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11 May 2021

Suzuki Achieves Accumulated Japanese Domestic
Minivehicle Sales of 25 Million Units

1955 Suzulight1979 Alto1993 WagonR

Suzuki Motor Corporation has achieved accumulated Japanese domestic minivehicle sales of 25 million units*1 as of 31 April, 2021.

Since launching the Suzulight, the first ever mass-production minivehicle in Japan in October 1955, Suzuki has been providing distinctive products that meet customer needs, including minivehicles such as the Jimny in 1970, the Alto in 1979, and the WagonR in 1993. In recent years, Suzuki has launched the Spacia in 2013, and the Hustler in 2014, achieving accumulated Japanese domestic minivehicle sales of 25 million units in 65 years and 7 months.

Minivehicles are favored by many customers for their economically efficient and easy-to-drive characteristics. They are used as a “practical necessity” for everyday family usage such as commuting, going to school, and shopping, as well as “a car useful for work”, carrying people and goods of private stores, local workshops, and farms.
Moreover, in rural areas where public transportation is difficult to use, minivehicles have replaced busses and trains, and serve a vital role as a getting-around vehicle in local communities.

Suzuki will continue providing value-packed products that exceed customer expectations.

*1 Based on Suzuki research on Japan Automobile Dealers Association and Japan Light Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Association.

<Breakdown of accumulated Japanese domestic automobile sales by major models>

Alto 5.24 million units
WagonR 4.81 million units
Carry 4.67 million units
Every 3.25 million units
Fronte 1.59 million units
Spacia 1.01 million units

<History of Suzuki’s Japanese domestic automobile sales>

Oct. 1955 Suzulight minicar launched
Oct. 1961 Suzulight Carry minitruck launched
Sep. 1964 Suzulight Carry Van mini-commercial vehicle launched
Apr. 1970 Jimny mini 4WD launched
May 1979 Alto minicar launched
Sep. 1993 WagonR minicar launched
Jan. 1995 Accum. minivehicle sales of 10 million units achieved
Jan. 2004 Accum. minivehicle sales of 15 million units achieved
Sep. 2012 Accum. minivehicle sales of 20 million units achieved
Mar. 2013 Spacia minicar launched
Jan. 2014 Hustler minicar launched
Apr. 2021 Accum. minivehicle sales of 25 million units achieved