1984 | Love Three

Agile, rapid, and beautiful lightweight sporty scooter

Love Three

The Love Three is a model-changed version of the Love, which had been well-received as a light scooter. The “Three” in the name refers to the model’s main selling points of agility, speed, and beautiful styling. A low curb mass (dry weight: 48 kg) is paired with a 50 cm³ air-cooled 2-stroke engine that generates maximum horsepower of 6 PS and is tuned to emphasize performance in the low- and mid-rpm ranges. A V-belt CVT ensures punchy take-offs and acceleration, as well as a smooth riding feel and excellent fuel economy of 91.1 km/L (30 km/h steady state fuel economy*). The Love Three was designed with rideability in mind for both male and female riders. It comes with features such as an electric starter, Suzuki’s own start system, in which the engine cannot be started without pulling the left brake lever, and maintenance-free components throughout the bike.
* Suzuki’s internal test results. Figures may vary depending on the rider’s skill or riding conditions.

Dimensions and weight Dimensions Overall length 1,580 mm
Overall width 645 mm
Overall height 1,020 mm
Wheelbase 1,115 mm
Weight 48 kg (Dry)
エンジン Engine type 2-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled
Maximum power 4.4kW(6.0PS) / 6,500rpm
Maximum torque 6.8N-m / 6,000rpm
Transmission CVT
Front tire size 2.75-10-2PR
Rear tire size 2.75-10-2PR