Suzuki VR Experience

The V-Strom 250 makes a perfect partner for experiencing the history of 1000 years ago here in Kyoto.


Suzuki now offers the fifth edition of the "Suzuki VR Experience," this time traveling from Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto, together with the V-Strom 250.


Together with your partner, slowly follow a luxurious route through the many faces of Kyoto city, such as through the quiet bamboo forests of Arashiyama and past the Maiko in the Gion district.

Then heading north toward the center of Kyoto Prefecture, visit Miyama (written with characters meaning "beautiful mountain") a village famous for its thatched roof houses. There, the atmosphere suddenly changes to a broad landscape of rural farming villages and fields, marked by the sound of kites soaring above. This is Miyama, where the worries of your busy every-day life seem to melt away.


Traveling further north takes you to Amanohashidate, reputed to be one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. By the time you stroll along the sandbar, which looks like a dragon reaching toward heaven, the sun is already setting.


Why not try the VR experience riding the V-Strom, which is perfectly suited to the various scenes encountered, such as the narrow side streets throughout Kyoto City, the endless mountain roads of Miyama, and the winding seaside roads that feel so good.

After trying this VR experience, we are confident your attraction to the V-Strom 250 will exceed the attractions of historical Kyoto.

What is the VR (Virtual Reality) ?

The VR app involves using VR goggles and a smartphone to view videos recorded by a 360˚ camera mounted to a motorcycle.

It allows the customer to look in any direction, either up, down, left or right (360˚).

A key characteristic of the VR videos is, unlike standard rectangular video images, VR images create the sensation that one is immersed in the video, so that it feels like the customer is actually experiencing what is shown.

VR Video

Making Movie

Check “Suzuki VR Experience” x New V-Strom 250

The VR videos can be experienced at participating Suzuki dealers that offer the Suzuki VR Experience.

For more information, refer to the information posted on the local website in the corresponding country!

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