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17 June 2019

Suzuki Launches the All-New Alto Equipped with 660cc Engine in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. (Pak Suzuki), a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation for production and sales of automobiles and motorcycles in Pakistan, launched the all-new Alto on 15 June 2019.

The all-new Alto shares the same body as the Alto minicar sold in Japan. It is equipped with 660cc R06A engine, which combines excellent fuel efficiency and strong driving performance. While keeping its overall length and width, the all-new Alto is tuned to meet the local needs such as raising its minimum ground clearance to suit the road conditions in Pakistan. The all-new Alto realises high fundamental performances earned in Japan, including ease of driving, user-friendliness, and spacious cabin, in an affordable price range.

Since starting production in 1982, Pak Suzuki has produced models which are mainly equipped with 800cc to 1,000cc engines based on Japan’s minicars. This is the first time for Suzuki to produce a model which shares the same body and engine displacement as the current Japanese minicar regulation*, in its overseas production site. Through introducing economical, highly-reliable, and high-performance Japanese minicars in the global market, Suzuki aims to further popularise compact cars which the Company excels in.

  • *Overall length of 3.4m or less, overall width of 1.48m or less, overall height of 2m or less, and engine displacement of 660cc or less.

<Main Specification of the All-New Alto>

  • Overall length x width x height: 3,395mm x 1,475mm x 1,490mm
  • Engine: R06A (660cc)
  • Transmission: 5MT/AGS
  • Price: 999,000–1,295,000 Rupees
    (approximately 779,000-1,010,000 Yen*)
  • *Converted at a rate of ¥0.78/Rupee