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For Wherever
Your Journey Takes You
Experience the exhilaration of carefree touring and exploration. No matter where or how far that journey takes you.
Total freedom is yours with the new V-STROM 1050/DE.
This photo includes optional accessories.
It's tough, capable, nimble and controllable. It's ready to take you wherever you want to go.
The new V-STROM 1050DE is your ticket to borderless exploration.
This photo includes optional accessories.
It's built to perform, to go the distance, and to get you to your destination in comfort.
The V-STROM 1050. Adventure touring was never better. And never more exciting.
This photo includes optional accessories.
This photo includes optional accessories.
Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.)
Suzuki's robust collection of our latest electronic systems were developed to assist and help you optimize performance characteristics to match your changing riding needs and preferences. By making the V-STROM 1050/DE feel more controllable, predictable and less tiring to operate, these systems help you ride with greater confidence and peace of mind, whether touring for long distances, carrying gear, or leaving paved roads behind to explore rural trails.
6-axis IMU
Integrating accelerometers and gyroscopes into a single compact package, the 6-axis Bosch IMU measures angular rate and acceleration to constantly monitor pitch, roll, and yaw movement. This helps realize several of the latest S.I.R.S. electronic control systems.
G (Gravel) mode (V-STROM 1050DE only)
In addition to the 3 existing traction control modes (+ OFF), the V-STROM 1050DE features a new G (Gravel) mode setting that retards ignition timing and allows a limited amount of slip when riding on unpaved surfaces to help the rider better negotiate gravel roads.
Note: Because G (Gravel) mode allows a certain amount of rear tyre slip, it is not suitable for use on paved surfaces.
Rear ABS Off mode (V-STROM 1050DE only)
The V-STROM 1050DE adds the ability to switch off rear ABS for improved controllability on gravel and other unpaved surfaces. In addition, the Motion Track Brake System has been optimized for the larger front wheel, different chassis geometry and increased suspension travel.
Note: ABS is not designed to shorten the braking distance. Please always ride at a safe speed for road and weather conditions, including while cornering.
Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS)
Designed to help prevent the rear wheel from slipping, this system reduces stress and fatigue while instilling greater confidence in controlling your ride. You can select from 3 modes to control how quickly the system takes effect and how proactive it is in limiting wheel spin, or you can opt to run with it turned off.
Note: The traction control system is not a substitute for the rider's throttle control. It cannot prevent loss of traction due to excessive speed when the rider enters a turn and/or applies the brakes. Neither can it prevent the front wheel from losing grip.
Motion Track Brake System
Vehicle posture data from the IMU is combined with front and rear wheel speed sensor data to allow ABS activation, even when leaning into corners. This helps maintain traction and lean angle so you can better trace your intended line through the corner. Mode 1 provides minimal intervention, while Mode 2 intervenes more proactively.
Note: ABS is not designed to shorten the braking distance. Please always ride at a safe speed for road and weather conditions, including while cornering.
Bi-directional Quick Shift System
This standard-equipment feature lets you shift up or down without operating the clutch lever. When activated, the system delivers clean, silky smooth upshifts with uninterrupted acceleration. Downshifts are also quick and smooth, thanks in part to automatic hands-free blipping and engine braking working together harmoniously.
Cruise Control System
Cruise control reduces fatigue when travelling long distances at constant speeds by letting you maintain a set speed without operating the throttle. The system now allows settings when riding in 2nd gear or higher at engine speeds between 2,000rpm and 7,000rpm, which translates to vehicle speeds of roughly 25km/h to 160km/h. The handy resume function re-engages the system and returns to the most recent speed setting after cancelling.
Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS)
Freely choose between three different power output characteristic modes to best match varying riding conditions or your preferences. While all three ultimately deliver maximum engine output, finer control over the level of throttle response and torque characteristics when accelerating empowers you to ride with greater confidence and pleasure.
Hill Hold Control System
This system automatically engages the rear brake for 30 seconds after coming to a stop while facing uphill on an incline, even when you release the brake lever or pedal. This helps ensure a smother restart free of worries that the bike will roll backward.
Load Dependent Control System
This system recognizes changes in the load conditions of any given moment and responds by automatically adjusting brake pressure to provide stable braking regardless of the load you are carrying.
Slope Dependent Control System
While constantly monitoring the motorcycle's posture and angle, the system controls brake pressure to prevent rear wheel lift and help achieve confident braking, even riding downhill.
Ride-by-wire Electronic Throttle System
This cable-free system leverages the onboard ECM to finely control the relationship between throttle action and engine output characteristics. Individual settings are tuned to match each of the SDMS modes and throttle grip action is optimized, particularly when first opening the throttle, to improve controllability and provide faithful response, especially when riding on gravel roads.
Suzuki Easy Start System
One quick press of a button lets you start the engine without pulling in the clutch lever. As a function used on every outing, Easy Start makes your riding experience all the more pleasurable and convenient.
Low RPM Assist
By helping maintain engine idle speed for smoother and easier starts, this function helps you operate and control the bike more easily in stop-and-go traffic.
Design is in our DNA
The DR-Z800 desert racer made design history when Suzuki entered it in the 1988 Paris-Dakar Rally, introducing a unique new concept to the rally scene that remains popular with motorcycle enthusiasts today. The DR-Z was compact, light and tough as nails. One of its most striking design elements had to be the radical new design expression of the prominent “beak” out front. As evidenced by its modern interpretation of the “beak” design, The new V-STROM 1050/DE remains true to this heritage of Suzuki design DNA.
New V-STROM 1050/DE – The timeless virtue of fine design heritage
In marking the 20th anniversary of the popular series, the V-STROM 1050/DE evolves to deliver even greater freedom to explore all the excitement adventure touring has to offer, whether on the road or heading off to explore wilderness trails. In terms of design, this thoroughly modern interpretation of Suzuki's legendary DR-Z achieves a more aggressive yet sophisticated look with its straighter, sharper lines.
  • 2002 First Generation
    Introduced as a new-generation sports adventure tourer, the original V-Strom 1000 won the hearts of riders around the world for its versatility and comfort.
  • 2014 Second Generation
    Innovations included the first application of traction control on a Suzuki production motorcycle, distinctive new styling, and enhanced performance that evolved it into an all-round adventure tourer.
  • 2020 Third Generation
    Suzuki released the V-STROM 1050/XT featuring sharper, more aggressive styling and a stronger, torquier engine. It also introduced the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S), a collection of the latest electronic assist systems that help you ride with greater confidence and peace of mind.
Breakout Performance Backed by
Solid Core Strength
The V-STROM 1050/DE's compact, lightweight chassis is engineered to maximize agility, comfort, utility and reassuring riding pleasure. Every aspect reflects a focus on great handling and control in a wide range of real-world conditions, whether riding long distances on paved roads or heading down country trails. What results is the solid core strength needed to deliver stellar performance as an all-round adventure tourer.
The new model offers you a choice of optimizations geared toward your preferences for pursuing different types of adventure activities. While the V-STROM 1050 is engineered with a stronger focus on maximizing comfort and riding pleasure when riding long distances, high-speed outings, the V-STROM 1050DE aims to also enhance performance and control when exploring further on gravel and flat dirt trails.
This photo includes optional accessories.
Proven Twin-Spar Alloy Frame
The pursuit of building top-performing aluminium frames has been an integral part of Suzuki's engineering DNA for decades, and the frame for the V-STROM 1050/DE remains true to this heritage.
It incorporates aluminium castings and extruded aluminium sections to lend the right amount of suppleness and strength to an overall rigid alloy structure. It also features updated seat rails that better support the input load from unpaved surfaces. The result is a trim, light and strong frame of tried and proven reliability that delivers excellent straight-line stability, handles brilliantly and is easy to manoeuvre, wherever your journey takes you.
Optimized Suspension
KYB inverted front forks with 43mm inner tubes deliver a smooth, controllable ride and feature stable damping characteristics well suited to adventure touring. Fully adjustable, they allow you to match settings to your preference or intended use. The link-type monoshock KYB rear suspension contributes to agility and stability, and its preload can be adjusted by simply turning the dial by hand.
Reliable Stopping Power
A pair of Tokico radial mount monobloc callipers, each with four opposed pistons, act on 310mm floating-mount discs to provide sure stopping power in the front. These work in conjunction with the rear disc brake as part of the antilock braking system (ABS) that helps prevent the wheels from locking up for more stable braking.
The V-STROM 1050 windscreen's shape and size are designed to maximize comfort when touring for long distances. It features 50mm of vertical adjustment performed using a quick release handle. The V-STROM 1050DE adopts a smaller smoke-tinted windscreen designed to maximize visibility on country trails. Both windscreens were tested extensively to ensure they effectively cut wind noise and prevent buffeting for a more comfortable and less tiring riding experience.
Tapered Aluminium Handlebars
The tapered aluminium handlebars for the V-STROM 1050/DE are shaped to be comfortable to hold and engineered to offer the right degree of rigidity and optimal grip width to provide positive control, whether riding on or off paved roads. The V-STROM 1050DE handlebars use thicker tubing and a softer grade aluminium so they flex just the right amount and better absorb bumps to make exciting runs on rough ground easier on your hands and arms. They also feature an even wider grip that enhances controllability, particularly when standing on the pegs to negotiate rough surfaces.
Comfortable, durable Seat
The V-STROM 1050 features an independent rider and pillion seat design that is both visually appealing and achieves the right level of firmness to provide plenty of comfort with less fatigue on long rides. The rider seat height can be raised 20mm using an included height riser stored beneath the pillion seat.
The V-STROM 1050DE adopts a fixed-height seat design that reduces weight while also achieving greater rigidity. This durable seat better stands up to input load when riding on unpaved surfaces, as well as to weight shifts as you change position to master the terrain.
Optional higher and lower seats are also available as genuine Suzuki accessories.
Wheels and Tyres with Purpose
The V-STROM 1050 rides on 10-spoke cast aluminium wheels shod with Bridgestone BATTLAX ADVENTURE A41 radial tyres. The 110/80R19 front and 150/70R17 rear tyres contribute to nimble handling and positive grip, whether the road surface is dry or wet. They provide a smooth ride and greater comfort when touring for long distances, and continue to inspire confidence even when you continue your adventure beyond where the pavement ends.
The V-STROM 1050DE takes advantage of wire-spoked wheels with aluminium rims to better endure the pounding when exploring trails and other rough surfaces. It also adopts a larger 21-inch front rim for greater stability and better control on gravel and flat dirt. Both wheels are shod with Dunlop TRAILMAX MIXTOUR tyres, which feature a semi-block tread pattern and custom-designed internal structure that deliver the solid traction and performance you want when exploring open trails.
For those who wish to head
further off the beaten track
The V-STROM 1050DE introduces a new package of features aimed specifically at maximizing performance and control on gravel and flat dirt.
This photo includes optional accessories.
Its dedicated chassis geometry is designed to deliver greater stability and controllability on gravel or flat dirt, while providing a comfortable riding position and well-balanced front/rear weight distribution. Features include a 40mm longer wheelbase, a longer 27°30' trail, 25mm taller ground clearance and a 20mm wider handlebar grip on each side.
This custom chassis geometry includes a new 21-inch front wheel and longer version of the V-STROM's rugged aluminium swingarm for greater straight-line stability and better control when tearing up gravel roads.
The suspension adopts a longer stroke, with 170mm of front and 168mm of rear travel.
The suspension's spring rate, valve, and piston settings are custom-tuned for riding on unpaved surfaces.
Its trail-ready gear includes a stronger drive chain, an aluminium engine protector, a standard-equipment accessory bar and wide steel footpegs designed for greater stability when standing while riding.
This photo includes optional accessories.
Performance that aims to please
Suzuki's 1,037cm³ four-stroke, 90° V-twin DOHC engine features strong linear torque in the mid rpm range, and a free-revving nature that maximizes power output in the high rpm range. There is also a palpable yet almost indescribable pleasure to its distinctive V-twin rumble and exhaust note. Its V-twin layout also allows for a slimmer chassis design with a lower centre of gravity, and this contributes to nimbler handling and greater manoeuvrability.
  • Transmission
    The six-speed transmission features updated gear ratios. The new ratio for first gear makes shifting from first through fifth gears smoother, makes acceleration faster, and improves controllability. Sixth gear was also updated to make riding at highway speeds more comfortable and enjoyable. The new ratios also contribute to smooth operation of the Bi-directional Quick Shift system.
  • Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS)
    SCAS delivers sure operation and a light touch to clutch lever operation that helps reduce left hand fatigue. At the same time, it ensures positive power transfer when accelerating and smoother deceleration when downshifting, advantages it also brings to the new Bi-directional Quick Shift system as well.
  • Suzuki Dual Spark Technology
    Each cylinder utilizes two iridium spark plugs. The primary plug fires throughout the engine's rpm range, while the secondary plug helps improve combustion efficiency and power delivery at low rpm. This technology also contributes to linear throttle response and stable idle.
  • Sodium-filled exhaust valves
    Hollow sodium-filled exhaust valves help reduce the temperature in the combustion chamber.
    This not only results in better loading efficiency and a better feeling to engine operation, it also contributes to improving the durability of the valves.
  • Forged pistons
    The V-twin engine uses highly-rigid, lightweight forged pistons. The heads are anodized and conical machining inside the wrist pin holes transfer load and mitigate stress transferred to the crowns. Both these treatments contribute to enhanced durability.
  • Electronic Throttle Bodies
    Each of the two cylinders is fed by independent 49mm large bore electronic-controlled throttle bodies. The butterfly valve of each throttle body is opened and closed independently to achieve more precise throttle control and help realize more stable idling.
Tuned Exhaust System
The 2-into-1 exhaust system produces a pleasing note that befits the V-twin engine. Better yet, the high-efficiency catalytic converter inside the collector helps comply with Euro 5 emission standards, while at the same time maximizing power output and overall performance.
Electric Equipment
This photo includes optional accessories.
Colour Multi-information Instrument Cluster
The V-STROM 1050/DE adopts a custom new 5-inch colour TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel that features clearly legible information displays. High-quality displays keep you fully aware of all the bike's systems and settings, and supply vital real-time operating status information. The tachometer does double duty as a programmable rpm indicator light that blinks when the engine reaches a preset speed, and the LCD now adds a function that lets you display large pop-up alerts and warnings. Manual or automatic switching settings for the day (white) and night (black) display modes let you maximize visibility at any hour and in any riding situation.
Intuitive Handlebar Switches
The ergonomic switch layout maximizes operating ease and efficiency so you can access all controls while focusing on the road ahead. Select modes and make settings and adjustments for each S.I.R.S. systems by simply operating the MODE and UP/DOWN switches on the left handlebar. In addition, you can quickly engage or resume cruise control using a dedicated button on the right handlebar switch.
USB Port and 12V DC Outlet
A USB port built into the left side of the multifunction instrument panel lets you recharge your smartphone. There is also a 12V DC outlet under the seat that can be used to charge or power a variety of devices.
* Using the USB port while the engine is idling or stopped may drain the battery. Be aware of battery drain when using the USB port.
* Failure to observe the following items when handling the USB port may result in damage to the motorcycle or connected devices.
- Do not connect any electronic device other than a mobile phone.
- Do not use when washing the motorcycle or when it is raining.
* Reattach the cap when the port is not in use.
LED Lighting
Vertically stacked rectangular LED headlights provide you with a clear view of the road ahead, while at the same time adding stylish flair to the face of the V-STROM 1050/DE. Compact LED position lights, LED turn signals and LED tail light ensure clear visibility and practical durability.
From the satisfying rumble and power of its V-Twin engine, to the nimble handling and forgiving toughness of its svelte body, the V-STROM 1050/DE takes you wherever you want to go.
Now is the time to escape to the great outdoors and enjoy yourself to the fullest.
Any Terrain. Any Horizon. Any Adventure.
This photo includes optional accessories.
Personalize Your Ride
Suzuki offers a rich line-up of genuine accessories for the V-STROM 1050/DE that make it easy to trick out your ride.
This photo includes optional accessories.
  • Aluminium top case and side case set
    These rugged, weather-resistant cases allow you to carry all your gear for a long outing, and are designed to not interfere with the V-STROM 1050/DE's handling or stability, even with loaded cases attached.
    Aluminium top case: Maximum loading 3kg and case capacity 38L.
    Aluminium side case set: Maximum loading 3kg and case capacity 37L each.
    Please use these items in the speed less than 130km/h.
  • Low and high seat
    Low seats available for the V-STROM 1050 and V-STROM 1050DE lower seat height by approximately 30mm to offer more riders greater control and confidence when the bike is stopped. The V-STROM 1050DE also offers a high seat option that raises seat height by approximately 30mm.
    Low seat
    High seat
  • Grip heater
    Heats the entire surface of the grips and offers three levels of heat settings provide greater comfort to match a wide variety of riding conditions.
  • LED fog lamp set
    This bright LED fog lamp attaches firmly to the accessory bar* to provide better visibility when riding in inclement conditions, and to heighten the appeal of the bike's adventure styling.
    *The accessory bar is standard equipment on the V-STROM 1050DE and is available as a genuine accessory for the V-STROM 1050.
Genuine Accessories
Since the launch of the first-generation V-Strom 1000, Suzuki has offered a wide assortment of genuine accessories designed to stir the rider's adventurous spirit. With more than 30 items available for the new V-STROM 1050/DE, the latest line-up further expands the rider's world of adventure touring by enhancing comfort, utility, protection and looks. Included in the collection is a full line-up of top and side cases in a variety of sizes, materials, and colours to suit the rider's needs and preferences.
  • Low seat (Grey/Black)
  • High seat (Grey/Black)
  • Screen adjust kit
  • High screen
  • Plastic top case 35L
  • Top case carrier set
  • Plastic side case set
  • Side case lower bracket
  • Cushion pad for top case 35L
  • Lock set
  • Plastic top case 56L
  • Top case carrier set
  • Aluminium top case
  • Top case carrier set
  • Aluminium side case set
  • Side case bracket
  • Lock set
  • Accessory bar
  • Tank bag (Large)
  • Tank bag (Small)
  • Ring for tank bag
  • Aluminium chain guard
  • Mirror extension
  • Side stand exension plate
  • Aluminium skid plate (Silver)
  • Aluminium skid plate (Black)
  • Large footrest
  • Fuel tank pad
  • Fuel tank protection foil
  • Side cover protection foil
  • Heel plate protection foil
  • Rim decals (Rear/Red)
  • Rim decals (Rear/Grey)
  • Rim decals (Front/Red)
  • Rim decals (Rear/Grey)
  • Fuel cap protection sticker
  • Frame cover protection sticker
  • Sticker set SUZUKI
Please check accessories catalogue and installation manual for usage of each item.
Note: SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION reserves the right to change the design or discontinue any Suzuki Genuine Accessories at any time without notice.
Some Suzuki Genuine Accessories might not be compatible with local standards or statutory requirements.
Please check with your local AUTHORIZED SUZUKI DEALER for details at the time of ordering.
V-STROM 1050
Overall Length 2,265 mm (89.2 in.) 2,390 mm (94.1 in.)
Overall width 940 mm (37.0 in.) 960 mm (37.8 in.)
Overall height 1,515 mm (59.6 in.) 1,505 mm (59.3 in.)
Wheelbase 1,555 mm (61.2 in.) 1,595 mm (62.8 in.)
Ground clearance 165 mm (6.5 in.) 190 mm (7.5 in.)
Seat height 855 mm (33.7 in.) 880 mm (34.6 in.)
Curb mass 242 kg (534 lbs) 252 kg (554 lbs)
Engine type 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90° V-twin
Bore x stroke 100.0 mm x 66.0 mm (3.937 in. x 2.598 in.)
Engine displacement 1,037 cm³ (63.3 cu. In.)
Compression ratio 11.5:1
Fuel system Fuel injection
Starter system Electric
Lubrication system Wet sump
Transmission 6-speed constant mesh
Suspension Front Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Suspension Rear Link type, coil spring, oil damped
Rake / trail 25°40' / 110 mm (4.33 in.) 27°30' / 126 mm (4.96 in.)
Brakes Front Disc, twin
Brakes Rear Disc
Tyres Front 110/80R19M/C 59V tubeless 90/90-21M/C 54H tube type
Tyres Rear 150/70R17M/C 69V tubeless 150/70R17M/C 69H tubeless
Ignition system Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Fuel tank capacity 20.0 L (5.3 US gal / 4.4 lmp gal)
* European Spec. shown
  • Champion Yellow No.2 /
    Metallic Mat Sword Silver (CD8)
    Champion Yellow No.2 / Metallic Mat Sword Silver (CD8)
  • Pearl Vigor Blue /
    Pearl Brilliant White (JWN)
    Pearl Vigor Blue / Pearl Brilliant White (JWN)
  • Glass Sparkle Black /
    Metallic Mat Black No.2 (KGL)
    Glass Sparkle Black / Metallic Mat Black No.2 (KGL)
V-STROM 1050
  • Metallic Reflective Blue /
    Metallic Mat Black No.2 (CGG)
    Metallic Reflective Blue / Metallic Mat Black No.2 (CGG)
  • Candy Daring Red /
    Metallic Mat Black No.2 (BNR)
    Candy Daring Red / Metallic Mat Black No.2 (BNR)
  • Glass Mat Mechanical Gray /
    Metallic Mat Black No.2 (CB8)
    Glass Mat Mechanical Gray / Metallic Mat Black No.2 (CB8)
  • Glass Sparkle Black /
    Metallic Mat Black No.2 (KGL)
    Glass Sparkle Black / Metallic Mat Black No.2 (KGL)