1975 | RE-5

Export-oriented model installed with a rotary engine for North America, Europe, and Oceania


In 1970, Suzuki obtained a license to use the rotary engine patents of the West German company NSU Wankel. In a little over three years, Suzuki used this license to develop and launch a rotary engine-equipped motorcycle. The RE-5 is a model exclusively developed for export to North America, Europe, and Oceania. The liquid-cooled single-rotor 497 cm³ engine generates 62 PS. Advantages of rotary engines include smooth revving, seamless acceleration, less vibration, and the lower number of cylinders required . However, with the oil shock of the autumn of 1973 increasing demand for more fuel-efficient models, production and sale of the RE-5 was halted about a year after its debut.

Dimensions and weight Dimensions Overall length 2,220 mm
Overall width 870 mm
Overall height 1,170 mm
Wheelbase 1,500 mm
Weight 230 kg (Dry)
Engine Engine type Wankel rotary, 1-rotor, liquid-cooled
Engine displacement 497 cm³
Bore x stroke -
Maximum power 45.6kW(62PS) / 6,500rpm
Maximum torque 74.5N-m / 3,500rpm
Transmission 5-speed constant mesh
Front tire size 3.25H19-4PR
Rear tire size 4.00H18-4PR