Suzuki Lineup a Great Fit in a Tropical Paradise

from Barbados

The Caribbean island nation of Barbados is an attractive country made of coral formation with beautiful beaches and clear water. Led by the proud heritage of success of the Grand Vitara, the Suzuki brand has topped all others in sales in the island nation for two decades. Long recognised for dependability, reliability and economy, Suzuki vehicles’ overall market share in Barbados in 2021 reached 33.9%.

Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean region.

And since 2016 Vitara has been the best-selling single model. For the people of the small island of Barbados, an escape to the beach for a day of fun is just a short ride away. Also, you might see Vitara showing its versality on the streets as Barbadians commute to work, drive their children to school, or run household errands. Suzuki vehicles are trusted for superb performance and all around efficiency and are there to contribute to the daily life of this remarkable and beautiful country.

The XL7 in the capital city Bridgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Left: The Chamberlain Bridge located in the heart of the capital city of Bridgetown
Right: Carlisle Bay in the heart of Bridgetown. A natural crescent shaped bay which was once full of merchant vessels but today is home to catamarans and luxury yachts.

Tourism is an important part of Barbados’ economy. Suzuki vehicles are also a popular choice for tourists. Whether arriving by cruise ship or international flight, visitors are excited to explore the island and enjoy the famous white sandy beaches. Renting versatile Suzuki SUVs is a great way to do that. Just strap your surfboard to the roof and head to the east coast for a day of riding the surf. Another option is a stylish Suzuki compact car to load swimming gear in the back and drive to a calmer west coast beach.

The Vitara at St. John Parish Church

The Vitara driving on Cherry Tree Hill where you can enjoy excellent view.

The Ignis in Brown’s Beach, one of the largest beaches in Barbados.

The Baleno in front of Morgan Lewis Windmill.

The Swift Sport driving near St.Nicholas Abbey, one of only three genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere.

The variety in Suzuki’s lineup has a fit for everyone, from a Barbadian parent looking for family transportation that is fuel efficient and dependable to a fleet owner eyeing the bottom line. Outstanding after service at a reasonable price at the state of the art maintenance and repair facilities available at Simpson Motors Ltd, a Caribbean automotive icon, gives peace of mind to anyone behind the wheel of a Suzuki vehicle. Tourist or local, all can be confident that their car is environmentally conscious and is engineered to minimise impact on green and beautiful Barbados.