Featuring positive response, a broad power band, ease of control and class-leading level of fuel efficiency, 

the performance realized by the GSX250R goes beyond what one would normally expect from a 250cm3 motorcycle.

Each aspect related to performance is optimized to fully tap the bike’s potential and deliver pure delight,

whether riding in town or heading out on a long touring run.

The GSX250R is ready to perform as the all-round urban athlete. Its sporty good looks and nimble,responsive performance makes for exhilarating fun. At the same time, its sporty nature is complemented by a smooth and comfortable nature that is equally at home on the daily commute or when touring.

Sleek, flowing lines invite you to climb aboard and ride into the future. Sporty styling true to Suzuki's sportbike heritage brings instant excitement.

Look and feel your best wherever you decide to spread your wings.

The GSX250R is ready to take you

beyond mere satisfaction.

Brilliant performance

A sport bike that is equally adept at daily riding and touring

The Urban Athlete

Distinctive position lights and tail light design

Enhancing the sporty, aggressive look and futuristic flair of the GSX250R are surface-emitting LEDs employed by the position lights up front and the tail light in the rear. Their smooth edge-to-edge illumination and the chevron-like shape that flanks the headlight create a truly distinctive and highly appealing lighting scheme. Adopting clear lenses for the front and rear turn signals adds to the stylish appearance.

Clip-on handlebars

The relatively low mounting point of the separate left and right handlebars is sporty, but at the same time designed to provide a comfortable riding position around town or when touring.

Independent rider and

passenger seats

The GSX250R adopts the sporty styling of independent seats for the rider and passenger. Even so, each seat provides plenty of cushioning to make long rides comfortable. The slim design of the fuel tank also helps the rider easily plant their feet on the ground when stopped.

Front and rear (KYB)

suspension with custom


Contributes to weight reduction and retains reassuring handling characteristics, while at the same time adding a sportier feel.

Wheels, tires and brakes designed to perform

The sporty flair of 10-spoke wheels pairs with IRC tires that provide a solid grip on the road. Stopping power is provided by Petal-type front and rear disc brakes. An Antilock Brake System (ABS)*3 made by BOSCH is also available*4 to deliver yet greater confidence and control.

*3 ABS is not designed to shorten the braking distance. ABS cannot prevent wheel skidding caused by braking while cornering.

Please drive carefully and do not overly rely on ABS.

*4 Only equipped on ABS model.

Full LCD instrumentation

The GSX250R features a reverse-lit LCD instrument panel. Readouts include the speedometer, tachometer, gear position and RPM indicator, odometer, dual tripmeters, fuel gauge, average fuel consumption and oil change timing indicators, and a clock.

LED position lamp

Front & rear brake disc

ABS unit

LED tail light

Note: All light and indicators are illuminated in the photo for illustrative purposes.


Primary reduction ratio

Final reduction ratio

Front suspension

Rear suspension

Rake / Trail

Front brake

Rear brake

Front tire size

Rear tire size

Ignition system

Fuel tank capacity

Oil capacity (Overhaul)

6-speed constant mesh

3.238 (68/21)

3.285 (46/14)

Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped

Swingarm type, coil spring, oil damped

25.6° / 104 mm (4.1 in)



110/80-17M/C 57H tubeless

140/70-17M/C 66H tubeless

Electronic ignition

15.4L (4.1/3.4 US/Imp gal)

2.4L (2.5/2.1 US/lmp qt)



Overall length

Overall width

Overall height


Ground clearance

Seat height

Curb mass

Engine type

Bore × Stroke


Compression ratio

Fuel system

Starter system

Lubrication system

Metallic Crystal Blue /

Pearl Nebular Black (BY7)

Metallic Diamond Red (YYW)

Pearl Glacier White No.2 /

Pearl Nebular Black (BHM)

Metallic Triton Blue No.2 (QHV)

Pearl Nebular Black (YAY)

Pearl Glacier White No.2 (QHW)


The honing pattern used for the cylinder barrels maintains lubrication for the pistons in a manner that helps minimize any loss of performance due to friction.


Cylinder head

The cylinder head adopts roller type rocker arms that minimize friction loss.



The cam profile for the GSX250R delivers maximum acceleration performance at speeds between 20km/h to 90km/h, as this is the range that is used most often. As an additional benefit, the cam profile also suppresses noise generation to deliver a smoother, more pleasant ride.

Highly efficient,

lightweight exhaust system

The two-into-one exhaust system for the GSX250R features an optimized shape for the chamber in front of the catalyzer. This maximizes acceleration performance at mid-range speeds, while the efficiency of the system also reduces exhaust emissions. The muffler adopts a shape that contributes to better engine output and torque by reducing power loss. It delivers a pleasing sound while its design also contributes to better cornering.


Thin, low tension piston rings were adopted to reduce friction and the shape of the piston ring grooves was also optimized.

Spark plug

Adopting the use of projected tip spark plugs speeds up the rate of combustion. This improves response, especially when the throttle is not open far, and also improves fuel economy.


Oil pump

Optimization of the oil pump reduces friction loss and contributes to an increase in engine output and improvement in fuel economy.

Intake valve

The port sections on the intake valves are designed to optimize airflow into the combustion chamber. This helps achieve a high level of thermal efficiency for improved performance and reduced emissions.


The 248cm3 parallel-twin engine that powers the GSX250R underwent thorough analysis and optimization to maximize low- to mid-range torque and provide a powerful ride that features ease of control. The overall efficiency achieved also helps realize class-leading level of fuel economy*1 and clean performance that satisfies the stringent Euro 4 emissions. With a full tank of gasoline, the GSX250R has a riding range of approximately 480km*2.

*1 4-stroke 2-cylinder 250cm3 class (As of October 2016)

*2 Calculated based on the Worldwide Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC mode) exhaust emissions measuring conditions measured by Suzuki. Actual fuel economy and riding range may differ owing to differences in conditions such as the weather, road, rider behavior and maintenance.

Roller type

rocker arm


360° Viewer

(2018 model)


2,085 mm (82.1 in)

740 mm (29.1 in)

1,110 mm (43.7 in)

1,430 mm (56.3 in)

160 mm (6.3 in)

790 mm (31.1 in)

181 kg (399 lbs)

4-stroke,  2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC

53.5 mm × 55.2 mm  (2.1 in x 2.2 in)

248 cm3 (15.1 cu. in)

11.5 : 1

Fuel injection



Photo : 2019 model

Photo : 2019 model

Photo : 2019 model

Photo : 2019 model

*Above photos shown in this section are 2019 European Spec.

*European Spec. shown

Photo : 2019 model

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Photo : 2019 model