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6 December 2023

Suzuki Introduces the All-New Swift

Swift (Japanese specification)

Suzuki Motor Corporation will start sales of the all-new Swift in Japan from 13 December 2023 for CVT models, and from 17 January 2024 for 5MT models.

The new “Swift” is designed with the concept of “Energetic & Light – A refined smart compact that transforms everyday travel into play”. In addition to the design and driving performance cultivated in successive Swift models, it now offers enhanced safety features and convenience. This adds a new value of “enjoying daily life with cars” to the attractiveness of the Swift’s design and driving performance, making it an evolved new compact hatchback model.

The design was developed with the aim of creating a memorable impression at a glance. The exterior features a round shape that envelops the entire car, expressing an advanced image and pursuing styling that evokes personality and driving performance. The interior styling connects the instrument panel and door trim to express the unity between the driver and the car. The body color lineup includes a total of 13 patterns in 9 colors, including new colors “Frontier Blue Pearl Metallic” and “Cool Yellow Metallic”.

The powertrain adopts a newly developed Z12E engine and CVT, realizing both fuel efficiency and driving performance. While maintaining the design, the Swift achieved top-level aerodynamic performance in its class, by adopting back door side spoilers, optimizing the front strake, front bumper and wheel shape, which reduces air resistance by approximately 4.6% compared to the previous generation*1. In addition, the increased use of high-tensile steel plates and structural adhesives in the body contributes to outstanding handling and ride comfort. Furthermore, the quietness has been improved by adding baffle materials and applying damping adhesive to body joints.

For safety equipment, Dual Sensor Brake Support II, which combines a millimeter-wave radar and a monocular camera, has been adopted. The inclusion of Adaptive Cruise Control [all-speed following function and stop hold function] with added brake hold function made possible with electronic parking brakes, as well as Lane Keep Assist, and Adaptive High Beam System and etc., helps to reduce the burden of everyday driving. In addition, the Driver Monitoring System, which recognizes the driver’s face and alerts them of drowsiness or inattention through camera detection, has been adopted for the first time for Suzuki.

The packaging follows the compact and easy-to-handle body size. The layout around the driver’s seat is designed to provide a natural posture for operation, with easy-to-use audio and switches for the driver.

The new Swift will also be introduced to overseas markets accordingly.

Main features of the all-new Swift

  • 1. A memorable design at a glance
  • 2. Evolved driving performance and ride comfort with attention to detail
  • 3. Excellent fuel efficiency achieved by the newly developed engine and CVT, and high aerodynamic performance
  • 4. Latest Suzuki Safety Support for everyday driving assistance
  • 5. User-friendly packaging and equipment designed with driver usability in mind
  • *1 Based on Suzuki research.