Solid & Resilient

The XL7 is a seven-seater crossover that enriches one's life and allows you to be "STRONGER". With a bold SUV design and useful technical features, the XL7 targets families with youthful minds and high ambitions. The XL7's high adaptivity to various lifestyles and driving situations will guide your willingness and scale up your action to give you more pride in yourself.

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Make a strong statement

From the front, the XL7 immediately stands out from the crowd. Bold, dynamic, SUV styling with rugged chrome grille accents and sleekly integrated LED headlamps are set off by flowing shoulder and body lines that emphasis the vehicle's athletic stance.





The road is your own

The XL7’s sporty character is reflected in its stylish black interior and silver metallic door accents, and the ergonomically designed cockpit ensures that essential controls are right at your finger tips. In addition, conveniently positioned cabin amenities contribute to the comfort of everyone on board.



Stylish and sporty meter cluster


Easy touch panel audio system


Ventilated cupholders


Bill and coin holder with partition

Front and rear air conditioning

The powerful front and rear air conditioning system includes an automatically adjusted air conditioning unit for the driver and front-seat passenger. In addition, a separate ceiling-mounted, manually switchable air conditioning unit with independent fan control ensures passengers in the second and third row seats stay comfortable, too.


Room for everyone and their gear

The spacious cabin seats up to seven people in comfort and has a wide tailgate opening that provides easy access to the luggage space at the rear. Seating can also be quickly reconfigured to accommodate long or bulky items and recreational gear.






Outstanding performance

The XL7 features an advanced SHVS mild hybrid system that incorporates a light, compact integrated starter generator (ISG) and a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery with excellent charging and power supply performance.

1.5L petrol engine

The 1.5-litre engine delivers high fuel efficiency, low emissions, strong output and a torquey performance.



SHVS mild hybrid system with lithium-ion battery power and electric assist

The XL7 is equipped with an SHVS mild hybrid system for enhanced energy efficiency. The SHVS system assists the engine using a light, compact integrated starter generator (ISG) and a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery with high charging and power supply performance. The ISG not only ensures quick and quiet engine restarts, it also provides electric motor power assistance for fuel-efficient acceleration, and generates power to charge the batteries when decelerating.


Engine auto stop

At traffic lights, electrical components are powered by batteries while the engine stops to conserve fuel.



The ISG functions as a starter motor to quietly and smoothly restart the engine.


Take-off / Acceleration

The ISG assists the engine when starting from a standstill or when accelerating, improving fuel efficiency.

Note: Operation varies according to battery status and other conditions.



The ISG uses deceleration energy to generate electricity and efficiently charge the vehicle’s batteries.


4AT and 5MT are available for XL7.




High-Level Safety Functions

The XL7 is equipped with functions that keep the driver informed and the vehicle safe and secure at all times.

Automatic lamps

When the combination lamp switch is set to the AUTO position, the headlamps and small lamps automatically turn on and off as needed to ensure higher visibility in tunnels, indoor car parks, and other low-light conditions.


SRS airbag system

The XL7 is equipped with front SRS airbags to help protect the driver and front-seat passenger in the event of a frontal collision.


Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)*

If Electronic Stability Programme (ESP®) detects wheel slippage when the driver turns the steering wheel sharply and/or the road is slippery, for example, it automatically adjusts the engine torque and brakes to suppress the wheel slippage and help the driver stay in directional control.

*ESP is a registered trademark of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. The ESP is designed to help keep the XL7 under control. However, its effectiveness depends on driving conditions and the state of the road surface. If the tyres exceed their grip limit and the wheels start to spin or skid, it may not be fully effective.


Reverse parking sensors

Ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper detect obstacles when reversing, and warning sound to indicate the obstacle's proximity.


Hill hold control

A hill hold control function makes hill start easier by preventing the car from rolling backward for up to two seconds when the driver move his or her foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.