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30 March 2023

Suzuki Concludes Agreement for Co-Development of Autonomous Electric Vehicle Platform with Applied EV

Generation 5 Applied EV’s Blanc Robot™

Suzuki Motor Corporation (hereinafter “Suzuki”) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Applied Electric Vehicles Ltd (Headquarters: Australia, CEO: Julian Broadbent, hereinafter “Applied EV”) for the development of autonomous electric vehicle platform.

Applied EV is an Australian technology company with strengths in software and electronics for autonomous ready vehicles. Suzuki entered into an agreement in September 2021 and invested in Applied EV in 2022, and has since been evaluating the possibility of collaboration.

In the co-development project, Applied EV’s autonomous vehicle platform, Blanc Robot™, will be integrated to the ladder frame of Suzuki’s 4WD Jimny, electrified by Applied EV and controlled by their central control system, Digital Backbone™. The two companies intend to bring the Blanc Robot™ to production and develop business models to expand the adoption of autonomous electric vehicles and enhance brand awareness.

Prior to the agreement, Suzuki has made additional investment in Applied EV through Suzuki’s corporate venture capital fund, Suzuki Global Ventures. The two companies will further strengthen their relationship and promote next generation mobility.

Outline of Applied EV

  • ● Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • ● Business Outline: Software development and supply in the mobility field
  • ● Representative (CEO): Julian Broadbent
  • ● Established: 2015
  • ● Technologies: Known as the Digital Backbone, Applied EV’s vehicle control system advances the vehicle feature set and overall software capability, while reducing hardware complexity and total vehicle cost. Applied EV also offers the Blanc Robot, an autonomous vehicle that can be configured for multiple commercial uses, from on-road deliveries such as groceries and packages, to off-road industrial logistics.
  • ● Website: