2012 | e-Let’s

Electric scooter with detachable battery for recharging at home


The e-Let’s is a small scooter with a detachable battery that can be recharged at home. Based on the Let’s 4 Basket, the e-Let’s combines a rechargeable high-performance in-wheel motor with a lithium ion battery, resulting in the kind of smooth acceleration and agile handling that can only be achieved by an electric scooter. The lithium ion battery includes a Battery Management Unit (BMU) that monitors the battery state. The e-Let’s has a range of 30 km on a full charge (as measured in 30 km/h steady-state tests*), which only requires approximately 4 hours to achieve using a domestic 100 V power outlet.
* Suzuki’s internal test results. Figures may vary depending on the rider’s skill or riding conditions.

Dimensions and weight Dimensions Overall length 1,665 mm
Overall width 600 mm
Overall height 985 mm
Wheelbase 1,150 mm
Weight 72 kg (including battery)
Motor Motor type AC synchronous
Maximum power 1.7kW(2.3PS) / 2,050rpm
Maximum torque 15N-m / 350rpm
Front tire size 80/90-10-35J
Rear tire size 80/90-10-35J