The Suzuki Foundation

Supporting scientific and technological research through the Suzuki Foundation since 1980

Symbol mark of the Suzuki Foundation


Coupled with today's worsening problems with energy, global warming, traffic accidents, etc., the need for automobiles that save energy and reduce environmental loads, as well as technologies for preventive safety and autonomous driving, is growing. Accordingly, the compact car industry is at the stage of further progress by satisfying such need of the time. In such situation, we believe that the compact car industry must make more efforts to quickly respond to the public need. For that purpose, further development of the related mechanical industries and cultivation of engineers are very important. The Suzuki Foundation was established with collaboration from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and other various organisations to continuously support and finance those mechanical industries related to compact cars for promoting technological development and attracting young people to this industry. (The Suzuki Foundation was established in 1980, commemorating the 60th anniversary of Suzuki’s founding, with the funds deposited with affiliated companies, and made new start as a public interest incorporated foundation on 1 April 2011.)

Foundation activities

Grants for basic and original project

The Suzuki Foundation offers grants for basic and creative projects related to environmental, information, control, material and medical technologies, which are the framework of social development. We have contributed to the basic research for development of technologies by providing grants totalling 1,389,810,000 yen to 1,044 researchers (as of 1 April 2019) at universities, junior colleges, and research institutes.

Grants for theme-based project assignments

We also finance projects that concentrate the combined intellect of researchers in finding solutions of high priority concerns such as global environmental conservation, natural energy resource saving, and automated driving. Since the start of our financial aid in 2003, we have financed 29 projects including the "Cooperative Automated Driving Technique based on Mutual Understanding between Automated Driving System and Human Operator." which amount to 277,740,000 yen to date (as of 1 April 2019).

Grants for further development of findings and for overseas training of researchers

The foundation partially provides grants to symposiums and conferences held in Japan and other countries for the purpose of further development of findings from basic or creative scientific researches. So far (as of 1 April 2019), it has provided grants totalling 170,100,000 yen for 587 symposiums and conferences.

Grants for joint project with foreign researchers

Based on the researchers exchange agreement between Shizuoka University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary), the two universities tied up with the Suzuki Foundation in 1999 and have been working on this project. We have funded 16 researchers who came from Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
Also, in FY2018, the foundation had one exchange researcher each coming from the Indian Institutes of Technology to the Shizuoka University, and to the Toyohashi University of Technology, respectively.

Grants to overseas automotive training centre

Grants of equipment and facility started from FY2017 for automobile designing, manufacturing, and service trainings held at the International Automotive Centre of Excellence (i-ACE), which is established in the state of Gujarat in India.

Supporting Inter Academia

For international exchange activity, Shizuoka University and eight European universities hold international conferences (Inter Academia) for the purpose of mainly announcing the results from the researches conducted by students and instructors under social programs. Suzuki Foundation also actively supports those activities.

Total assets and number and amount of grants

  • Total assets: 10,840,880,000 yen (as of 31 March 2019)
  • Number of grants in FY2018: 98 (Accumulated total: 1,679 as of 1 April 2019)
  • Total amount of grants in FY2018: 124,860,000 yen (Accumulated total: 1,941,870,000 yen as of 1 April 2019)

Supporting public interest "Motoo Kimura Evolutionary Studies Fund"

It is our wish to find causes of disease and pursue good health so that we may all live pleasant and plentiful lives. In admiration of the efforts of Motoo Kimura who was nominated for a Nobel Prize for his research in evolutionary studies, the Motoo Kimura Evolutionary Studies Fund was established in December 2004 with the funds from Suzuki. This fund rewards those who have made a great contribution to the genetic science research.

Suzuki Education and Culture Foundation

Since 2000, Suzuki has been conducting granting activities through the Suzuki Education and Culture Foundation for making contributions to nurturing of healthy youths in the Shizuoka prefecture. The foundation was established through funds received from the Suzuki Group as a commemorative business for the 80th anniversary of Suzuki’s founding.

Symbol mark of the Suzuki Education and Culture Foundation

Foundation activities

Scholarships to high school and university students

The foundation offers scholarships to high school students living in Shizuoka Prefecture or university students who are graduates of high schools in Shizuoka Prefecture who have strong desire to learn but are unable to concentrate on their studies due to economic reasons. In FY2018, the foundation offered scholarships totalling 25,380,000 yen to 65 highs school and 17 university students.

Grants to Shizuoka University of Art and Culture for scholarship

Partial grants are made to Suzuki Scholarship Fund for Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, which is aimed to nurture human resources who can contribute to the society and to contribute to development of the Hamamatsu community.
In FY2018, the foundation made grants of 1,500,000 yen. Through their scholarship, Suzuki is making supports to university students in the Shizuoka Prefecture who have strong desire to learn.

Management assistance for the Mundo de Alegria School for Japanese-South Americans

As assistance for foreign school, the foundation is supporting education of foreign children by making financial assistance to Mundo de Alegria School, a Japanese-South American school approved by the Shizuoka Prefecture (located in Yuto-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu, with 283 students from kindergarten to high school, of which 262 from Brazil, and 21 from Peru).
In order to compensate for the labour force of Japan, immigration laws were relaxed in 1990, and a number of Japanese-South American workers started living mainly in Hamamatsu.
Mundo de Alegria School is a school for the children of those workers. The school was established by individual funds in 2003, and 60 local companies including Suzuki have been assisting its management.
In FY2018, the foundation made 2 million yen of financial assistance. The foundation is supporting the school’s aim to “nurture human resources who can live together in the Japanese society by building up education in their mother-tongue, mastering Japanese, and learning Japanese culture and habits”.

Total number and amount of grants (accumulated total as of 31 March 2019)

  • Scholarships: 378 persons (300,540,000 yen)
  • Grants to Shizuoka University of Art and Culture for scholarship: 8 (12,300,000 yen)
  • Grants to schools for foreigners: 9 (94,500,000 yen)

Topics Revealed symbol marks of three foundations related to Suzuki

Suzuki Foundation

Suzuki Education and Culture Foundation

Suzuki Michio Memorial Foundation

The three foundations related to Suzuki, the Suzuki Foundation, Suzuki Education and Culture Foundation, and Suzuki Michio Memorial Foundation*, have revealed their symbol marks.

Since the approval of the Suzuki Michio Memorial Foundation accepted in May 2018, the three foundations, including the Suzuki Foundation celebrating its 40th anniversary, and the Suzuki Education and Culture Foundation celebrating its 20th anniversary, each in 2020, have revealed their symbol marks to appeal their characteristics and activities to the society, and to become familiarised among many people.
The symbol marks of the Suzuki Foundation and the Suzuki Education and Culture Foundation were adopted from designs offered and applied among the students of the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, while the symbol mark of the Suzuki Michio Memorial Foundation was designed in-house by the designer.
The foundations will further contribute to the society in each field by utilising these symbol marks.

Students of the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
whose designs were adopted

*Overview of the Suzuki Michio Memorial Foundation

The Suzuki Michio Memorial Foundation was established in January 2018 with private funds of Osamu Suzuki, Chairman, Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Name: Suzuki Michio Memorial Foundation
Operations: 1) Donation of welfare vehicles, etc. to facilities for disabled and elders
2) Supports for business to popularise and promote sports
Chairman: Osamu Suzuki
(Chairman, Suzuki Motor Corporation)
Location: 300 Takatsuka-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 432-8611
Establishment Established on 30 January 2018, and
accepted on 24 May 2018.
(in Japanese language only)