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24 April 2008

Suzuki medium term three-year plan

On the “Suzuki medium term five-year plan (April 2005 - March 2010)” modified and publicized on 27 April 2007, Suzuki was able to achieve the consolidated sales target of 3.5 trillion yen ahead of schedule thanks to the active growth of automobile sales in Europe and Asia.

On the other hand, the business environment is drastically changing and capital investment for the new projects is expected to rise. Therefore, after three years past from the start of the original five-year plan, we have newly drawn up “Suzuki medium term three-year plan (April 2008 - March 2011) by including FY 2010 to the remaining two financial years. The new plan is targeting a consolidated sales amount of four trillion yen in FY 2010.

In this “three-year medium term plan”, Suzuki will continue to adopt the former policy and set the concrete business target as follows;

【Basic policy】

Carrying out investments in R & D and facilities, Suzuki will establish the revenue base and develop human resources for further growth.

【Medium term business plan target】

  FY 2010 plan FY 2007 actual
Consolidated sales amount 4,000 billion yen 3,502 billion yen
Motorcycles 620 billion yen 592 billion yen
Automobiles 3,300 billion yen 2,834 billion yen
Others 80 billion yen 76.5 billion yen
Consolidated ordinary income 170 billion yen 157 billion yen
Exchange rate US$ 100 yen US$ 114 yen
  EURO 145 yen EURO 160 yen
World production units
Motorcycles 4.40 million units 3.39 million units
Automobiles 3.20 million units 2.64 million units
World sales units
Motorcycles 4.40 million units 3.34 million units
Automobiles 2.95 million units 2.41 million units
3-year total investment on equipment 750 billion yen (including main affiliates)