Efforts by Domestic Sales Distributors

Suzuki group companies value reliable relationship with customers and local societies, and hope to have good fellowship with them for many years in future. We promote communication activities by providing the information about products and services, and participating or cooperating in welfare supports or other events. Also, we put the focus on education for employees to assure customer satisfaction for products and services we provide.
In addition, from an environmental perspective, we determined to actively promote energy-saving activities by reducing electricity, introducing energy-saving equipment, etc. as a companywide target, and conducting activities to reduce CO2 emissions, including the “introduction of an LED lighting system”, the “effective operation and electricity saving of air-conditioning systems” and “electricity saving at plants, offices, and outdoor light” in order to reduce global warming.

Introduction of efforts by domestic sales companies

Suzuki Motor Sales Chiba Inc.

Promoting environmental awareness at repair plants

The Suzuki Arena Sanno and Suzuki Arena Chiba New Town acquired the certification from the Chiba Transport Bureau Branch Office of the Kanto District Transport Bureau as an “environmental-friendly automobile repair plant” that has actively worked on environmental problems, such as the proper disposal of used automobiles and the appropriate collection of Freon.

Suzuki Motor Sales Nagano Inc

Local environmental beautification activities

The Suzuki Arena Shinshu Nagano Chuo Branch has conducted cleaning on sidewalks and weeding in planting zones along the Route 18 in front of the branch almost daily for about 30 years. This activity was acknowledged, and we received the Nagano National Highway Office Manager Award in the “Road Familiarisation Month”, which is held by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Suzuki Motor Sales Toyama Inc.

Donating fault-diagnosis device to industrial vocational school

In order to support the development of mechanics, Suzuki’s genuine fault-diagnosis devices were sent to Toyama Prefecture Technology Specialty Institute and Toyama Automotive Engineering College. Many electronic control mechanisms that are employed by automobiles are currently used as teaching materials. We enable the students to learn more practical engineering skills by introducing the latest equipment to lectures and practical training sessions.

Suzuki Motor Sales Kinki Inc.

Lecture class using new hybrid model

In July 2017, we participated as instructors in the “Next-generation Automobile Study Meeting” held by the Osaka Automobile Service Promotion Association to improve knowledge and techniques for the servicing of automobiles. We explained the outline, structure, and function of the system as well as key points for servicing, focussing on the “New Solio HYBRID” as a theme. After the lecture, we provided an opportunity for the students to check components, perform test driving, etc. using the actual car.

Suzuki Motor Sales Wakayama Inc.

Acceptance for internship of people with disabilities

We provide an internship program as out-of-school learning or a work-experience program for students at local junior and senior high schools, and also support the employment of people with disabilities. We enable them to perform various tasks such as the washing of cars and shipping of components at the car sales company. We accepted 19 interns in FY2017.

Suzuki Motor Sales Tokushima Inc.

Safety driving training program

In November 2017, we held a safety-driving training program for motorised wheelchairs and electro senior vehicles in the Koyadaira district of Mima City. We had the users experience the course. We also explained the operation to participants who are not the users, and then had them ride it along the course. They gained deeper knowledge about safe driving and the prevention of accidents.

Suzuki Motor Sales Kagoshima Inc.

Training session using safety driving support car

In February 2018, we held a training session for police officers upon request by the Kagoshima Prefectural Police to reduce the number of accidents involving elderly people, and provided the opportunity to experience a “safety driving support car” and “Senior Car”. About 100 police officers participated in this session. We tried to support traffic safety for prefectural inhabitants by allowing participants to experience the Senior Car that they do not touch so often in addition to the collision-mitigating brake and false-start prevention function of automobiles.

Suzuki Motor Sales Okinawa Inc.

Cleanup activities and green conservation activities

We designated the third Thursday of every month as “disposal day”, and began activities to neatly arrange and clean all sales offices. Now, the scope of cleaning has been spread to cleaning and weeding on sidewalks and green zones around the sales office, and all staff participated in the activities. In particular, the Goza Sales Office is working as the greening cooperative body for green zones in the prefectural region.

Suzuki Motorcycle Sales Inc.

Promotion of eco-driving of company cars

We are promoting eco-driving of company cars that we use for work. We try to improve fuel efficiency by reducing the total vehicle weight. For example, we replenish the fuel only to the half level of the tank without filling up the tank, keep the cabin in well-arranged condition, and avoid loading unnecessary objects. We are trying to work on “Reduction of CO2 emission by sales activities”, which was included in the Suzuki Environmental Plan 2020.

Suzuki Marine Co., Ltd.

Participation in joint water-rescue drill

In June 2017, a joint water-rescue drill was held, and Kosai City Fire-Defense Headquarters, Shizuoka Marina Association (West Branch), Kosai Police Department, Hamanako Sogo Kankyo Zaidan (Lake Hamana Environment Foundation), etc. were participants. Suzuki Marina Hamanako provided rescue boats and conducted the drill to rescue a person who fell into the water.

Cleanup activities at Lake Hamana

In June 2017, we participated in the “Lake Hamana Clean Project” to clean the shores of Lake Hamana. This was held by local governments and NGOs around Lake Hamana, such as Hamamatsu City and Kosai City, in order to protect the rich resources of Lake Hamana. We collected a large amount of trash, such as plastic bottles that had washed ashore.