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3 October 2023

Suzuki Announces Exhibits for JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023

Suzuki Motor Corporation will make the following exhibition at JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 (organized by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from 26 October to 5 November 2023.

The theme for the Suzuki booth is “Answers for Excitement throughout the World”. Along with the message of “Present to our customers with diverse initiatives toward a carbon neutral future in mobility and services unique to Suzuki,” exhibition and stage of the booth will be set in ways visitors can feel the excitement.

At the booth, we will make proposals for various mobility that stays close to people’s daily lives by bringing together technologies as a general mobility maker, starting with concept models of automobiles and motorcycles, as well as next-generation mobility and outboard motors. We will also introduce our multi-pathway initiatives toward carbon neutrality including CBG business in India.

The booth will also have a Suzuki accessories shop resembling a mini truck market using Super Carry mini truck, and introduce services for mobile shop business owners.

Main Exhibits


<Reference Exhibit> eVX, Suzuki’s first global strategic EV

  • - Showcased for the first time at the Auto Expo 2023 held in January 2023 in India, its exterior has been evolved and the interior is revealed for the first time.
  • - Proposed as an EV that realizes true Suzuki SUV driving experience by further evolving the electronically-controlled 4x4 technologies.

[Main specification (reference figure)]

  • - Overall Length 4,300mm x Width 1,800mm x Height 1,600mm
  • - Range: 500km

<Reference Exhibit> eWX, mini wagon EV that stays close to people’s daily lives

  • - Concept model which is a crossover of fun and practical mini wagon unique to Suzuki, and futuristic EV.
  • - Expresses a buddy-like presence that supports people’s daily lives with clean and simple body shape of an EV, exterior that has a friendly character, and light and user-friendly cabin space that makes people feel at home.

[Main specification (reference figure)]

  • - Overall Length 3,395mm x Width 1,475mm x Height 1,620mm
  • - Range: 230km

<Reference Exhibit> e EVERY CONCEPT, mini-commercial BEV van that stays close to people’s daily works

  • - Mini-commercial EV van, equipped with a BEV system, jointly developed by Suzuki Motor Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., and Toyota Motor Corporation.
  • - Proposed as a model that contributes to the local society by not only realizing silent and powerful EV drive, but also supplying electricity from the vehicle in case of an emergency, while maintaining the user-friendliness of a mini-commercial van.

[Main specification (reference figure)]

  • - Overall Length 3,395mm x Width 1,475mm x Height 1,890mm
  • - Range: 200km

<Reference Exhibit> Spacia Concept / Spacia Custom Concept

  • - Spacia is a minicar which has a unique styling and spacious cabin. This concept model is filled with our wish to “Make daily lives more fun, convenient, and comfortable!”.
  • - Rear seat comfortability is enhanced such as by equipping with “multi-use flap” in the front section of the seat cushion for the first time on a Suzuki vehicle.
  • - Spacia Concept is designed for “comfort” and “excitement” that uniquely colors daily lives, and Spacia Custom Concept is designed for “elegance” and “gorgeousness”.

Spacia Concept

Spacia Custom Concept

<Reference Exhibit> Swift Concept

  • - Concept model to propose new value of the Swift which has been developed by always keeping the concept of “Drive&Feel”.
  • - With a shift from tangible consumption to experiential consumption, the Swift Concept not only provides “design” and “drive”, but also proposes new value of “have fun with car and daily lives”.
  • - Equipped with a host of advanced safety technologies including DSBSII*1 collision mitigation braking, AHS*2, and DMS*3.
  • - High-efficiency engine strikes a balance between driving performance and fuel efficiency.
  • *1: Dual Sensor Brake Support II, *2: Adaptive High Beam System, *3: Driver Monitoring System

Other models: Production models including Jimny (3-door model), Hustler, and Solio are scheduled to be exhibited.

Motorized Wheelchair

<Reference Exhibit> Suzuki Senior Car

  • - Reference exhibit of a minor-change to the Suzuki Senior Car, a motorized wheelchair with a handlebar used for daily means of transportation including shopping and strolling.
  • - It is equipped with ultrasonic sensor that detects obstacles ahead of the vehicle, clutch that suppresses speed to prevent unintended running when mistakenly operating a clutch handle in a slope, and LED headlight that extends the lighting range and brightness.
  • - It provides value of traveling safely with peace of mind at ease by offering solutions for transporting freely with one’s will.

Electric Compact Mobility

<Reference Exhibit> MOQBA, next-generation four-leg mobility

  • - Proposal for next-generation mobility utilizing wheels and four legs for those who face barriers in transportation such as steps, even in a region with developed public transportation.
  • - It is a new mobility that can move smoothly with wheels on flat roads, and seamlessly move on steps with legs.
  • - By combining the base chassis with attachments, body variation can be changed in three modes: Chair mode, Standing mode, and Stretcher mode. Through these modes, it contributes to the local society by not only providing the freedom of transportation, but also as a mobility that transports people and objects in places where cars can hardly go through in case of situations such as emergency.

<Reference Exhibit> SUZU-RIDE / SUZU-CARGO, electric personal/multi-use mobility

  • - Within the new vehicle category (Specified Small Motorized Bicycles), we propose a single-seated electric mobility that has the convenience like an electric kickboard while making it hard to rollover with its stable four-wheeled drive.
  • - SUZU-RIDE provides transportation for personal usage that makes everyday lives and commuting to work or school more exciting, while SUZU-CARGO provides transportation for multi-use with its large-sized cargo that makes leisure and work more exciting.



<Reference Exhibit> SUZUKI GO!, new electric mobility

  • - Proposal of a new mobility aimed at middle senior age target who continue to be active and young-hearted.
  • - Unique design which has taken its hint from the letter G of its model name makes it feel the stability with its large-diameter tires in the four corners and the trapezoidal silhouette. Also, by adopting the wrap-around frame shape, it provides its passenger with peace of mind while riding.
  • - It provides new transportation experience with convenience and peace of mind with its easy joystick operation, safety function that automatically decelerates upon approaching obstacles, and large-sized storage space under the seat.

Other model: LM-A, a compact electric delivery robot will be exhibited at the Tokyo Future Tour.

<Reference Exhibit> LM-A, last-mile delivery robot

  • - Delivery robot jointly developed with LOMBY Inc., a company that is tackling for social issues in the logistics industry including the 2024 problem and difficulties faced by those who cannot go shopping due to living environments or health reasons.
  • - Suzuki develops the motor and platform, while LOMBY Inc. develops the cargo space, remote/autonomous control system, and swappable battery system.


<Reference Exhibit> e-PO, foldable electric moped

  • - This is a foldable, 50cc equivalent electric moped, co-developed by Suzuki and Panasonic Cycle Technology, by utilizing the battery and powertrain units of e-bikes.
  • - It has a stronger assist function than ordinary e-bikes, and is able to ride comfortably on automotive roads. We propose the bike as a new mobility, as it can also be ridden without pedaling, like a scooter.
    (The bike has three ride modes: fully electric, assisted, and pedal)

<Reference Exhibit> e-choinori, close distance mobility utilizing e-bike powertrain unit

  • - This is a 50cc equivalent electric scooter, utilizing the battery and powertrain units of Panasonic Cycle Technology e-bikes.
  • - It is based on the 50cc scooter “Choinori” introduced in 2003, and is proposed as a mobility form which anyone can use as close distance transportation, with simple and lightweight body and battery.

<Reference Exhibit> e-BURGMAN, demonstration project electric scooter prototype

  • - This is a 125cc equivalent electric scooter with which we started a demonstration project from April 2023, utilizing the exchangeable battery sharing service provided by Gachaco.
  • - Through this demonstration project, we will collect data of motorcycles used as daily transportation such as commuting and shopping, and utilize it for future development of electric motorcycles.

<Motorcycle Technical Exhibit> Hydrogen Engine BURGMAN (test model)

  • - Suzuki is conducting research and development of hydrogen engines as one of the multi-pathway initiatives for realizing carbon neutrality.
  • - A cutaway of the test model based on commercially available BURGMAN 400 ABS fitted with a 70MPa hydrogen tank and hydrogen engine will be displayed.
  • - At the booth, we will display an information panel and test ride video, introducing Suzuki’s initiatives for hydrogen engines.

Other models: Hayabusa and V-STROM 250SX will be exhibited as mountable display models.

Outboard Motors

<Reference Exhibit> Small e-outboard concept, electric outboard motor

  • - With “Bring your boating life closer to home with minicar x EV outboard motors” as the theme, we propose a model that is not just about electrification, but also easy to carry around and perform maintenance on, making it hassle-free and eco-friendly.
  • - Lightweight and compact, this model can be loaded onto a minicar along with a boat, and the battery pack can be utilized as a portable power bank to charge your smartphones etc. in the outdoors or while camping.
  • - In addition to equipping with the Micro-Plastic Collecting Device, we have made the exterior parts paintless, contributing to environmental load reduction, making this model fun to play with while being eco-friendly.
  • - We will also display an introduction panel of our Clean Ocean Project, and the DF140B equipped with the Micro Plastic-Collecting Device, one of our initiatives for the Project.

Exhibit regarding business activities, etc.

<Reference Exhibit> CBG*4 Business in India (WagonR CBG)

  • - Suzuki has been working on the CBG project since 2022, believing that it can contribute to the development of India by combining rural revitalization, the realization of a sustainable recycling-oriented society, and providing mobility.
  • - In the booth we will display the WagonR CBG for the Indian market that we exhibited at the G7 Hiroshima Summit event held in May, and introduce our CBG business initiatives in India with panels and videos.
  • *4: Compressed Biomethane Gas

<Reference Exhibit> Demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell cargo dolly at Kosai Plant (panel display)

  • - Suzuki is utilizing hydrogen to achieve carbon neutrality in manufacturing plants. As part of this effort, since the end of 2022, we have been demonstrating hydrogen-fueled cargo dollies at the Kosai Plant.
  • - This is a cargo dolly equipped with fuel cell batteries which use CO2-free hydrogen produced by electricity from solar power, etc. Details of the demonstration will be introduced in the booth panel.

<Reference Exhibit> Merchandise sales booth resembling a mini truck market, and service for mobile shop business owners (application)

  • - We will set up a special section in the booth which resembles a mini truck market, where you can purchase Suzuki goods on the truck bed of the Super Carry.
  • - Regarding the service for mobile shop business owners, which is currently being developed, the first service, a smartphone application, will be introduced on panels and monitors.
    This app is designed specifically for mobile shop scheduling, etc. Other features will be introduced as well.
  • - In the exhibit, Suzuki will provide comprehensive support for mobile shop and food truck business from the start to the operation of the business, and will introduce services that will make the business more rewarding.

<Reference Exhibit> Flying car display (collaboration with SkyDrive Inc.)

  • - In June 2023, Suzuki signed a basic agreement with SkyDrive Inc. regarding cooperation for the manufacturing of “flying cars”. In the future, we will utilize a plant owned by the Suzuki Group in Shizuoka Prefecture, and aim to start the manufacturing of "flying cars" around spring of 2024.
  • - In the booth we will display a 1/5 size scale model, and introduce the initiatives of the collaboration.