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8 February 2018

Suzuki Unveils All-New Swift Made in India and Thailand

Made-in-India SwiftMade-in-India Swift

Suzuki Motor Corporation’s Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki India Limited (Maruti Suzuki), and Thai subsidiary Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (SMT) have today unveiled and launched the all-new Swift made in each country.

The third-generation of made-in-India Swift has 1.2L petrol and 1.3L diesel engine variants. In addition to five-speed manual transmission, Auto Gear Shift (AGS) has been newly added to its transmission. They are produced at Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited, Suzuki’s automobile manufacturing subsidiary in India.
Production of Swift initially started in India in 2005 at Maruti Suzuki. By introducing diesel variants and sedan models, sales steadily increased to become one of the main models of Maruti Suzuki. The company has sold approximately 3.35 million units of Swift in India in accumulation by the end of December 2017.

The second-generation of made-in-Thailand Swift is installed with 1.2L DUALJET engine and CVT, and produced at SMT. The company started producing Swift in 2012 as a model that conforms to the eco-car project promoted by the Thai government, which is aimed to increase the production of eco-friendly compact passenger vehicles. It has been sold in Thailand and exported to ASEAN countries, and currently SMT also produces Celerio and Ciaz as conforming models. Now, the new Swift is produced as Suzuki’s first model that conforms to the second phase of the project, which sets higher environmental standards.

Since its full model change in 2017, the new Swift has been produced at Suzuki’s Sagara Plant in Japan, and sold in Japan and exported to areas including Europe, Oceania, and Latin America. By producing the new Swift globally in three production hubs of Japan, India, and Thailand, and exporting from each country, Suzuki seeks to expand the sales of the new Swift in more countries and regions.