SUZUKI MATSURI Builds Community Spirit for Suzuki Brand

from India

Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL) held a festival for motorcycle enthusiasts on 17th December in Bangalore. Following the inaugural event in Delhi held earlier in the year, this second SUZUKI MATSURI, which means festival in Japanese, attracted over 3200 participants. A series of similar events are being planned around India to create a bond with customers. Throughout the day, visitors to the event were able to view Suzuki’s full product portfolio, take a close look at the Hayabusa model which was on display, attend training and educational sessions with experts and meet well-known biking influencers. And they could also go to the Urban enduro track to experience the V-STROM SX, or the Gymkhana to test the endurance of the GIXXER series, or even visit the Zip tracks to feel the quickness and agility of Avenis 125.

SMIPL is staging these MATSURI for three main purposes: to bring riders from various backgrounds together in a vibrant environment, to build a community of motorcyclists who can celebrate their shared passion, and to immerse riders in a culture that explores new trends and creates a sense of belonging. This shared experience increases brand awareness and loyalty. An excellent demonstration of this sense of belonging were the riding groups who participated with their club members. The Hayabusa, V-STROM SX, and GIXXER clubs paraded with their motorcycles and when the Hayabusa riders revved up their powerful engines, the crowd cheered as they understood the pride of being with Suzuki lovers.

And while people came to see, learn about and test ride various Suzuki models in a variety of courses, the MATSURI was about more than motorcycles. Throughout the day there were chances to meet and make friends, to relish the wide range of delicious foods and then in the evening to enjoy the music. Covered by as many as 17 media outlets, the impact of the event reached far beyond the crowd who had the pleasure to experience SUZUKI MATSURI in person.