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Explore Everywhere

Far off the beaten track. Close to home. Everywhere in between. The Suzuki Jimny is built for adventure. Nothing's standing in your way. Tough, all-terrain, all-weather performance invites you to go everywhere. Small body with true SUV look grab attention on the streets encourage you to drive it every day. Go on. Explore.


Smart in city, tough in nature

With the Jimny, its proportion based on a short body with wide treads is combined with big bumpers and big side splash guards for a look of stability and untamed toughness. Plus, simple body contours convey a sense of solidity. A boxy overall shape gives the Jimny a look of serious functionality, but round multireflector headlamps and a vertical-slit grille mean that it also has a distinctive cuteness.


Just the right comfort

Refinement is evident throughout the cabin. The seats have synthetic leather*1 upholstery, and the doors and dashboard are fully trimmed*1. The controls are positioned so they fall naturally to hand. The meters are arranged in an easy-to-read cluster, putting the information you need in a clear line of sight. A high seating position inspires confidence and helps to make driving easy and enjoyable by giving you a commanding view of the road and terrain. Each side of the rear seat can be folded independently*1 to create more space for luggage.


Built for rugged expedition

The Jimny's all-alluminium engine gives you the confidence to tackle driving adventures. The twincom 1,328cm3 powerplant spins freely to high revs, providing plenty of torque and instant response over diverse terrains. It's frugel on fuel, carrying you economically through any condition you encounter.
The Jimny is built on a serious all-terrain platform. A rigid ladder frame keeps the ride stable and absorbs shock. It rides on three-link coil suspension that's capable both on highways and rocky trails. The coil springs and shock absorbers are separately positioned for smooth response. Rigid full-width axles increase tyre contact on uneven terrain and help to ensure superior grip on diverse surfaces. Generous approach and departure angles give you extra confidence for climibing hills.

Drive action 4x4

The Jimny's Drive Action 4x4 system lets you switch between 2WD and 4WD on the fly at the push of a button*, so you can instantly respond to changes in terrain. The 2WD setting disengages the front driveshaft to reduce noise and vibration. The 4WD button engages the 4H setting, which is ideal for flat off-road surfaces such as forest tracks and gravel. When you need more traction on steep slopes or rougher terrain, just push the 4WD-L button to engage the 4L setting.

* You can switch between 2WD and 4WD while driving in a straight line at a speed no higher than 100km/h. You must stop the vehicle to switch between 4WD and 4WD-L.


Peace of mind

The Jimny's stable handling, powerful braking, and quick acceleration help to keep you in control. ABS and ESC system give you even greater confidence.
And in case an accident happens, the Jimny is ready to protect you. The front seatbelts can be complemented with pretensioners and force limiters. Dual front airbags are available.
Just as important are safety measures that you can't see. The Jimny's body and frame are designed to absorb the force of a frontal collision and spread it away from occupants with CAE (computer-aided engineering) system. And side door beams maintain cabin integrity.


Model name Jimny
Body Type SUV
Engine Petrol
M13A 1.3-litre VVT
Drive system Part-time 4WD
Number of doors 3


Overall length Front bumper to rear bumper mm 3,545
Front bumper to spare tyre mm 3,675
Front bumper to spare tyre cover mm 3,695
Overall width mm 1,600
Overall height without roof raills mm 1,670
with roof rails mm 1,705
Wheelbase mm 2,250
Tread Front mm 1,355
Rear mm 1,365
Minimum turning radius m 4.9
Minimum ground clearance mm 190
Approach angle deg. 34
Ramp breakover angle deg. 31
Departure angle deg. 46


Seating capacity persons 4
Fuel tank capacity litres 46


Type M13A
Number of cylinders 4
Piston displacement cm3 1,328
Bore x stroke mm 78.0 x 69.5
Compression ratio 9.5
Maximum output kW / rpm 62 / 6,000
Maximum torque Nm / rpm 110 / 4,100
Fuel distribution Multipoint injection


Type 5MT / 4AT


Brakes Front Solid disc
Rear Drum, leading and trailing
Suspension Front 3-link rigid axle with coil spring
Rear 3-link rigid axle with coil spring
Tyres 205 / 70R15


Kerb weight M / T (min.) / (with full options) kg 1,060 / 1,090
Kerb weight A / T (min.) / (with full options) kg 1,075 / 1,105
Gross vehicle weight kg 1,420

Vehicles shown in this site are of Europe specification.
The appearance, colours, and equipment of vehicles may differ according to market and grade.
Specification may be changed without prior notice.