1971 | GT750

Suzuki’s first 750 cm³ model, affectionately nicknamed the “Water Buffalo”


The GT750 is Suzuki’s first 750 cm³ motorcycle and is the first production model in Japan to be equipped with a 2-stroke liquid-cooled 3-cylinder engine. With demand for motorcycles shifting toward larger models, the GT750 was developed as the pinnacle of the GT series. The engine features a pressurized forced circulation cooling system that incorporates a reinforced aluminum radiator and an electric fan. This high-performance engine generates maximum horsepower of 67 PS and maximum torque of 75.5 N·m with the ability to deliver powerful acceleration from low- to high- rpm ranges with low noise. The chassis structure and brakes were developed taking advantage of Suzuki's experience in GP races, and a high-visibility meter cluster was adopted for added safety. The classy styling was designed to project a dignified, flowing, and aggressive image with functional beauty. In the U.S., the GT750 was nicknamed the “Water Buffalo”.

Dimensions and weight Dimensions Overall length 2,215 mm
Overall width 865 mm
Overall height 1,125 mm
Wheelbase 1,470 mm
Weight 235 kg (Wet)
Engine Engine type 2-stroke, 3-cylinder, air-cooled
Engine displacement 738 cm³
Bore x stroke 70.0 mm × 64.0 mm
Maximum power 49.3kW(67PS) / 6,500rpm
Maximum torque 75.5N-m / 5,500rpm
Transmission 5-speed constant mesh
Front tire size 3.25-19-4PR
Rear tire size 4.00-18-4PR