Global News

April 20 2007

Press Release

Since its foundation in 1920, Suzuki Motor Corporation has put itself in the customer’s position, striving night and day to create “value packed products.” Today, with “Way of Life!” as its brand philosophy for creating active life, Suzuki is making approximately 2.3 million vehicles in 23 countries and regions around the world for customers in as many as 192 countries and regions. In China as well, people have already been using products making the most of our technologies over the twenty years since the conclusion of the technical assistance agreement for motorcycles that was signed in May 1985. In 2006, total sales units of the two companies, Chongqing Changan Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., and Jiangxi Changhe Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Jiangxi Changhe Automobile Co., Ltd., successfully exceeded 1.3 million units. It is our primary goal to achieve 200,000 units of annual sales through two joint ventures and Suzuki Motor (China) Investment Co.,Ltd., and we will actively make investments to introduce new models and further improve sales network to expand our sales like 300,000 units, 500,000 units and more.
At Shanghai Motor Show this time, Suzuki exhibits a total of 12 models including two concept models, four imported models that are marketed by Suzuki Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and three models each including new models respectively from Chongqing Changan Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Changhe Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd. as well as the two latest motorcycle models.
Firstly, Suzuki would like to introduce its “PROJECT SPLASH.” “PROJECT SPLASH” was developed for all people to enjoy in all situations, regardless of lifestyle, age or gender based on its concept, “a car for everybody,” while focusing on ease of use and user friendliness. Suzuki is moving into the new stage of its global strategy car development. This is the first of the design study models in that stage.
Features of “PROJECT SPLASH” can be distilled into the following three aspects: excellent driving stability, comfortable interior space and modern interior design. Suzuki would like to introduce the model to you this time.
With “PROJECT SPLASH” as its base, Suzuki develops automobiles that are easy for everybody to use as its next global strategy models.
Secondly, Suzuki would like to introduce its “SX4-WRC concept.”
In March 2006, Suzuki announced that it would challenge the FIA World Rally Championship, the world’s best rally championship, to open new pages in the history of motor sports from which Suzuki originates.
The model to be exhibited this time is the concept model for the World Rally Championship.
Various tests are now being repeatedly conducted for the actual race model to display its potential capability to the maximum. As part of its trials, Suzuki will participate in the Rally de France Tour de Corse that is scheduled to be held in this October and the Wales Rally GB in the following November. In the following year 2008 onwards, it will fully participate in the FIA World Rally Championship. Please expect much from our challenges.
Thirdly, Suzuki would like to introduce new models from two of its joint venture companies.
Chongqing Changan Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd. announces its new model the SX4.
The SX4 integrates the driving stability and dynamic styling of Suzuki’s first global strategy model SWIFT and second global strategy model GRAND VITARA in a well-balanced manner. The model was developed to propose new lifestyles throughout the four seasons to all its drivers and passengers while securing comfort and ease of entry and exit.
SX4, the model that has already been highly evaluated in the United States, Europe and Japan, becomes available for Chinese customers from Chongqing Changan Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd. from this month.
Lastly is the new model from Jiangxi Changhe Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd., which will also be marketed from May this year, the “new generation SMART MPV LANDY.”
LANDY integrates ease of use brought by its boxy design, comfortable ride of a passenger car and driving performance in a well-balanced manner. It features the latest K14B engine, with fine performance proven with the BEIDOUXING. Its lineup also includes the first 4A/T and 4WD models in the small MVP market in China. The model is designed to be used over a long period for many customers as a new age multipurpose vehicle.
With “Way of Life!” as its theme, Suzuki continues striving to deliver to Chinese customers cars featuring better ease of use, greater safety, economy and environmental friendliness while continuing to value its partnership with its joint venture companies in future as well. Please grant Suzuki with your kind attention in future more than ever