Suzuki Clean Ocean Project – Collaboration with Lake Hamana Flower Expo 2024

from Japan

Hamamatsu, Japan – We Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) has performed Suzuki Clean Ocean Project collaborated with local festival LAKE HAMANA HANAHAKU 2024 (Lake Hamana Flower Expo 2024).

We started domestic coatal clean-up activity since 2010 and this year marks the 15th anniversary. As a milestone, first collaborative event was conducted at garden park hamana lake venue of the Flower Expo 2024. The event consists of 1. Marine Evnvironmental Education and 2. Marine Clean-up activity.

1. Marine Evnvironmental Education

April 21st ,2024 – We believe that activities to prevent the generation of waste are just as important as those to collect it. In this regard, we have conducted environmental education activities for children. First, we made a brief introduction of Suzuki outboard motors to familiarize everyone with our products, followed by an explanation of the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project. After that, we held a quiz competition with a theme of marine environment, in which the children at the event participated. It provided a good opportunity to reconsider environmental action such as proper waste separation methods and to think about what can be done to protect the marine environment. Through this stage event, we were able to foster environmental awareness for children. We have also been conducting environmental education in elementary schools and will continue to promote activities to prevent the generation of waste.

2. Marine Clean-up activity

May 11th ,2024 - As a milestone for our 15th year of cleanup activities, we carried out our largest-scale event ever, which for the first time included participants from the general public.
A record number of 261 participants collected 525 kilograms of trash, which is significantly more than the usual numbers of around 80 participants and 200 kilograms. Thanks to our new initiatives (local event collaboration & offering to public participants), we were able to conduct the successul event with record numbers. We will keep expanding our Clean-up activities while incorporating new initiatives.