Suzuki Group is making efforts to give “the first priority to quality” as the most critical matter for “strengthening of manufacturing”. We are aiming at becoming a trusted brand by giving top priority to the safety and security of our customers, developing and manufacturing quality products that our customers can use with security, and quickly responding to feedback from our customers during after-sales services.

Suzuki’s quality policy

In order to have our products used by our customers safely and securely, all departments involved in the entire process, including product development and design, manufacturing at production plants, sales to customers at markets, and the provision of after-sales services, are promoting actions cross-functionally to improve the quality from the viewpoint of customers.

Quality management system

Suzuki Group has adopted the international standard ISO9001 as its quality-management system. In addition to six plants in Japan, major overseas plants in India, Thailand, Hungary, etc., have also adopted the ISO9001.
Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited, which is a subsidiary that manufactures automobiles in India, also acquired the certificate in FY2017. As a result, the ratio of production at plants certified by ISO9001 against the entire global production of automobiles in the Suzuki Group in FY2017 (3,338,000 vehicles) reached approximately 93%.
In addition, Pak Suzuki Motor in Pakistan acquired the ISO9001 certificate in June 2018. We will promote the quality management in the entire Suzuki Group, and continue to make efforts to realise quality improvement.

Acquisition of ISO9001

  Country Plant
1 Japan Suzuki Motor Corporation: Kosai Plant
2 Osuka Plant
3 Sagara Plant
4 Toyokawa Plant
5 Takatsuka Plant
6 Iwata Plant
7 India Maruti Suzuki India Limited
8 Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited
9 Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited
10 Pakistan Pak Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.
  Country Plant
11 Indonesia PT Suzuki Indomobil Motor
12 Thailand Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
13 Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.
14 Vietnam Vietnam Suzuki Corp.
15 Hungary Magyar Suzuki Corporation
16 Colombia Suzuki Motor de Colombia S.A.
17 China Jinan Qingqi Suzuki Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
18 Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motorcycle Co., Ltd