Unsolicited Idea Proposal Policy

We, Suzuki Motor Corporation, sometimes receive proposals of ideas, inventions, designs and product names, among other things, from third parties. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for such deep interest in Suzuki.

However, we are independently researching and developing on a continual basis a wide variety of technologies and designs. As such, there is a possibility that our original technologies and designs will sometimes unintentionally resemble such proposals.

Such cases may lead to misunderstandings and disputes between us and those who submit unsolicited proposals to us. In order to avoid such misunderstandings and disputes, we do not, as a matter of corporate policy, accept third-party proposals except in the context of idea contests we officially hold from time to time.

Please be aware that, if we receive an unsolicited proposal, in accordance with our corporate policy, we do not have any obligation or responsibility with respect to such proposals or those who submit such proposals, including, but not limited to, reviewing and responding to, maintaining the confidentiality of, returning materials submitted with, or the payment of consideration or monetary compensation for, any such proposals.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.