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18 January 2019

Suzuki’s Gujarat Plant No.2 in India Starts Operation

Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited (SMG), a 100% subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation for the production of automobiles in India, has completed construction of the Gujarat Plant No.2, and started production of the Swift from January 2019.

Suzuki established SMG in March 2014, aiming to secure production ability in preparation for the automobile market growth in India, as well as for expansion of exports from India. Plant No.1 started operating in February 2017, and Plant No.2 and Powertrain Plant were being constructed.

Plant No.1 produces Baleno and Swift, while Plant No.2 produces Swift. Both plants have annual production ability of 250,000 units, which makes the ability of SMG to 500,000 units. Together with Maruti Suzuki’s production ability of 1.5 million units, Suzuki’s production ability of automobiles in India will be 2 million units.

Suzuki’s automobile sales in 2018 was 1.75 million units (109% year- on-year) and production result was 1.87 million units (108% year-on-year) in India. Along with the Plant No.2, the Powertrain Plant also started operating, and the Company is also making a start in Plant No.3, which is aimed to start operating in 2020. Suzuki will continuously meet the growing automobile market demand in India.

<Overview of SMG>

Company name Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited
Capital amount 86.8 billion rupees (100% investment)
Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat (headquarters/plants)
2018 production result 251,000 units
Overview of plants Production model/parts Production ability
Plant No.1 Baleno, Swift 250,000 units
Plant No.2 Swift 250,000 units
    Total 500,000 units
Powertrain Plant 1.2L petrol engine 250,000 units
  5MT, AGS 160,000 units