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February 28 2006

New Suzuki SX4

A Sport X-over for All Seasons, All Occasions

Suzuki Motor Corporation proudly presents the new Sport X-over (crossover), Suzuki SX4. Elegant and dynamic in both look and performance, this 5-door hatchback is ideal for a wide range of settings and occasions. It represents Suzuki's new vision for compact cars and is new to the Suzuki line-up of fine automobile products.
For the European market, the SX4 is produced at Magyar Suzuki Corporation in Hungary. Suzuki is planning to produce 40,000 units of this model for Europe in 2006.

Sport X-over for 4 Seasons, available with 4x4 technology

Suzuki crossed DNA with innovation and tradition to produce an unprecedented vehicle that offers some of the best features of both a sporty compact and a sport utility vehicle (SUV). The model's dynamic yet elegant X-over design tells of a freestyle approach to life. Its combination of responsive driving dynamics and 4x4 capability sets new standards in performance as well as enabling new car lifestyle possibilities. Like all Suzuki vehicles, the Suzuki SX4 embodies Suzuki's "Way of Life" philosophy and brand vision in that it will be a pleasure to drive, use, and own.

Expressive, confident exterior

  • Dynamism of SUVs and the elegance of passenger cars
  • Outdoor Line and Urban Line

The Suzuki SX4 is styled to look good in any setting. Fusing the dynamism of SUVs with the elegance of passenger cars resulted in poise and presence beyond the model's compact size. A flowing form, which is elegant in its simplicity, sits atop a purposefully dynamic and substantial underlying structure. A low, rising waistline and large, triangular windows fore of the front doors give rise to a characteristic sporty wedge shape indicative of dynamic performance, while the overfenders and wide tracks help create an appearance of stability and traction. The compelling design suggests potential unseen in conventional compacts and is pure Suzuki in nature: exciting, multi-dimensional, and playful.
Two distinct lines enable consumers to find the Suzuki SX4 right for them. The Outdoor Line is distinctly SUV in appearance. Large 16-inch wheels are standard. Wheel arch mouldings, side protection mouldings, side under protection mouldings, under spoilers, skid plates, and high ground clearance further emphasise its SUV heritage. The Urban Line is more passenger car in spirit with fewer SUV elements. It is available with either 15-inch or 16-inch wheels.

Bold and refined interior

  • "X-over" interior combines boldness and refinement(R)
  • High-quality, eight-speaker audio system

The "X-over" design continues inside. Soothing curves and forms gently wrap around the occupants and add to the quality look and feel of the materials and fabrics. Circular motifs and a flowing centre panel―used to critical acclaim in other Suzuki models―tell of the car's dynamic performance and of an active lifestyle.
The two-tone interior is mainly black and highlighted with metallic coloured accents and wedge-shaped motifs, for a look that is both refined and aggressive. The ergonomic design of the instrument panel affords intuitive use of key meters and controls. The large three-ring meter cluster provides important information at a glance and echoes the metallic, circular motifs of the side air outlets and other controls, bringing cohesion to the overall dynamism.
The centre panel houses an audio system, climate control dials, and other amenities in a striking example of functionality and format. The large dials of the optional fully automatic air conditioner have ring lights, which make them easier to see and use while adding to the interior's refined feel. Both the air conditioner and audio system are flush with the surface in keeping with the sophistication and quality levels. Higher model grades are equipped with a high-quality, eight-speaker (four speakers and four tweeters) audio system.

Balance of form and function

  • Designed for enhanced visibility, access, and comfort

The Suzuki SX4 lives up to its "utility" name. It comfortably hosts up to five people and their luggage needs, while retaining its sleek and stylish look. The 4x4 models have exterior length-width-height dimensions of 4,140 mm x 1,755 mm x 1,620 mm (4x2 models: 4,100 mm x 1,730 mm x 1.565 mm*). The efficient dimensions and a minimum turning radius of 5.3 metres help drivers negotiate narrow urban streets in relative ease and park in spots too small for bigger SUVs.
The roomy interior offers plenty of legroom and shoulder room, even for the rear passengers. Nonetheless, comfort is taken to a higher level without relying solely on space. The seats' configuration and positioning afford natural seating postures, a key factor in comfortable long-distance travel. Plus, ideal seat heights, large door openings, and high ground clearance ease access. The rear seats are slightly higher, so even the rear occupants enjoy a liberating field of vision.
The rear seats are split 60:40 to enable stowage of long items while still seating one or two rear passengers. They can be tumbled forward to create an almost fully flat luggage room floor. The luggage room has a capacity of 270 litres (VDA), which increases to 625 litres (VDA) when the rear seats are tumbled forward.
Discreet storage compartments throughout the cabin add further convenience. All doors have large pockets and large bottle holders.
*In case of 4x2 Urban line GL/GLX grade without roof rail

Pure driving exhilaration

  • First in its class to offer a combination of a 4x4 system, 6MT, and diesel engine

The Suzuki SX4 was engineered from the outset to be 4x4 capable yet still deliver sharp, dynamic performance. The DNA of sporty compacts comes through in the form of responsive driving dynamics and comfortable long-distance travel, while Suzuki's extensive experience in 4x4 technology comes out in all-wheel traction more than adequate for everyday situations. Of note, the Suzuki SX4 is the first car in the class that features a combination of a 4x4 system, six-speed manual transmission, and diesel engine.

Engines and transmissions

  • High-performance diesel with a flat torque curve throughout the rev range
  • Standard diesel particulate filter for diesel models
  • 6MT with a close-ratio tuning brings out the diesel engine's full potential

A 1.9-litre intercooled turbocharged direct-injection diesel engine heads the line-up of three engines. The high-performance diesel boasts a flat torque curve throughout the rev range for superb all-round performance. Its common-rail direct-injection system helps cut down emissions, while making the engine one of the most powerful in the class. The engine generates 88kW/3,500 rpm of power and 280 N*m/2,000 rpm of torque. It powers the 4x2 model from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.5 seconds (11.2 seconds for the 4x4 model). The 4x2 model gets 6.3 litres to 100 kilometres in the Combined Mode (6.6 litres for the 4x4 model). A diesel particulate filter is standard. A 1.6-litre VVT (variable valve timing) petrol engine and a 1.5-litre petrol engine round out the line-up. Both 16-valve engines are fitted with electric control throttle bodies, for good drivability and response. All three engines comply with Euro 4 regulations.
A six-speed manual transmission newly developed by Suzuki is paired to the diesel engine. It was engineered with six gears to enable a close-ratio tuning that brings out the potential of the engine.
A five-speed manual is available for both petrol engines and a four-speed automatic for
1.6-litre petrol engine.

i-AWD (intelligent All Wheel Drive)

  • 3-mode 4x4 system with Electric Control Coupling Device

The signature feature of the Suzuki SX4 is i-AWD, a switchable three-mode 4x4 system. An Electric Control Coupling Device enables 4WD-Auto, 4WD-Lock, and 2WD modes. Under normal driving conditions while in the 4WD-Auto mode, torque is not transferred to the rear, resulting in a near FF layout. Torque is automatically apportioned to the rear wheels when pronounced front wheel slip occurs to produce 4x4 traction and enhance stability. The 4WD-Lock mode is maintained until 60 km/h for full traction, before automatically switching over to the 4WD-Auto mode for smooth cruising. The 2WD mode offers excellent fuel economy.


  • Optimally matched suspensions and a body with high levels of bending and torsional rigidity
  • Wide tracks and large tyres for stable ride feeling
  • Fine-tuning of suspensions and brakes conducted in Europe

The Suzuki SX4's ability to track the driver's intention should surprise even driving enthusiasts. The suspension system was optimally matched to a body with high levels of bending and torsional rigidity. This rigidity supports the sharp and predictable handling. Even after long periods of energetic driving, the occupants should still be comfortable and the car easy to drive.
The body evolved from the fundamental design that helped carry the Suzuki Swift to numerous awards throughout the world, starting with many "Car of the Year" awards. Its high levels of bending and torsional rigidity and reinforced suspension mounts allow the front MacPherson struts and rear torsion beam suspension to perform to their potential. Wide 1,500-mm tracks (1,495-mm for 4x4 models) and available large 205/60R16 tyres help add to the already stable ride feeling.
Ventilated front discs and leading-and-trailing rear drums actuated by a 10-inch booster provide sure stopping power and a brake feel that many will appreciate.
Extensive fine-tuning of the chassis was conducted in Europe to ensure the type of performance Europeans demand and need.

Reassuring safety

  • Standard ABS with EBD, and optional ESP(R)

The Suzuki SX4 has an extensive array of safety features engineered to inspire confidence. Active, or preventative, safety features include an anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), which is standard on all models. The system can be upgraded to ESP(R) (Electronic Stability Program). ESP(R) adds to the vehicle's stability with four major functions: ABS, EBD, traction control, and stability control. Stability control generates compensating yaw moment in the event of rear-wheel slip or front-wheel slip to help return the car to the intended line.
Passive, or collision, safety features start with a safety reinforced body that provides class-leading levels of protection. Front and rear crush zones absorb impact energy, while the frame design directs much of the impact energy away from the highly reinforced cabin. The Suzuki SX4 is also designed to provide high levels of protection for pedestrians.
Other standard and optional safety features include: front airbag system and front 3-point seat belts with pretensioners and force-limiters, side and curtain airbags, 3-point ELR (emergency locking retractor) rear seat belts, ISO FIX-compliant child seat anchors, and a high-mount stop lamp.

ESP(R) is a registered trademark of DaimlerChrysler AG.

(Note: The model availability may differ by market)