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April 13 2006

2007 Suzuki XL7 World Debut at 2006 NYIAS

The TCS uses brake and engine torque intervention to enhance traction during launch and acceleration on all road surfaces. If the ABS system detects impending wheel slip, it signals the powertrain Engine Control Unit (ECU) to adjust engine torque output accordingly. TCS also senses when one or more wheels spin faster than the vehicle speed and applies the brakes at that wheel or wheels. Working together, the two systems limit wheel spin and help maintain control and forward progress quickly and efficiently.

Additional safety features include three-point seatbelts in all five- or seven-passenger seating positions, seatbelt pretensioners, seatbelt load limiters in front-seat retractors, child latching system that meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 225 requirements, five-mph bumpers and low front bumpers for optimum safety in the event of a collision with an automobile.

Packages and Pricing

Currently, Premium and Luxury trim levels are planned. Both will be offered with front-wheel drive or available all-wheel drive. Two Premium models will be available in five-passenger seating configuration and a third Premium model will be in seven-passenger configuration. Premium models can be outfitted with leather seating surfaces and sunroof.

Two Luxury trim level models will be offered. Both will offer seven-passenger seating and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system. One will offer standard front-wheel drive while the other will come with all-wheel drive. Additionally, a navigation system and sunroof will be offered. The navigation system and the DVD system cannot be packaged together, so Luxury models equipped with the navigation system will omit the DVD System.

The Premium models feature 16-inch alloy wheels with P235/65R16 tires, while Luxury models are fitted with 17-inch alloy wheels and P235/60R17 tires. The 16-inch spare tire is carried in an outside-the-cabin underfloor area equipped with a hoist system.

Current projections call for 50 percent sales of front-wheel-drive and 50 percent sales of all-wheel-drive models. While prices will not be set until the vehicle goes on sale in the fourth quarter of 2006, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is expected to range from $23,000 to $29,000.