The all-new GSX-S1000 is a striking,
aggressive yet highly controllable street fighter with a beautiful silhouette

The all-new GSX-S1000
* This photo depicts a professional rider on a closed course and includes an optional accessory.

The GSX-S1000 launched in 2015 as a new model developed to bring riders the fun of sport riding on the street. At the heart was a street-tuned version of the powerful long-stroke 999cm3 engine that carried the GSX-R1000 to countless superbike and endurance race victories. This engine is skillfully paired with a compact and lightweight chassis, state-of-the-art running gear and a comfortable upright riding position to epitomize Suzuki’s “Run. Turn. Stop” engineering approach of aiming for the best possible balance of overall performance. Just as the GSX-R1000 is built to “own the racetrack”, the GSX-S1000 is designed to “own the street”.

The first major update to the GSX-S1000 introduces a new level of “intelligence” by adopting the latest electronic control technologies as it aims to enhance the overall balance of rider-pleasing performance, to deliver greater controllability and agility and power for an even more exciting riding experience, to comply with Euro 5 emissions standards, and to hone its physique into an even tighter and more striking package that is ready to turn heads and own the streets.

The Beauty of Naked Aggression

The product concept, “The Beauty of Naked Aggression”, clearly conveys the GSX-S1000’s role as a powerful street fighter that brings the excitement and pleasure of sport riding to every outing. It describes the beauty of the engine’s winning performance and reliability. It reflects the nimble handling and greater controllability realized by finely tuned components and the application of advanced technologies. It equally describes the highly satisfying feeling of being in control of a machine with such potential. And, it alludes to the unbeatable good looks of the new GSX-S naked design.

Razor Sharp and Ready to Strike

The radical design and original cut of the stacked hexagonal LED headlights create a sharp, compact and handsome front face. Minimalist cowling with upsweeping sharp lines adds a sense of tension inspired by Suzuki’s racing machines and the latest stealth aircraft. The sharp lines continue their upward trajectory across the massive fuel tank and culminate in the slim design of the tail section to establish a clean, agile look that accentuates the muscular bulk of the mid-section. The result is a mass-forward image that emphasizes the new GSX-S1000’s aggressive stance and eagerness to perform.

A new logo design inspired by the model’s styling creates a futuristic, sophisticated and smart look that reflects fine quality. The new logo and textured overlays with a carbon fiber-like finish serve as examples of fine attention to detail that enhance the visual sense of quality. The new GSX-S1000 is available in the following three colors — Metallic Triton Blue, Glass Mat Mechanical Gray or Glass Sparkle Black.

Image sketch

The all-new GSX-S1000

The beauty of satisfying performance and intelligent control

The GSX-S1000 is more than capable of delivering the exciting riding experience and ideal naked sport bike performance for today’s riding environment. Power is supplied by a high-performance engine that inherits true winning superbike DNA and benefits from know-how acquired over decades of developing advanced technologies for motorcycle racing.

The engine further enhances performance and durability over its predecessor. Overall power output is increased and is stronger through the low- to mid-range engine speeds most commonly used in daily riding. Greater torque production at low rpm delivers more satisfying response and more immediate pick-up, while greater cumulative torque production delivers abundant power over a broad operating range and particularly shines in the mid to high rpm range. And all this is achieved while satisfying Euro 5 emissions standards.

Changes that contribute to achieving this better overall balance of performance and controllability range from new intake and exhaust cam profiles and new valve springs to the introduction of the Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) and incorporation of electronic throttle control and other advanced systems.

The increased fuel tank capacity helps the new GSX-S1000 boast the best riding range among liter-class street fighters. Despite its large displacement, the performance features of the new GSX-S1000 make it a pleasure to use every day and will keep riders looking forward to the fun of their next ride.

The GSX-S1000 also features a collection of advanced electronic systems that comprise the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.). Examples include SDMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector), which lets riders freely choose between three different power output modes, a new ride-by-wire electronic throttle control system, which delivers a natural, linear feeling to throttle response, the Bi-directional Quick Shift System, which makes clutch-free upshifts and downshifts quick and easy, as well as STCS (the Suzuki Traction Control System), which now features a wider selection of five mode settings. By reducing rider fatigue and stress, these advanced systems help promote greater confidence and make the riding experience more fun.

The all-new GSX-S1000
* This photo includes an optional accessory.

The image of Suzuki Intelligent Ride System

The new GSX-S1000 is more than the sum of its assembled parts and not just a large-displacement supersport bike with the cowling removed. Rather, it skillfully blends futuristic design, a powerful engine, nimble handling, controllability and fine-tuned electronic control systems that faithfully respond to the rider’s intentions under a variety of riding conditions. The perfect mating of its high-performance engine with a compact, lightweight chassis, custom-tuned suspension and tires developed exclusively for the GSX-S1000 creates a machine that is easier for riders to control and enjoy. All combined, these features make the GSX-S1000 the ideal naked street fighter that combines a friendly, inviting nature riders will find enjoyable to use daily with the exciting potential expected of a high-performance sport bike.

Suzuki Motorcycle Global Salon (SMGS)

SMGS went live in February of this year as Suzuki’s new-generation app-based communication platform. The SMGS app not only provides access to 3D models and product videos, it also enables customers to communicate with dealers via video chat, provides forums for customers to chat with one another, and also serves as a venue for new product announcements and to deliver special contents. The new GSX-S1000 was announced in SMGS on April 26.
Visitors can freely view the 3D models of bikes on display from any angle in the virtual showroom, can use the “Configurator” to explore different color and accessory combinations, and can also access a variety of technical information.
Available as a free download at the URL shown below, SMGS is a convenient app that provides the perfect venue for two-way communication that motorcycle fans can enjoy anytime and anywhere on their PC or smartphone.