2003 | Choinori

Supremely functional made-in-Japan scooter with a low price under 60,000 yen


The Choinori was developed with a focus on functionality to perform the main purposes of 50 cm³ scooters, namely commuting to work or college, as well as short trips to the shops and similar destinations. The necessary functions of the Choinori, as well as the most appropriate engine power and chassis structure were identified and defined during the fundamental design phase, focusing on weight and cost reduction, rationalization, and high quality. The newly developed 50 cm³ 4-stroke OHV air-cooled 1-cylinder engine generates maximum output of 1.5 kW (2.0 PS). Its weight was reduced by 40% by measures including the adoption of a high-speed coating process for the cylinders. The Choinori also achieves excellent fuel economy of 76 km/L (30 km/h steady state fuel economy*). The dry weight of the Choinori is only 39 kg, 40% lighter than a conventional model. The compact design also helped to realize an impressively low price under 60,000 yen by reducing the number of parts by approximately 30% and the number of bolt and nut types by around 50%. Both the engine and chassis were assembled in Japan.
* Suzuki’s internal test results. Figures may vary depending on the rider’s skill or riding conditions.

Dimensions and weight Dimensions Overall length 1,500 mm
Overall width 620 mm
Overall height 975 mm
Wheelbase 1,055 mm
Weight 39 kg (Dry)
Engine Engine type 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, OHV
Engine displacement 49 cm³
Bore x stroke 36.0 mm × 48.6 mm
Maximum power 1.5kW(2.0PS) / 5,500rpm
Maximum torque 2.9N-m / 3,500rpm
Transmission CVT
Front tire size 80/90-10-34J
Rear tire size 80/90-10-34J