A lifestyle statement that says as much about your personality as where you want to go, this head-turning,

street-smart all-rounder is more than a stylish commuter. Sporting breathtaking acceleration and optimized fuel economy,

and an accommodating 20.6 liter luggage compartment that provides more than ample room for your helmet and riding gear.

Plus, the sleek city dimension makes every ride - whether it’s to the school or office, shopping runs - a sheer exciting.



1,845 mm (72.6 in)

665 mm (26.2 in)

1,095 mm (43.1 in)

1,260 mm (49.6 in)

120 mm (4.7 in)

755 mm (29.7 in)

100kg (220lbs) for combined brake model

4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC

51.0 mm × 55.2 mm  (2.0 in x 2.2 in)

113 cm3 (6.9 cu.in)

9.4 : 1

Fuel injection

Electronic and primary kick


Overall length

Overall width

Overall height


Ground clearance

Seat height

Curb mass

Engine type

Bore × Stroke


Compression ratio

Fuel system

Starter system


Lubrication system


Front suspension

Rear suspension

Rake / Trail

Front brake

Rear brake

Front tire size

Rear tire size

Ignition system

Fuel tank capacity

Oil capacity (Overhaul)


Wet sump


Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped

Swingarm type, coil spring, oil damped

25° 45 / 97 mm (3.8 in)

Disc brake

Drum brake

80/90-14 M/C 40P, tubeless

90/90-14 M/C 46P, tubeless

Electronic ignition (Transistorized)

5.2 L (1.4/1.1 US/Imp gal)

0.8 L (0.9/0.7 US/lmp qt)


Underseat storage

Stash your full-face helmet*, rain gear and other items in the roomy 20.6 liter utility compartment, generously designed for extra spaciousness and convenience.


  • Helmets and luggage items are shown for illustrative purpose only.
  • Helmets of certain shapes may not fit in the underseat storage compartment.
  • Do not use the storage compartments for items that are fragile, valuable, dangerous, or susceptible to heat.


Double helmet hook

Reinforced hooks on both left and right sides allow for helmet stowage and convenience when parked.

Front inner Pocket

Both left (600 ml) and right (500 ml) storage compartments provide ample room together with covered key functionality layout above the right pocket. (Total maximum weight 1.5 kg)


Large fuel tank

Equipped with a large-capacity 5.2 liter fuel tank, the great fuel efficient engine propels the Address up to an astonishing distance on a single tank.

Covered key with

seat opener

Key hole is covered by lid to prevent motorcycle theft. Easily access the under-seat compartment using the main ignition keyhole, eliminating the need to remove key to open seat compartment.

Convenient hook

A sturdy convenience hook lets you hook and carry your many types of bag. (Maximum weight 1.5 kg)

Fuel injection system

Sensors accurately detect throttle position, engine RPM, atmospheric pressure, intake pressure, engine temperature, muffler O2, and this data is aggregated in the ECU. SUZUKI’s ECU processes the data in real-time to calculate the optimal fuel suited for the riding condition.

A narrower valve-angle and optimized air intake port create more vertical tumbling swirls that help combust fuel faster and more efficiently. Air-fuel mixture is further refined by increased number of injection holes and its design, which result in more precise fuel mixture.



With an increased number of holes for injecting the fuel, a must finer and more efficient fuel can be injected.

Low fuel consumption

To improve combustion you must control the combustion speed within the combustion chamber. By focusing on the tumble motion Suzuki engineers have improved combustion efficiency. Tumble motion is the vortex flow generated when the air-fuel mixture enters the combustion chamber from the intake port. This improved efficiency has been achieved with an optimized surfaces for the exhaust valve head and intake port.


The 113cm3 power plant delivers good acceleration and fuel efficiency. Providing the low amount of friction among SUZUKI’s performance-proven compact motor scooter engines, this remarkable motor powers the Address to high heights of performance and fuel efficiency. Optimized valve angle and intake port design combined with an intelligent fuel-injection system, sophisticated camshaft and roller rocker arm together make Suzuki Address not only powerful and economical but extremely quiet.

Metallic Mat Stellar Blue (YUA)

Pearl Brilliant White (YUH)


Great Fuel Economy

Roller rocker arm

Roller bearings on the rocker arm reduce friction between it and the camshaft, thereby reducing power loss and improving engine efficiency.


Advanced design cam profile significantly improves fuel combustion efficiency while minimizes noise.


Rear top case

Large-capacity top case manufactured by GIVI® can be equipped to the rear carrier. Cushion-padding material is ideally positioned to where the pillion rider’s back meets the top case. Adorned with the Suzuki logo.


SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION reserves the right to add any improvement to change the design or to discontinue any Suzuki Genuine Accessories at any time without notice.

Some Suzuki Genuine Accessories might not be compatible with local standards or statutory requirements.  Please check with your local AUTHORIZED SUZUKI DEALER for details at the time of ordering.

Actual colors might differ from those appearing in this catalogue.

Photo : 2017 model


The wide windscreen is custom designed to match contours of the

handle cover. The height of

the windscreen permits unobstructed visibility while protecting the rider from the wind.


Knuckle cover

Cover helps to protect your hands from flying tiny stone and debris.  Minimizes the wind hitting the rider’s hands.

Body stripe & Wheel pinstripe

Exclusive body stripe decals and pinstriped wheels enhance Address’s sporty good looks.

Large floor board

The large floorboard provides plenty of space to accommodate shoes of many size.


Cutaway floorboards

For comfortable positioning, the floorboard is recessed where your feet contacts the board.


Side stand interlock system

A side stand switch prevents engine ignition, while the side stand is down.

Riding position

The streamlined dimensions are built with generous comfort in mind. What's more, the Address's floor board has enough space to adjust your foot position.


Aluminum wheel with hollow structure

Sporty-looking aluminum casting wheels with hollow core architecture add extra strength and help reduce overall weight, as well as showing off individual distinction.


Character line on body surface

Finely designed edges and slender lines along the body and to the leg shield and fender evoke unique youthful personality that make you stand out with verve and vitality.

It’s not hard to be noticed with the Address’s definitive sharp, youthful  good looks. And this universal shape attracts far beyond your local streets to every road you ride - near or far.


Performance-affecting friction within the engine has been dramatically reduced thanks to the improved piston skirt and pin diameter designs.


Piston ring

Low tensile piston ring reduces

the friction loss.


Oil drain hole

Address utilizes the same oil drain holes as the GSX-R1000 and MotoGPTM machines.  Bottom notched holes in the oil control ring contribute to greater oil circulation efficiency.

Rear carrier

The rear carrier can be fitted with a genuine accessory top case.

Rear brake lock system

The rear brake can be locked in the engaged position. Useful for stabilizing the vehicle for parking using the side stand.


Rear carrier

A large-capacity rear carrier comes as standard equipment and can be fitted with a genuine accessory top case. (Maximum weight 5 kg)



Enlarged distinctively shaped headlight is smartly integrated into the handle cover, with chic black trim mask giving the front a sharp yet slim appearance.



Oil pump

Adopting low-friction engine components in the oil pump helps radically reduce the amount of oil required, thus allowing for a more compact and lightweight oil pump.

Inner cover

The inner cover is lined with protective material to help prevent content in the utility box from scratches and other damage.

*Rider height 165cm


Genuine Accessories


Photo : 2017 model

*European Spec. shown

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