus is giving a lot of hope to people with disabilities and he is also the living proof that we can always follow our dreams.

Austria Suzuki Austria Automobil Handels GmbH

Workplace health promotion

It is very important for Suzuki Austria to improve the health and fitness of the employees. Franz Höfer, who is a multiple Austrian Triathlon State Champion and supported by Suzuki Austria, does every Wednesday evening a work out with the employees. He also gives advices for a healthy nutrition and organises various team building events.

Poland Suzuki Motor Poland SP. Z.O.O.

Support of safe motorcycle riding

Suzuki Motor School is a series of trainings organised on the racetracks at the beginning of each season. Under professional instructors’ eyes owners of Suzuki motorcycles can uplift their skills in safe riding. In 2019 Suzuki Motor Poland carried the 13th edition of Suzuki Motor School, where 210 riders divided into 15 groups trained responsible and safe riding.

Supporting the development of human resources in overseas manufacturing companies

Suzuki participates in the trainee acceptance program led by the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS) and directly accepts trainees from overseas manufacturing companies to provide practical on-the-job training in individual sections of the company. Effective training in practical techniques and skills for overseas companies that support the manufacturing sector contributes to developing industries in developing countries and promotes mutual understanding and friendship between each other's countries.

Companies accepting overseas trainees (FY2018)

Country Company Name
India Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited
Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited
Pakistan Pak Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.
Indonesia PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor
Philippines Suzuki Philippines Inc.
Vietnam Vietnam Suzuki Corp.
  • ●Number of overseas trainees accepted in FY2018: 102 persons
  • ●Accumulated total number of overseas trainees: 22,952 persons

(from FY1983 to FY2018)

Cultural exchanges with trainees

We are having cultural exchanges between overseas trainees and the employees twice a year, aimed for their exchange of communication and understanding of cultural differences. They visited sightseeing facilities in areas around Hamamatsu, where we are headquartered, and had an exchange by having lunch of their cuisines and playing games.

  • ●Accumulated number of participants (from FY2014 to FY2019): 887
  • ●Number of exchanges conducted: 11
  • ●Locations of exchange: Hamanako Garden Park, Nihondaira, Non Hoi Park, Sunpu Takumi Shuku, etc.