1983 | Bara

The second of Suzuki’s flower name-inspired rider-friendly scooters


Reflecting the diversifying needs of the scooter market, this slim and compact model was designed to be ridden with ease by anyone. Following on from the Ran (“Orchid”), the Bara was named after the Japanese word for “Rose.” The 50 cm³ air-cooled 2-stroke engine generates maximum horsepower of 3.8 PS. Paired with an automatic transmission that realizes a smooth acceleration feeling, the Bara achieves brisk and agile dynamic performance. Effortless handling was realized by the adoption of the Pointless Electronic Ignition (PEI) system as well as the start system from the Ran, in which the engine cannot be started without pulling the left brake lever.

Dimensions and weight Dimensions Overall length 1,500 mm
Overall width 625 mm
Overall height 915 mm
Wheelbase 1,070 mm
Weight 41 kg (Dry)
Engine Engine type 2-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled
Engine displacement 49 cm³
Bore x stroke 41.0 mm × 37.4 mm
Maximum power 2.8kW(3.8PS) / 5,500rpm
Maximum torque 5.1N-m / 4,500rpm
Transmission 1-speed constant mesh
Front tire size 3.00-8-2PR
Rear tire size 3.00-8-2PR