CSR Top Message

The Group has been placing “Develop products of superior value by focussing on the customer” as the first paragraph of the mission statement. We will constantly make the best effort to create truly valuable products that satisfy our customers.
Under the slogan “Small cars for a big future”, we will work toward manufacture of “small cars” and “environmentally-friendly products” which are wanted by our customers. We will also work on lean, efficient and sound management by emphasising the “Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, and Neater” concept in all areas.

The automobile industry is undergoing a period of great transformation. In such transformation, it is necessary to open up the future in long-term outlook by imaging the targeted aspect of 10 years and 15 years ahead, and tracing back to the present to think about what should be done from now.

Of the activities toward this long-term outlook, CSR initiatives introduced in this report are strengthened through ESG (environmental, social, and governance) point of view, which is receiving increased attention and expectations from the stakeholders, as per below.

As for climate changes, we clearly recognise it as a risk and an opportunity related to the business of the Company. For example, while various regulations including those for exhaust gas and CO2/fuel consumption levels are becoming stricter, increase in burden of research expenses to comply with these regulations is a risk that may largely affect the performance of the Company. On the other hand, small cars, which Suzuki excels in, require fewer materials and energy in production, and emit less CO2 while in use. We have the strength in developing and popularising these technologies, and by continuing to enhancing these technologies, we are able to make climate changes into a big opportunity.

From this point of view, as for environmental problems, we not only need to boost the extension of conventional technologies but initiatives for new technologies as well. Along with making of small cars and development of high-efficiency powertrain which Suzuki excels in, we will proactively make efforts in expansion and strengthening of hybrids and new development of EVs. The Group is applying the Suzuki Environmental Plan 2020 and working for the development and adoption of environmental technologies and reduction of CO2 emissions.

As for social issues, we are making efforts in quality problem by considering it as the most important issue for the Group. Customer safety and security is the top priority for the Group, and we are working to develop and produce high-quality products which customers can use safely and securely and to provide after-sales services. The Group will continue to make the utmost effort to ensure that customers can use our products safely and securely.
Also, we will actively work on contribution to the community, investment in people, development of human resources, and work safety, so that we can respond to expectations by the stakeholders.

As for governance, through fair and efficient corporate activities, we wish to continuously be a sustainably developing company that will gain trust from the stakeholders and contribute further in the international society. In order to realise this, we will advance our corporate governance and compliance systems and strengthen our initiatives on management systems and legal compliance.

We are committed to disclose information concerning these CSR initiatives comprehensively through this report and promote communication with the stakeholders. We will also actively make efforts for achieving new target of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations) through CSR activities.

In the midst of necessity to stand on long-term outlook and accelerate investment for growth centred in India, by balancing between investments for such growth and strengthening of its management base through each initiative in environment, social, and governance, the Group will consistently promote efforts for enhancing corporate value.

With respect to the case regarding sample testing of fuel economy and emissions, we would like to offer our sincere apologies for the concern this matter has caused to our customers and business partners. We deeply regret on this matter and will make efforts in structuring preventive measures by having thorough research and verification by the outside experts through securing objectivity and neutrality, not only on this matter, but on the whole final inspection process.

We aim to become a Group loved and trusted throughout the world and will continue working on contributions to the environment and the society. We ask for your continued support.

Representative Director and President
Toshihiro Suzuki