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The Group has the motto "Develop products of superior value by focusing on the customer" in the first paragraph of its mission statement. The Group will continuously strive for manufacturing of really valuable products appreciated by customers.
The Group commits itself to make efforts to promote the production of small and subcompact vehicles and the development of environmentally benign products needed by customers with the slogan "Small Cars for a Big Future".
The Group makes efforts to promote the “Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, and Neater” on every side and has been working for the efficient, well-knit and healthy management.

The Group has established the New Mid-Term Management Plan SUZUKI NEXT 100 - Strengthening of management base toward the 100th anniversary of foundation and the next 100 years -, a five-year plan from 2015.
The Group will be celebrating its 100th anniversary of foundation in 2020. In order for the Group to continuously grow for the next 100 years, the Group will put efforts into strengthening of management base by positioning the next five years as the period to stabilize the foundation of management. The Group will tackle as Team Suzuki to globally develop manufacturing base and overhaul working procedure.
Under the New Mid-Term Management Plan, the Group will unite as one to enhance corporate value and aim for sustainable growth.

Representative Director and President

Toshihiro Suzuki

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