1978 | Youdy

Large body and powerful performance that appeals to a wide variety of riders


The Youdy is the sister model of the Youdy Mini, a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-ride model that is popular with women. With a dry weight of only 53 kg, the Youdy features a slightly larger body than the Youdy Mini and powerful performance thanks to a 2-speed automatic transmission. The result is a family-oriented bike that can be used for commuting and appeals to a broader range of users. It also incorporates a soft and comfortable bottom-link front suspension, as well as other user-friendly features for the everyday rider, such as a fuel gauge that shows the remaining level of gasoline at a glance.

Dimensions and weight Dimensions Overall length 1,635 mm
Overall width 670 mm
Overall height 980 mm
Wheelbase 1,120 mm
Weight 53 kg (Dry)
Engine Engine type 2-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled
Engine displacement 49 cm³
Bore x stroke 41.0 mm × 37.8 mm
Maximum power 2.4kW(3.2PS) / 5,500rpm
Maximum torque 4.9N-m / 4,000rpm
Transmission 2-speed constant mesh
Front tire size 3.00-12-4PR
Rear tire size 3.00-12-4PR