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15 September 2023

Suzuki Motor Corporation
Panasonic Cycle Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzuki and Panasonic Cycle Technology Agree to Co-Develop New Mobility Utilizing Drive Unit of E-Bikes in Japan

Drive unit and battery of Panasonic Cycle Technology’s e-bike

Suzuki Motor Corporation (Headquarters: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka; Representative Director and President: Toshihiro Suzuki; hereinafter Suzuki) and Panasonic Cycle Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kashiwara, Osaka; Representative Director and President: Toshiaki Inage; hereinafter Panasonic Cycle Technology) have agreed to co-develop new mobility utilizing drive unit of e-bikes in Japan.

The co-development agreement is aimed to consider possibilities of commercializing new mobility by combing small, lightweight drive unit and lithium-ion battery of e-bikes developed, manufactured, and distributed by Panasonic Cycle Technology with Suzuki’s motorcycle development technologies.
Suzuki will be responsible for planning and testing new mobility, and Panasonic Cycle Technology will be responsible for manufacturing prototypes and supplying drive unit, etc.

Suzuki and Panasonic Cycle Technology concluded an OEM contract in 1999*, and Suzuki currently sells e-bikes supplied from Panasonic Cycle Technology as OEM under the brand name LOVE SNA24/26 in Japan.

By bringing together knowhows of motorcycles and e-bikes, Suzuki and Panasonic Cycle Technology will cooperate to propose new mobility toward a carbon neutral future.

  • *Back in 1999, the OEM contract was concluded with National Bicycle Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Note: Product names, company names, etc. shown are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
    The above initiatives are limited within the Japanese domestic market.