A new virtual communication venue that is easy for anyone to access
This is a new-generation communication platform that can be used by fans of Suzuki motorcycles and any other customers from their PC or smartphone, either at home or while they are out and about. It enables them to view display motorcycles just as if they were at an actual showroom or watch the unveiling of new motorcycle models just as they would when attending a live motor show. They can even use it to consult with Suzuki dealer staff in your counties. We call it the SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE GLOBAL SALON.
Feature 01
Use an avatar to visit and experience a virtual space.
You can use your own avatar to freely explore the salon, check out display motorcycles or use the chat function to talk to your friends or the Suzuki sales staff. Don't miss this new opportunity to get together with your friends and look over the latest motorcycles.
Feature 02
Special contents for the new models are only available here.
The EVENT HALL area functions as an event space where you can visit and view contents for new models at any time. The special content for new models that you can see at the event hall is added every time a new model is launched. Please look forward to that until then.
Feature 03
A Configurator introducing the features and technical specifications for the new models
In the MY SHOWROOM area, you can take your time checking out the motorcycles in your own personal space. Please try out custom color variations and accessories and learn about the cutting-edge technologies and functions.
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