Positive Media Buzz at V-STROM 800DE Test Rides

In February, a worldwide unified press test ride event for the new V-STROM 800DE was held in Sardinia, Italy. The two day test rides were held in two separate group sessions during 19th to 24th February 2023, and attracted 49 media representatives from 13 countries. Known for luxury tourism and famous for its picturesque hilly terrain, Sardinia was chosen as an excellent place to showcase the new V-STROM 800DE’s capabilities.

In the Hotel

Suzuki engineers were present at the event to give technical presentations and to communicate directly with the riders from the media. The media members appreciated this opportunity to receive detailed information from the engineers well beyond what had been provided to the press when the new model was unveiled last November. For the media it was an opportunity to ask questions and clarify issues. And for the engineers it was a great chance to learn how expert motorcyclists evaluate the results of their years of dedicated design and development work.

Technical Presentation from Engineers

Feedback from media participants after their test rides showed general agreement that the V-STROM 800DE is a winner for Suzuki in the mid-size adventure class. While comments ranged across a broad spectrum, the overall evaluation indicated that riders enjoyed the V-STROM 800DE’s excellent balance between the stability and control needed for highway cruising inherited from the V-STROM series and the flexibility that provides a better grip for adventurous exploration of gravel roads.

Test rides

The new compact and powerful parallel twin 776cm3 engine attracted particular attention and its crafted sophistication was complimented as “a little jewel of an engine.” The new engine delivers a fine balance of smooth, controllable power for long distance riding on open roads while also demonstrating tenacious staying power that makes it easy to control at lower speeds and on forest roads and trails beyond the pavement. Some of the comments were: “Excellent linear and smooth power delivery,” “No mechanical noise, low vibrations” and “Extremely easy to handle.” One test rider said, “The engine's punchy torque and trackable power delivery made for an exciting ride. The fact that the power is spread nicely across the rpm range makes for a great engine in an Adventure platform.” Another rider also added that the parallel twin 776cm3 engine “Especially has strong drive from low rpm in all gears.”

The styling of the chassis is true to its V-STROM heritage with the suspension and frame of the V-STROM 800DE featuring a long wheelbase, long rake and high ground clearance. This chassis geometry provides maximum stability when riding on unpaved surfaces while at the same time, the solid-mount seat allows freedom of movement and is designed for comfort on long touring runs. In the feedback sheet, the new model was evaluated as highly compatible with both paved and unpaved road riding. In the description of one rider, “Even with 230kg of curb weight and its 21-inch wheel, it gives excellent handling and is nimble even on paved road."

Also, the new V-STROM 800DE offers an advanced electronics control system and equipment fit for adventurous tourers. Most of the participants in the test ride were strongly impressed with Suzuki’s quick shifter (Bi-directional Quick Shift System) and found that it was especially useful for the varied contours and surfaces they encountered on the picturesque roads and byways of Sardinia.
This standard-equipment feature allows up or down shifting without operating the clutch lever while in motion, delivering smooth uninterrupted acceleration. There were also many comments about how easy it was to operate and choose the mode with the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS), the Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS) which includes the G (Gravel) mode, and the two-mode ABS. Other comments noted, “Quick shifter is the best component of the bike. Perfect in every condition,” and “SDMS, STCS and ABS all work well in every setting.” There was also praise for the custom 5-inch colour TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel which was seen as easy to read and easy to set with its three buttons.

While impressed with the solid overall performance of the V-STROM 800DE, test ride participants did not fail to notice that the model’s style also embodies its product concept of “Adventure is its Purpose.” Riders’ comments praised the new motorcycle model’s look saying, “The sharp and modern angular bodywork looks quite good from every angle,” “The headlight design is beautiful and particularly noteworthy” and “This model has the iconic beak design featured, throughout the V-STROM series, but it is a great point that even so overall styling design creates an atmosphere and texture that sets the V-STROM 800DE apart from any other V-Strom models.” Test riders also liked the champion yellow colour and thought the texture of another two choices would satisfy customers.

Glass Sparkle Black

Glass Mat Mechanical Gray

The overall evaluation, the V-STROM 800DE received in the test rides in Sardinia was very positive. A rider summed up the sentiments of the group saying, “The character of an adventure bike is not focussed primarily on its touring performance. Comfort and convenience are important, but the real soul of the adventure motorcycle is the feel of the engine, and how it inspires a spirit of adventure as it goes out on unpaved roads. To me the V-STROM 800DE was very good at achieving this inspiration.” Please check articles and posts on this test ride by media of participating countries that are appearing on YouTube, SNS, Web pages, etc. Suzuki’s new mid-size adventure tourer is now poised to write an exciting chapter in the history of the V-STROM series, opening a new era of dual-purpose riding pleasure.

V-STROM 800DE “Adventure is its Purpose”

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