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7 November 2023

Suzuki Unveils the All-New GSX-S1000GX and GSX-8R



Suzuki Motor Corporation has unveiled the all-new crossover model, GSX-S1000GX and sport model GSX-8R at the EICMA 2023 (Milan Show), which is held in Milan, Italy from 7 to 12 November 2023*1. Sales for the GSX-S1000GX will start from December 2023, and the GSX-8R from January 2024 globally, primarily in Europe and North America.

*1 Press days: 7 to 8 November. Public days: 9 to 12 November.


The all-new GSX-S1000GX is a crossover model that combines sport-tourer and adventure elements. By adopting the engine from the GSX-S1000 series, it inherits the power performance required for sport riding while also incorporating new technologies and equipment to enhance touring capabilities. The styling features an aggressive silhouette that embodies the performance of a sport bike, combined with a modern design that pursues a comfortable upright riding position for touring.
The GSX-S1000GX is Suzuki’s first motorcycle which has been equipped with the Suzuki Advanced Electronic Suspension (SAES), which electronically controls the suspension damping and preload according to vehicle speed, road surface conditions, and changes in posture caused by the brakes. Suzuki has also developed and equipped the unique Suzuki Road Adaptive Stabilization (SRAS) program, which detects uneven road surfaces and automatically switches the suspension control amount by incorporating SAES with data from the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and other sources. As a result, it is possible to achieve both a smooth ride with suppressed vibration on unpaved roads, and dynamic sport performance on paved roads.
In addition, the model is equipped with a variety of electronic control functions, such as the SDMS-α system for integrated management of power characteristics, traction control levels, and SAES damping settings, as well as the Motion Track Brake System that can activate ABS even when leaning into corners. This well-rounded crossover model allows riders to easily master high levels of intelligence and performance, regardless of the situation, road conditions, or riding experience.

Main Features and Specifications

GSX-S1000GX Feature Description
Equipment S.I.R.S.
(Suzuki Intelligent
Ride System)
(Suzuki Drive Mode Selector Alpha)
Integrated management of power output characteristics (3 levels), traction control (7 levels+off), and suspension damping (4 levels)
(Suzuki Road Adaptive Stabilization)
Detects road surface conditions and automatically switches the amount of suspension control
Automatic Rear Suspension Modes Electronicaly controls rear suspension preload. Able to select from Auto and 3 Manual modes. When Auto is selected, it also controls damping.
Ride-by-wire Electronic Throttle System  
Bi-Directional Quick Shift System Able to shift up/down without clutch and throttle operation
Smart Cruise Control Able to shift up/down while cruising without throttle operation
Motion Track Brake System Support the tracing of rider's intended line by activating ABS while leaning into corners
Slope Dependent Control System Suppress rear wheel lift while braking downhill
Suzuki Easy Start System Can start engine with one quick press of the button without clutch operation
Low RPM Assist Assists smooth launch from start or slow speed
Windscreen   3-position Adjustable
Others Floating handle bars and mirrors, knuckle covers, rear carrier, accessory heat restraining seat  
Specs Overall L x W x H (mm) 2,150×925×1,350  
Wheelbase (mm) 1,470
Ground Clearance (mm) 155
Seat Height (mm) 845
Curb Weight (kg) 232
Tire (front) 120/70ZR17M/C Tubeless
Tire (rear) 190/50ZR17M/C Tubeless
Engine Type 999cm3 Liquid-Cooled 4 Cycle
Inline 4-Cylinder DOHC Engine
Fuel Tank (L) 19
Fuel Consumption
(km/L, WMTC)
CO2 Emissions
(g/km, WMTC)


The new GSX-8R is a sport model that allows riders of all ages and skill levels to enjoy various types of riding, from urban streets to winding roads and circuits. Based on the GSX-8S, which has received high praise worldwide, the GSX-8R is equipped with a fairing and separate handlebars suitable for sport riding. The design incorporates the heritage of Suzuki's sport bikes, presenting functional beauty by exposing the engine and seat rail, resulting in a modern and innovative design. With a 776cm3 parallel 2-cylinder engine and a frame designed to match it, as well as a suspension with large pistons, the GSX-8R is a versatile model suitable for everyday use, sport riding, and touring.

Main Features and Specifications

GSX-8R Feature Description
Equipment S.I.R.S
(Suzuki Intelligent
Ride System)
(Suzuki Drive Mode Selector)
Able to choose from 3 different power output characteristics
(Suzuki Traction Control System)
Limits power output when wheel spin is detected
Ride By Wire  
Bi-Directional Quick Shift System Able to shift up/down without clutch and throttle operation
Suzuki Easy Start System Can start engine with one quick press of the button without clutch operation
Low RPM Assist Assists smooth launch from start or slow speed
Front Suspension SHOWA SFF-BP*2  
Instrument Panel 5-inch Color TFT LCD
Multi-Information Display
Specs Overall L x W x H (mm) 2,155×770×1,135  
Wheelbase (mm) 1,465
Ground Clearance (mm) 145
Seat Height (mm) 810
Curb Weight (kg) 205
Tire (front) 120/70ZR17M/C Tubeless
Tire (rear) 180/55ZR17M/C Tubeless
Engine Type 776cm3 Liquid-Cooled 4 Cycle
Parallel 2-Cylinder DOHC Engine
Fuel Tank (L) 14
Fuel Consumption
(km/L, WMTC)
CO2 Emissions
(g/km, WMTC)

*2 SFF-BP is a registered trademark of Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.