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16 June 2022

Senior Advisor Osamu Suzuki receives
Grand Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit

Senior Advisor Osamu Suzuki shaking hands with President Novák (left) and Prime Minister Orbán (right)

Osamu Suzuki, Senior Advisor of Suzuki Motor Corporation, received the Grand Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit from the Hungarian government in March 2020. This award is the highest civilian decoration in Hungary.

Suzuki had started negotiation with the Hungarian government before the fall of the Berlin Wall and established Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. in 1991, and started production of Hungary’s first ever passenger cars in 1992. The Order was awarded for contributing to the country's economic development through the automobile industry.

The conferment ceremony, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was held in the Presidential Palace in Budapest, Hungary on 8 June 2022, and was attended by President Novák and Prime Minister Orbán. The decoration was awarded by President Novák.

In the conferment ceremony, Minister Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, said, “Mr. Osamu Suzuki is a great friend of our country. We are strong allies in the continuous development of economic cooperation between Hungary and Japan. During his work, Mr. Suzuki spreads the reputation of Hungarians all over the world. Suzuki decided to invest in Hungary when such a decision required extreme courage and a lot of trust.”
Senior Advisor Osamu Suzuki, said in words of gratitude, “We would like to express our gratitude to the government, our employees and all our customers who love Magyar Suzuki, for 31 years of development and growth of Magyar Suzuki, after its establishment in 1991. I can never forget the fact that the Swift, the first ever car produced and sold by Magyar Suzuki, was called "Our Car" by the people of Hungary and loved by them. I would like to continue to cherish the relationship with Hungary and develop together, while also continue to serve as the Honorary Consulate-General of Hungary which I have been serving for the past 31 years.”

Magyar Suzuki, Suzuki Motor Corporation's Hungarian subsidiary, has produced approximately 100,000 passenger vehicles in FY2021, and approximately 3.7 million units cumulatively. The company sells products in the country and exports them to more than 100 countries and regions.
Senior Advisor Osamu Suzuki is also awarded orders from India and Pakistan.