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16 March 2023

Suzuki Reaches Agreement with LOMBY for the Joint Development of Autonomous Delivery Robots

Prototype of autonomous delivery robot
using a base of electric wheelchair

Suzuki Motor Corporation (hereinafter “Suzuki”) has signed an agreement with LOMBY Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tomoharu Uchiyama, hereinafter “LOMBY”) for the joint development of autonomous delivery robots.

LOMBY, established in April 2022, is a startup company engaged in the development, supply, and service operation of autonomous delivery robots. They are working to solve the last-mile logistical issue of delivery packages, which is increasing with the recent expansion in the use of online shopping and food delivery.
Since 2022, Suzuki and LOMBY have been exploring the possibility of an autonomous delivery robot using a base of Suzuki's electric wheelchair. In this joint development, Suzuki will oversee the design and development of the base, while LOMBY will prototype and modify the autonomous delivery robot, develop a delivery system, and conduct demonstration tests. We will also study the use of common parts for delivery robots and electric wheelchairs, to reduce manufacturing costs for mass production of autonomous delivery robots. In addition, we aim to register these vehicles as "Remotely-Controlled Micro Mobility", which will be legalized on public roads under the revised Road Traffic Act of Japan scheduled to come into effect in April 2023, and hope to contribute by supplying robots to the last-mile logistics field.

Outline of LOMBY

Company name LOMBY Inc.
Headquarters Shinagawa, Tokyo
Establishment April 2022
Representative Tomoharu Uchiyama
Business Development, supply, and service operation of autonomous delivery robots