Suzuki Smart Meet Brings Italian Dealers and Customers Together

from Italy

Suzuki Italia S.p.A. is making sure to stay in contact even as the Covid-19 pandemic makes in-person meetings more difficult. While motorcycle and automobile dealerships have been approved as essential businesses to stay opened, reaching out to customers online has become more and more important. Using Suzuki Smart Meet, Suzuki dealers all around Italy are going online to talk to prospective purchasers, to keep in touch with existing customers and to reach out to the communities they serve.

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A dealer in Italy

Suzuki Smart Meet is an easy-to-use online platform that lets the customer find the best time to set up a video call with the dealer, through any popular web communication channels like Skype, Zoom, FB Messenger, WatsApp, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. The caller can also enter special requests so that the Suzuki representative can be prepared to respond to such inquiries in detail without delay. Now, owners of Suzuki products can get their after sales questions answered in video calls while potential customers, future owners of Suzuki, can go online to set up a test ride and drive.
Under such difficult circumstances during the pandemic, Suzuki Italia S.p.A. has become adept at new ways of serving customers and attracting hot prospects online. Suzuki Smart Meet functions not only as a basic communication tool but also for sales by integrating perfectly with Suzuki Smart Buy for online sales allowing users to connect at any time of day from anywhere to the Suzuki e-commerce platform without leaving their home. In Italy your Suzuki dealer is just a click away.