Suzuki Video Archive

Suzuki has an extensive motorcycle heritage
and a long history of racing success.

As Suzuki celebrates its 100-year anniversary,
we have created the Suzuki Video Archive to showcase our visual heritage.

Re-released Videos

We have reproduced videos of unique motorcycles of the 90's.
Enjoy them for the first time or take a nostalgic trip back to the past.


    Production 1990 - 1998

  • RG125Γ

    Production 1985 - 1998

  • RF600R

    Production 1992 - 1996

  • DR650SE

    Production 1995 -

  • Bandit 1200

    Production 1995 - 2006

New Models of the 2000s

Watch a digest of the motorcycles produced by Suzuki in the 2000s.

  • Journey Back to the Early 2000s

    Production 2000 - 2005

  • Journey Back to the Late 2000s

    Production 2006 - 2009

Racing History

In commemoration of its 100-year anniversary,
Suzuki has digitized historically valuable analog images of motorcycle racing from that time.
Take a look back at Suzuki's exciting 60-year racing history since its first World Grand Prix.

  • The Dawn of SUZUKI's Racing

    Asama Volcano Race 1959

  • Taking on the World

    Victory in the Isle of Man TT

  • Legends of the Air

    Great motocross champions

Suzuki Motorcycle Racing History

Episode 1- The Dawn of a Road Racing Legend -

After racing domestically in the 1950s, Suzuki entered the 1960 Road Race World GP series. In their third year, they won the 50cc class in 1962 at the world-famous Isle of Man TT. Suzuki continued to impress the following year with numerous World GP victories that included Mitsuo Ito's first win for a Japanese rider. Period footage captures the lively spirit of the engineers, mechanics, and riders who helped develop Suzuki's winning machines. This documentary overlays that period footage with present-day interviews to introduce Suzuki's rich racing heritage.

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Episode 2- The Glory of Winning 10 Consecutive Motocross World Titles -

In 1965, Suzuki became the first Japanese motorcycle manufacturer to take on the challenge of motocross racing. At first unable to win, persistent trial and error led to Suzuki's first title win in 1970. So prolific afterward that the Suzuki name became synonymous with motocross, Suzuki won 10 consecutive Manufacturers' titles in the 125cc class from 1975 through 1984. This documentary follows that history by combining period footage with interviews of the engineers, mechanics and riders who contributed to those golden days of motocross racing.

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Episode 3- The RG and its Path to Road Racing Glory -

Suzuki returned to the Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix series in 1973. In 1974, they introduced the RG500 powered by Suzuki's unique Square Four engine, which was developed to deliver the performance needed to win in the sport's premier class. Relentless trial and error in the pursuit of their goal bore fruit in 1976 when Englishman Barry Sheene won the Riders' title and Suzuki brought home the Constructors' title. The RG500 continued its reign as the title-holder for seven consecutive years. This documentary overlays period footage with interviews of the men who helped achieve the glorious results of the RG500 racing machine.

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Special Content- Restoration of a 1981 RGΓ500 XR35 -

Suzuki developed the RGΓ500 XR35 to retake the Riders' title in 1981 and reflected this goal by adding the Greek letter "Γ" ("Gamma"), which stands for "glory", to the model name. The "RGΓ500 Gamma" lived up to its new name in not only winning the Riders' and Constructors' titles, but also by going as far as to sweep the podium at some races. This video depicts the restoration and celebratory run of this legendary machine some 38 years after it made history.

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