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6 November 2019

Suzuki Unveils the All-New V-STROM 1050 and V-STROM 1050XT

Suzuki Motor Corporation unveiled the all-new V-STROM 1050 and V-STROM 1050XT at the EICMA 2019 (Milan Show), which is being held in Milan, Italy from 5 to 10 November 2019*.

*Press days: 5 to 6 November. Public days: 7 to 10 November.

The product concept for the V-STROM 1050 is “The Master of Adventure.” Suzuki engineered the model as a Sport Adventure Tourer that offers comforts in various riding situations expected in a long-distance motorcycle touring. Riders always want to ride to many different places. Riders dream easier operation in mountain roads. Such riders’ wishes and demands are reflected in the model’s development.

The 1,037cm3 V-twin engine meets the Euro5 emission control standards (for European specification), newly introduced in Europe from January 2020. The new model features ride-by-wire electronic throttle control system and adjusts intake and exhaust cam profile to realise the best mix for balancing both higher power and lower fuel consumption. Rider usability and convenience are enhanced with the newly-installed S.I.R.S (Suzuki Intelligent Ride System), which works for various riding scenes with electronic control systems including SDMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) with three different output modes, and traction control system also with three modes selection.

The styling design is inspired by Suzuki’s adventure bike, the 1988 DR750S. Applying a more modern look, silhouette further provides more aggressive and bold image as the sport adventure tourer. As standard, the key features include height adjustable windscreen and aluminium tapered handlebars, enhancing the off-road style image.

Plus, for the V-STROM 1050XT, additional functions such as cruise control system, hill hold control system, and systems that control braking depending on downhill and load conditions are newly installed. In addition to the wire-spoked wheel rims and knuckle covers, V-STROM 1050XT also comes with aluminium under cowling, accessory bar, centre stand, LED turn signals, seat height adjustment, and 12V DC socket as standard equipment. For its body colour, HERITAGE SPECIAL, which resembles the DR-Z, the 1988 Paris-Dakar Rally machine based on the DR750S, is available in its lineup.

The all-new V-STROM 1050 and V-STROM 1050XT will be manufactured at the Hamamatsu Plant in Japan and are planned to be distributed worldwide including Europe and North America from the beginning of 2020.

<Main equipment and specification of the all-new V-STROM 1050 and V-STROM 1050XT>

  V-STROM 1050 V-STROM 1050 XT Overview
Equip. S.I.R.S
(Suzuki Intelligent Ride System)
Ride-by-wire electronic throttle control system  
(Suzuki Drive Mode Selector)
Output characteristic modes can be selected from three modes
Traction control system Can be selected from three modes plus off
Suzuki easy start system Allows engine start with a single press of the starter button
Low RPM assist system Assists smooth take off
  Hill hold control system Prevents vehicle from backing down on a hill when taking off in upward slope
Slope dependent control system Optimises ABS depending on downhill
Load dependent control system Supports optimal braking in response to load conditions
Motion track brake system Controls ABS depending on leaning angle in corner
Cruise control system Maintains set speed without operating throttle
Wheels Cast wheels Wire-spoked wheel rims  
Windscreen 3-level height adjustable (need tools) 11-notch level height adjustable (no tools)
Others USB outlet USB outlet, 12V DC socket, knuckle covers, under cowling, accessory bar, centre stand
Spec. Overall length (mm) 2,265  
Overall width (mm) 870 940
Overall height (mm) 1,515 1,465
Wheelbase (mm) 1,555
Curb weight (kg) 236 247
Engine type 1,037cm3 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90°V-twin
Maximum output 79kW/8,500rpm
Maximum torque 100Nm/6,000rpm
Fuel consumption 20.4km/L(WMTC)