Interview with Chief Engineer of the All-new Celerio
Compact in Size, Big on Styling and Versatility

Developed under the concept of “compact in size yet big on styling and versatility”, the new Celerio was introduced in spring 2022. We have conducted an interview with the Chief Engineer of this model, Kazushi Uchiyama, and heard the story behind the development of the Celerio.

Q. What are the main features where the new Celerio has evolved?

A. The new Celerio inherits the spacious interior with ample luggage space, fuel efficiency, and easy handling that were well appreciated for the previous model. At the same time, a more lively, youthful styling has been achieved in careful response to customer feedback. Also, the new Celerio has evolved and now has the HEARTECT platform, DUALJET engine, and the advanced new generation display audio. Fit for the lifestyle of today, younger customers purchasing their first car or those who want a compact second car will especially welcome this model.

Q. Please tell us about how the platform and powertrain have evolved.

A. The new Celerio has the lightweight, highly rigid HEARTECT platform which has the synergistic effect of optimising suspension to allow you to enjoy more nimble and stable handling. The powertrain provides a high level of balanced, dynamic performance and fuel efficiency with its 1.0L DUALJET engine which features dual injectors and has high thermal efficiency. For the transmission, in addition to a 5-speed manual transmission, the Auto Gear Shift (AGS), Suzuki's unique automated manual transmission is also available. AGS delivers good transmission efficiency to give low fuel consumption. Also, I like the new design for the AGS shift knob which expresses both innovativeness and good functionality.

Q. What are the key features of the new generation display audio?

A. The new generation display audio has smartphone compatibility. This means you can use the smartphone inside the vehicle just like you use it in daily life. Apps such as GPS map navigation can be displayed on the larger screen. Vehicle information such as fuel consumption or driving range can also be displayed on the larger screen to make it easier for the driver to read.

Q. During development, what areas in particular did you focus on?

A. My goal was to maximise comfort by creating as much space as possible within the compact body. For example, to increase the space for the driver and passenger while seated, the power window switches were moved from the door armrests to the centre console. As for the design, the curvy and extended lines reinforce the spacious feel of the interior. By efficiently using space we could not only make the cabin roomier, but we could also increase luggage space significantly. All this came from our basic idea of how to develop a compact car, something Suzuki has been doing under “Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, and Neater” which represents the basis of Suzuki's manufacturing since its founding.

Q. What was the biggest challenge you faced during development and how did you solve it?

A. Customers will be driving this car everyday so our biggest challenge was to create a product that would satisfy our customers by being fun and easy to drive with an attractive design, and also fuel efficient. I think we successfully met this challenge by balancing all the elements and choosing and concentrating resources.

Q. Please give our readers your message.

A. Everyone on our team worked together to develop the new Celerio, so I can recommend it to you with real confidence. Please take a look at it and drive!