All Roads Merge

The V-STROM 800 combines optimum performance with comfort and handling ease that make even the longest rides all the more enjoyable. Highly controllable and agile, it is also fun and practical in daily use around town. As capable on the highway as it is on back roads and country trails, the V-STROM 800 gives you the freedom to choose your own path. It is your all-access pass to adventure riding.

Engine Sound
Key Features

- Slim, compact and powerful, Suzuki's 776cm3 parallel twin DOHC engine delivers a fine balance of smooth, controllable power from low rpm and pleasant free-revving performance across the high end.

- The 270-degree crankshaft configuration provides power delivery characteristics and a pleasant sound similar to that of the model's V-twin brethren, while the Suzuki Cross Balancer contributes to smooth operation and a compact, lightweight engine design.

- Adopts the advanced electronic systems of the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.), including Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS), the Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS), Ride-by-Wire Electronic Throttle System, Bi-directional Quick Shift System, Suzuki Easy Start System, Low RPM Assist and Two-Mode Antilock Braking System.

- Hitachi Astemo (SHOWA) SFF-BP* inverted front forks tuned to perform optimally deliver a smooth, controllable ride. These are paired with a Hitachi Astemo (SHOWA) gas-pressurized rear shock absorber that contributes to agility and stability, and features hand-adjustable spring preload settings.

- 7-spoke cast aluminum wheels are shod with Dunlop tires engineered exclusively for the V-STROM 800. The 19-inch front tire and 17-inch rear tire help realize nimble handling, solid grip and high-speed stability.

- Dual four-piston radial-mount front disc brake calipers act on ø310mm discs to provide sure stopping power and controllability.

- The fuel tank features a large 20L capacity that helps deliver superior touring range.

- The height-adjustable windscreen features a shape and size defined using wind tunnel testing and analytic technology that helps reduce fatigue and enhance comfort on long rides.

- A custom 5-inch color TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel features a clearly legible display with a rich variety of information.

- Styling for the V-STROM 800 aims to set a trend that ushers in a new era of functional beauty and symbolizes the future of Suzuki design, even as it pays full respect to the distinctive features of its V-STROM heritage.

*SFF-BP (Separate Function Fork – Big Piston) is a registered trademark of Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

Engine Features

- Suzuki's parallel twin 776cm3 DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder engine delivers a fine balance of smooth, controllable power from low rpm and the pleasant feeling of free-revving performance through to the high end. While torquey and powerful, the engine easy to control, with smooth throttle response and an inviting nature that provides a satisfying riding experience, whether enjoying a solo run or carrying a passenger. It is a slim powerplant with compact front-rear dimensions that help achieve the most effective chassis geometry for performance gains.

- Its 270-degree crankshaft design delivers a smooth ride, plenty of torque, positive traction and a pleasing sound similar to Suzuki's V-twin engines. In addition, the 450 degrees of crank revolution between cylinder firings extends the time between power pulses allowing the rear wheel to regain traction, particularly beneficial when powering out of corners or riding on loose surfaces.

- Suzuki Cross Balancer is a patented* biaxial primary balancer that positions its two balancers equidistant at 90° to the crankshaft to suppress vibration and contribute to smooth operation. It also helps realize a lightweight powerplant that is more compact from front to rear.

- Long-reach iridium spark plugs bring a number of benefits, including improved cooling performance, heightened spark strength, and contributions to greater combustion efficiency and fuel economy.

- Cooling system inlet control contributes to early stabilization of water temperature during engine warm-up. Since there is less temperature fluctuation during warm-up, this also helps stabilize combustion and contributes to cleaner exhaust gas.

- The 2-into-1 exhaust system is designed to produce a pleasing note that befits the parallel twin engine. Features include a two-stage catalytic converter inside the collector that helps satisfy Euro 5 emissions standards.

- The six-speed transmission adopts gear ratios that deliver smooth shifting and exciting acceleration, whether shifting normally or using the clutch-free operation of the Bi-directional Quick Shift system.

- The Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) helps reduce fatigue on long rides and contributes to smoother shifting.

* Patent granted in Japan for a biaxial primary balancer that positions its two balancers at 90° to the crankshaft.

Suzuki Intelligent Ride System(S.I.R.S.) Features

- The Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) features a collection of advanced electronic rider assist systems that help you to optimize performance characteristics to match your changing riding needs and preferences. By making the V-STROM 800 more controllable, predictable, and less tiring to operate, these systems help you ride with greater confidence, whether touring for long distances, carrying gear, or just heading out for an invigorating run on the weekend.

- Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS) lets you freely choose among three different power output characteristic modes to best match varying riding conditions or your preferences. While all three modes ultimately produce maximum engine output at the high end, fine control over each mode's level of throttle response and torque characteristics empowers you to ride with greater confidence and pleasure, especially when fully turning the throttle grip to accelerate from a slightly open position.

Mode A (Active)
Delivers the sharpest throttle response as you open the throttle. Torque characteristics are finely tuned to deliver exciting acceleration as the throttle is opened.

Mode B (Basic)
Features softer throttle response and a more linear power delivery curve as you open the throttle. Settings are tuned to help make the bike more controllable and a good fit for everyday riding.

Mode C (Comfort)
Offers yet softer throttle response and more gentle torque characteristics. This mode is useful when riding on wet or slippery surfaces.

- Designed to help prevent the rear wheel from slipping, the Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS)* reduces stress and fatigue while instilling greater confidence in controlling your ride. You can select from three active modes to control how quickly the system takes effect and how proactive it is in limiting wheel spin. Or you can opt to run with the system turned off.

- Suzuki's cable-free Ride-by-wire Electronic Throttle System leverages the onboard ECM to finely control the relationship between throttle action and engine output characteristics. Individual settings are tuned to optimize output to match throttle grip action and thereby improve controllability and provide faithful response.

- The Bi-directional Quick Shift System lets you shift up or down while in motion without operating the clutch lever. When activated, this system delivers clean upshifts with smooth acceleration, as well as quick and sure downshifts. The gear shift linkage system load rate is optimized to provide a solid, satisfying click with each shift that assures you the gearbox has responded immediately to your action.

- The Two-mode Antilock Brake System (ABS)** contributes to more stable braking by helping prevent the wheels from locking up, even under hard braking. Mode 1 provides minimal intervention. In contrast, Mode 2 intervenes more proactively.

- Suzuki Easy Start System lets you start the engine with just one quick press of a button. As a function used on every outing, it makes your riding experience all the more pleasurable and convenient.

- By ensuring smoother and easier starts, Low RPM Assist helps you control the bike more easily in stop-and-go traffic. It uses TI-ISC (Throttle-body Integrated Idle Speed Control) to help maintain engine idle speed as you release the clutch lever while launching from a standing start, or when riding at low speeds.

* The Traction Control System is not a substitute for the rider's throttle control. It cannot prevent loss of traction due to excessive speed when entering turns, or while braking. Nor can it prevent the front wheel from losing traction.

** ABS is not designed to shorten the braking distance. ABS cannot prevent wheel skidding caused by braking while cornering. Please drive carefully and do not overly rely on ABS.

Chassis Features

- The chassis is engineered to deliver great cornering performance and provide sure and stable handling under all riding environments. Every aspect of its design also prioritizes comfort while minimizing fatigue when touring for long distances.

- The V-STROM 800 features a dedicated chassis geometry engineered to provide maximum stability and controllability, as well as a riding position that effectively distributes weight to the front and rear and is comfortable on long-distance touring runs.

- The highly rigid steel frame provides excellent straight-line stability, contributes to nimble handling and performs well at highway speeds, while at the same time featuring the right amount of flex to help maximize comfort on long rides or when passing over rural trails.

- The seat rails are built to ably support the added weight of a passenger or loaded top and side cases, and they feature a narrow profile that helps you better control the bike with your legs.

- Hitachi Astemo (SHOWA) SFF-BP* (Separate Function Fork - Big Piston) inverted front forks deliver a smooth, controllable ride and the front suspension is tuned to provide optimum performance. The spring preload can be adjusted, allowing the suspension to be set to best match the rider's preference or the usage conditions.

- Adjustable Hitachi Astemo (SHOWA) rear suspension contributes to agility and stability. The spring preload can be adjusted easily by hand, which is beneficial together with the rebound damping adjuster, when preparing to ride tandem or carry a load.

- The V-STROM 800 employs dual four-piston radial-mount front brake calipers mated with 310mm outer diameter dual discs to provide sure stopping power and controllable braking for optimal on-road performance. The rear brake has a 260mm outer diameter disc and uses a single-piston pin-slide caliper.

- 7-spoke cast aluminum wheels are sized for optimal touring performance, designed for strength and feature a distinctive "V" shape on each of the spokes. They are shod with tubeless Dunlop tires, (110/80R19 at the front; 150/70R17 at the rear), which feature an internal structure custom-engineered exclusively for the V-STROM 800. These tires contribute to nimble handling, solid grip and high-speed stability.

- The V-STROM 800 adopts a highly attractive and tough looking aluminum swingarm with a unique shape that is engineered to perform optimally. Its lightweight aluminum construction enhances trackability and improves rear suspension response, contributing to a smoother, more comfortable ride.

- Tapered handlebars made of a strong yet flexible aluminum are positioned to contribute to a comfortable riding position under all riding conditions.

- The solid-mount rider seat is designed to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue, even when touring long distances, and to allow freedom of movement. It uses a denser foam to improve comfort for both rider and passenger when touring for long distances.

- The riding position is comfortable and provides plenty of room, even when riding tandem with the optional top and side cases mounted. The design also enables the rider to shift their weight forward for greater control when exiting corners or riding on loose surfaces.

- Rubber-covered aluminum footpegs provide sure footing and comfort on long rides. Rubber-covered steel pillion footpegs attached to cast-aluminum brackets aim to achieve the right balance of passenger comfort and support.

- The height-adjustable windscreen is designed to helps reduce fatigue on long rides by cutting wind noise and preventing buffeting. Features include a shape and size defined and optimized through extensive wind tunnel testing and CAE analysis.

- Rear carrier** with integrated grab bars is handy for carrying extra gear and also makes it easier to load gear or mount the optional top cases which are available as genuine accessories.

- Styling for the V-STROM 800 aims to set a trend that ushers in a new era of functional beauty and symbolizes the future of Suzuki design, even as it pays full respect to the distinctive features of its V-STROM heritage. Sharp, understated lines on the cowling pieces and front beak convey the appeal of modern styling, while subtle application of lettering and numbers help emphasize functional beauty.

- The tall windscreen, cast aluminum wheels and 19-inch front tire convey at a glance that the V-STROM 800 is equipped with distinctive equipment features designed to make long-distance touring more comfortable.

* SFF-BP is a registered trademark of Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

** Maximum load capacity: 10kg

Electrical Features

- The custom 5-inch color TFT LCD multi-function instrument panel features a clearly legible display of a rich variety of information. Not only does it keep the rider fully aware of all the bike's systems and settings, it also supplies critical real-time operating status information.

- The vertically stacked pair of distinctive hexagonal LED headlights topped by an LED position light helps create a slim, compact face with a thoroughly modern look that symbolizes Suzuki design and a new era of sophisticated adventure styling.

- LED turn signals and an LED taillight ensure clear visibility and practical durability.

- A USB (Type-A) port* built into the left side of the multifunction instrument panel provides up to 5V output and 2A maximum current.

- The ergonomic handlebar switch layout maximizes operating ease and efficiency so you can intuitively access all controls while focusing on the road ahead.

* Using the USB port while the engine is idling or stopped may drain the battery. Be aware of battery drain when using the USB port.

* Do not use when washing the motorcycle or when it is raining.

* Attach the cap when USB outlet is not in use.

Suzuki Genuine Accessories

Genuine Suzuki Accessories represent a fun and practical way to customize and personalize your V-STROM 800 while enhancing comfort, utility, and protection.

Touring Screen

This optional touring screen is designed to offer a significantly higher level of wind protection that enhances comfort on long rides. (38mm taller than the standard screen)

Knuckle Cover

Helps to protect your hands against wind. In case of installation with mirror extension (p/n 56700-25820-000), spacer set for mirror extension (p/n 56000-25810-000) is required.

Grip Heater

Heats the entire surface of the grips and offers three different level settings to keep hands warm when riding in cold weather.

Navigation Bracket

Navigation bracket with damping system installed at the center of the handle bar.

Low Seat

For those who want lower seat, this low seat provides 20 mm lower seat height than the standard seat.

High Seat

For those who want higher seat, this high seat provides 30 mm higher seat height than the standard seat.

Center Stand

Brings your bike to a reliable and stable standing position for maintenance activities.

Accessory Bar

Fits the stylish body to give V-STROM a unique touring look. Required for installing LED fog lamp (p/n 99172-25L00-000 / 99172-25L10-000). In combination with accessory bar tube (p/n 41100-25810-000).

LED Fog Lamp

Long time seller with V-STROM, bright LED fog lamps are firmly attached to the accessory bar. Improves visibility and enhance the appearance. Set of right and left lamp. In combination with accessory bar (p/n94200-25810-000) and accessory bar tube (p/n 41100-25810-000). For U.S./Canada : 99172-25L10-000

Plastic Top Case (35L)

Gives a typical V-STROM look with a plastic 35L top case, with one-key system using the ignition key for locking/unlocking. Maximum load :5kg, case capactiy 35L. Please use this item in the speed less than 130km/h. In combination with top case carrier plate (p/n 93900- 25820-000) and lock set (p/n95700-48810-000/95700-48820-000).

Plastic Side Case Set

Uses one-key system with the ignition key for locking/unlocking. Maximum load 5kg each and case capacity 26L (right) and 29L (left). Please use this item in the speed less than 130km/h. In combination with side case upper bracket (p/n 47500-25810-000), side case lower bracket (p/n 93700-25880-000) and lock set (p/n 95700-48810-000/95700-48820-000).

Aluminum Skid Plate (Silver)

A tough-looking plate to enhane the appearance. In combination with accessory bar tube (p/n 41100-25810-000).

Note: SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION reserves the right to change the design or discontinue any Suzuki Genuine Accessory at any time without notice. Some Suzuki Genuine Accessories might not be compatible with local standards or statutory requirements. Please check with your local AUTHORIZED SUZUKI DEALER for details at the time of ordering.

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Overall length 2,255 mm (88.8 in.)
Overall width 905 mm (35.6 in.)
Overall height 1,355 mm (53.3 in.)
Wheelbase 1,515 mm (59.6 in.)
Ground clearance 185 mm (7.3 in.)
Seat height 825 mm (32.5 in.)
Curb mass 223 kg (492 lbs.)
Engine type 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC
Bore × Stroke 84.0 mm x 70.0 mm (3.3 in. x 2.8 in.)
Engine displacement 776 cm3 (47.4 cu. in.)
Compression ratio 12.8 : 1
Fuel system Fuel injection
Starter system Electric
Lubrication system Forced feed circulation, wet sump
Transmission 6-speed constant mesh
Front suspension Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Rear suspension Link type, coil spring, oil damped
Rake / Trail 26°/ 124 mm (4.9 in.)
Front brake Disc, twin
Rear brake Disc
Front tire size 110/80R19M/C 59V tubeless type
Rear tire size 150/70R17M/C 69V tubeless type
Ignition system Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Fuel tank capacity 20 L (5.3 /4.4 US/lmp gal)
Oil capacity (Overhaul) 3.9 L (4.1/3.4 US/Imp qt)
Fuel consumption 22.7 km/L (4.4L/100km) in WMTC
CO2 emissions 104 g/km in WMTC

*European Spec. shown