Corporate Philosophy

Basic policy for company management

The Group has been placing “Develop products of superior value by focussing on the customer” as the first paragraph of the mission statement. We will constantly make the best effort to create truly valuable products that satisfy our customers.
Under the slogan “Small cars for a big future”, we will work toward manufacture of “small cars” and “environmentally-friendly products” which are wanted by our customers. We will also work on lean, efficient and sound management by emphasising the “Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, and Neater” concept in all areas while complying with laws and prioritising safety and quality.

Mission statement

In 1962, Suzuki established the “Mission Statement” which indicates the corporate policy of Suzuki. It sets goals to strive for accomplishing corporation’s social missions, for the corporate organisation that the one belongs to, and for the one’s own self.
With the motto “products of superior value”, all employees are making daily efforts in creating value-packed products.

Suzuki Group mission statement (established in 1962)

  • 1. Develop products of superior value by focussing on the customer
  • 2. Establish a refreshing and innovative company through teamwork
  • 3. Strive for individual excellence through continuous improvement

Suzuki Group Code of Conduct

In April 2016, Suzuki reviewed the conventional Suzuki Activity Charter, Standards of Behaviour, etc. and established the Suzuki Group Code of Conduct, which is a new code of conduct for officers and employees of the Suzuki Group to healthily implement their operation.
The code of conduct is important in promoting CSR activities of the Suzuki Group, and to spread and adopt the code throughout each company of the Suzuki Group, we are distributing portable booklets, posting the code on our intranet homepage, conducting employee trainings, etc.

Suzuki Group Code of Conduct (excerpt)

For Our Customers

(1) Realisation of Products and Services of Superior Value

Suzuki Group will provide customers with products and services exceeding their expectation as in line with the spirit “Develop products of superior value by focussing on the customer” which is listed as the first item in our “Mission Statement”.

(2) Activities on Quality

Suzuki Group will develop and produce high quality products which customers can use in relief and will provide aftersales services considering customers’ safety and security with first priority.
If by any chance a quality related problem occurs, Suzuki Group will devote its sincere efforts to react on customer’s voice, grasp the problem at an early stage and take measures with thorough investigation into the causes so that the customer can continue using Suzuki products in relief.
For a Better Working Environment

(3) Respect of Human Rights

Suzuki Group will be aware of international norms pertaining to human rights and respect fundamental human rights with reference to laws in each country or region.

(4) Occupational Safety•Traffic Safety

Suzuki Group will review the workplace environment to create safe workplace.
Suzuki Group will thoroughly carry out education on safety to prevent occurrence of occupational injury.

(5) Promoting Kaizen Activities and Observing Basic Business Rules

Suzuki Group encourages employees to come up with inventive ideas to improve the workplace. Suggestions from employees on Kaizen will be evaluated and effective measures will be adopted and widespread amongst Suzuki Group companies for a growth of the entire Group.
Suzuki Group will create basic rules on our work for the employees to follow.
For Shareholders and All Other Stakeholders

(6) Compliance

While Suzuki Group acknowledges the existence of difference in laws related to competition such as Antitrust Law and laws related to fair trading by each country or region, Suzuki Group will grasp the difference and carry out training on employees to observe laws and societal norms in their respective countries and regions.

(7) Environmental Activities

In order to hand over the beautiful earth and affluent society to the next generations, we must all realise that actions of each and every one of us have a great effect on our earth’s future therefore Suzuki Group will make every effort to preserve global environment.

(8) Refusing Relations with Antisocial Forces

Suzuki Group will thoroughly refuse any relationships with antisocial forces and organisations which are threatening the order and safety of civil society.