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20 September 2018

Suzuki Unveils New Outboard Motors DF175A and DF150A at the Genoa Boat Show


Suzuki Motor Corporation has unveiled all-new large outboard motors DF175A and DF150A at the Genoa Boat Show which is being held in Genoa, Italy from 20 to 25 September 2018.

DF175A and DF150A have enhanced driving performance and fuel efficiency by adopting advanced technologies such as high compression ratio, lean burn, and semi-direct air intake.

<Main features of DF175A and DF150A>

  • - Adopted advanced technologies including high compression ratio, Lean Burn Control System, and Semi-Direct Air Intake System to the 2,867cm3 four-stroke in-line four-cylinder engine common to DF200A.
  • - Compared to the conventional models, DF175A has enhanced maximum torque by up to 2.7% and fuel efficiency by 14%, while DF150A has enhanced maximum torque by up to 3.1% and fuel efficiency by 7%.
  • - Suzuki Water Detecting System is installed to protect from engine failure by detecting water mixed in fuel.
  • - User-friendliness is enhanced through various functions such as the Suzuki Easy Start System, which enables the driver to just turn the key once instead of holding it to start the engine, and the Suzuki Troll Mode System, which maintains slow, stable driving.

DF175A and DF150A will be produced at the Kosai Plant in Japan, and will be sold worldwide including North America, Europe and Japan.
Full lineup of Suzuki outboards from DF2.5 to DF350A including new white models of smaller outboards are exhibited at the Genoa Boat Show.

Plus, newly-developed Suzuki Multi-Function Display will be premiered. It comes in a variety of sizes (7, 9, 12 and 16-inch screens) including the 16-inch screen, which is the largest* size offered by the outboard manufacturer.
Suzuki’s aim with this new premium accessory is to provide the ultimate connectivity to unite the boat driver with the surrounding environment.
This is achieved through valuable features such as chart plotter, radar, fish finder and weather information via an internet connection. On top of that, this new screen gives drivers access to all Suzuki engine data, so they can easily and quickly see the performance of the outboard/s in one clear view.
Unlike any other display screens on the market, Suzuki’s new Multi-Function Display can be set up to display just engine data, or a combination of engine and environmental information.

*Based on Suzuki research in September 2018.