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8 March 2024

Suzuki Strengthens Human Capital Aimed for Sustainable Growth

- Reforms personnel system to accelerate “individual’s growth”
and enhance “individual’s earning power” -

Suzuki Motor Corporation will promote to make an environment where each and every employee can exercise their maximum ability, in order to achieve our Growth Strategy toward FY2030 and to realize sustainable growth. As a part of its initiative, we will fully reform our personnel system from April 2024.

The new personnel system will encourage enhancement of individual’s occupational ability and their growth through taking on challenges and making actions, and value creation by each and every employee. Under the company’s Mission Statement and Philosophy of Conduct “Sho-Sho-Kei-Tan-Bi”*1, “Genba, Genbutsu, Genjitsu”*2, and “YARAMAIKA”*3, all members of the Team Suzuki will enhance the earning power of the organization by increasing occupational ability as a Suzuki personnel through preparing the necessary knowledge, skills, and know-hows, and having experiences in the actual place.

The followings are the key points in the reformation of personnel system.

1. Introduction of occupational qualification system

  • (1) Transfer into occupational qualification system that clarifies each and every employee’s jobs according to their occupation and rank, and the necessary ability required to execute their work.
  • (2) Specify the knowledge, skills, and know-hows necessary for work in each division to utilize in enhancing occupational ability.

2. Reviewing of assessment system

  • (1) Enhancement of performance and occupational ability will be assessed separately. Short-term performance will be fed back in bonuses, and occupational ability will be fed back in salary raise and promotion. The system aims to foster an environment that encourages to further take on the challenges.
  • (2) Specify the points of ability assessment and make efforts to improve occupational ability through mutual communication between the manager and the employee.

3. Reviewing of work style for employees aged over 60

  • (1) Maintain work and salary at the point of age 60 if the employee is mentally, physically, and environmentally fit even after passing the age of 60.
  • (2) Aim for a company where employees aged over 60 can work vividly by realizing optimal replacement according to individual’s occupational ability through company-wide personnel matching and reskilling.

4. Reviewing of salary, benefit, and starting salary

  • (1) Introduce salary system based on occupation and ability.
  • (2) Review each benefit including childcare support, commuting, and domestic dispatch benefits.
  • (3) Largely raise starting salary and improve initial rise in salary curve of younger employees.

<Raise in starting salary>

Education Current From Apr. 2024 Raising rate
Graduate school ¥242,000 ¥273,000 12.8%
College ¥220,000 ¥251,000 14.1%
High school ¥179,500 ¥201,000 12.0%

Comment from Suzuki’s President, Toshihiro Suzuki

“Through strengthening the personnel system, we aim to enhance employees’ motivation, and promote to improve their skills and innovation. Also, by encouraging each and every employee to take on the challenge and make actions, we will accelerate ‘individual’s growth’ and enhance ‘individual’s earning power’, and lead to the growth of the whole organization.
Moreover, we will make efforts to structure a work environment that enables self-realization of employees.
Suzuki will continue making investments into human capital and aim for a company needed by the society.
In this spring’s collective bargaining, we will answer based on this personnel system reform.”

  • *1 Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, Beauty
  • *2 Actual Place, Actual Thing, Actual Situation
  • *3 Entrepreneurial Spirit (Hamamatsu Dialect)