Corporate Philosophy

Basic policy for company management

The Group has been placing “Develop products of superior value by focussing on the customer” as the first paragraph of the mission statement. We will constantly make the best effort to create truly valuable products that satisfy our customers.
Under the slogan “Small cars for a big future”, we will work toward manufacture of “small cars” and “environmentally-friendly products” which are wanted by our customers. We will also work on lean, efficient and sound management by emphasising the “Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, and Neater” concept in all areas.
Our executive officers and employees will strictly adhere to all statutes, social norms, and in-house rules, etc., act fairly and with sincerity.

Mission statement

In 1962, Suzuki established the “Mission Statement” which indicates the Corporate policy of Suzuki. It sets goals to strive for accomplishing corporation’s social missions, for the corporate organisation that the one belongs to, and for the one’s own self.
With the motto “products of superior value”, all employees are making daily efforts in creating value-packed products.

Suzuki Group mission statement (established in 1962)

  • 1.Develop products of superior value by focussing on the customer
  • 2.Establish a refreshing and innovative company through teamwork
  • 3.Strive for individual excellence through continuous improvement