Efforts by Domestic Sales Distributors

Asahikawa Suzuki Motor Sales Inc.

Cleanup activities around the offices

As a beautification activity, since 2013, the company has been picking up trashes and pulling out weeds in pedestrian roads and green zones around all sales offices twice in months with no snow (between April to October). These activities have also become as opportunities to have communication with the local citizens.

Suzuki Motor Sales Keiyo Inc.

Technology lectures at mechanic schools

Technology lectures were held in five mechanic schools in the prefecture (Chiba) to introduce Suzuki’s state-of-the-art technologies and diagnosis systems. In addition to presentations using PowerPoints and movies, the students experienced the actual vehicles and systems. By taking in requests from the teachers, contents of the lectures are changed to meet each school’s needs, aimed to offer valuable experiences for the students.

Suzuki Motor Sales Nagano Inc.

Jobsite tour for people with disabilities

In June 2018, in response to the requests by the Hello Work Matsumoto (job centre), jobsite tour was held to promote working of people with disabilities. The tour was held in two sales offices namely Suzuki Arena Shinshu Hodaka and Suzuki Arena Shinshu Matsumoto. The employees showed carwash and the participants saw their job with enthusiasm and asked them questions.

Suzuki Motor Sales Hamamatsu Inc.

Donations of parts for cars used in lectures to automobile technical college

Parts for seven units of WagonR which are used in lectures by the Tokai Automobile Technical College in Hamamatsu were donated. By renewing parts such as suspension parts which wear down as the cars are repeatedly assembled and disassembled in lectures, the company supports the students to continuously acquire their mechanical skills.

Suzuki Marine Co., Ltd.

Participation in joint water-rescue drill

In June 2018, a joint water-rescue drill was held at Arai Benten Sea Fishing Park, with the Kosai City Fire-Defense Headquarters, Shizuoka Marina Association, etc. participating. Suzuki Marina Hamanako participated with rescue boats and conducted a rescue drill by cooperating with each participant.

Marine Week (Boat Experience)

In August 2018, boat experience was held for children of areas around the Lake Hamana. After explaining the cautions before setting out, they actually got onto the boat, and deepened their interests for the lake and the boat.